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So....are you going to miss out on this meme bullrun too?

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at some point you gotta cut losers anon. nobody has missed out on comfy, because comfy has been flat. the market has spoken, there's no interest in this coin. I say this unfortunately, because I liked the memes.

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Liquid as a WAP
1400 holders
More memes then reddit could handle
Functionality is building
Audited and Safu
Big dicks swinging
Best of all biztards FUD is most.bullish sign

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I refuse to have anything to do with anything that uses the word comfy.

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there's like 10 people who own 90% of this token and they are all desperate for a pump. the rest of the market is moving, but this is not. nobody wants to sell at the absolute bottom, but everyone wants to sell. its a dead coin anon.

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no one cares anymore

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this, go all in AVI instead if you wanna make gains

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Enjoy washing my Bugatti then

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>market has spoken
A lot of memecoins that make it crab for a few months before going parabolic. COMFY just secured a long-term collab with DSCVR and is currently in the building phase. The dev has enough funds to spend on marketing (he's a LINK marine, check current liquidity) which is exactly what you want in a meme project like this. Bizfrens are also welcome to drop their suggestions if they have additional ideas, we can make it happen.

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My bag is ready.

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Listen up, amigos and amigas! Let me tell you the tale of Paco, the Mexican migrant dog with more Migrant Inu than you can shake a churro at!

Picture this: Paco, a scrappy chihuahua with dreams bigger than a piñata, crossed the border with nothing but a sombrero and a suitcase full of bones. But oh, how the tables turned when he stumbled upon a stash of buried treasure in the desert! This pup hit the jackpot faster than you can say "¡Ay, caramba!"

With his newfound wealth, Paco didn't just upgrade from kibble to caviar; he built himself a doggy mansion complete with a golden fire hydrant and a taco truck that serves 24/7. He's got more bling on his collar than a rapper at the Grammys, and his entourage of chihuahua chicas is hotter than a jalapeño on a summer day.

But wait, it gets better! Paco isn't just living the high life, he's making it rain pesos for his fellow migrant pups too. He's funding doggy daycare centers, organizing bark park cleanups, and even started his own line of designer doggy ponchos.

So next time you see a tiny chihuahua strutting down the street in shades and a sombrero, remember: it might just be Paco, the richest dog this side of the border. And who knows, maybe one day he'll invite you to his fiesta and you can party like a pup with pockets deeper than the Mariana Trench!

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>desperate for a pump
Bullshit, the OGs are still in profit because we started with 30k MC and most people bought during the IDO at 100k. The only people in the group who act jeety are some French guys who came from an obscure forum. They're irrelevant because they'll get prized out immediately when this gets going. There's a lot of stuff happening behind the scenes, once the new website is up (should be this week) we plan on getting on trending to get some eyes on COMFY.

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Good luck boys but I am tapped out.
Literally in the negatives right now playing the waiting game.
Wish I could though.
God Speed.

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I know, that's when I bought too. that's when everyone bought. its not a good thing when so few people own majority of the supply and they all bought when it was super cheap. how much does captain have? he's the reason this was dumped down to where it is now, and he used the opportunity to just increase his bag size. coin isn't pumpable with the current distribution. everyone fkn knows it too.

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I was one of the 30 SOL buyers from back in Jan.

This will print

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>2k volume on a good day
>this will print
anon, it is peak meme season on sol right now. absolutely every dog with a hat or bat or fucking dick is pumping like crazy right now. everything is pulling multiples. comfy is not moving at all. absolutely no price action. every single holder in the project sees this happening and is getting desperate for an exit.

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The meme season hasn't started yet and won't start until late summer/early autumn when normies flood in

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kek, we are all able to see whats happening on dexscreener. you could have picked literally any other coin and made money.

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Get comfy lads. Comfy chads stay comfy

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Heh. It's time. Man the onagers.

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Captain has around 4k in COMFY, which isn't outrageous in my opinion. He's not the boogeyman you make him out to be. I have half his stack and don't consider myself rich or some kind of whale. We are just some bizraelis who gathered around a capable dev to have fun with a Solana memecoin. If you sold, move on instead of fudding on biz or get in the TG and make it happen with us.

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Yeah I'm right near him in the holder list with about ~3k worth of comfy. As far as whales go ours are not bad at all. We had 2 /biz/lets dump and crater the price for a while but smooth sailing since

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i swear there will be a newly minted meme next month that will takeoff to millions mcap asap meanwhile this thing will continue crabing cause your tg is filled with some conceited fucks its like a circle jerk of 3-4 guys i was going through it last night to get an update and holy shit what an headache inducing chat, tg would be better off without them than having to read those stupid convos plus it appears from the chat that these guys are too cool to be shilling and hyping this thing cause its meh

get on trending, go learn something about shilling from those barron or linu posters to begin with and stop posting these >>57827658 dumbass memes that're most likely getting you banned and later you go back whinning about it in the tg, you're arent doing any service to the community as well

tldr what a farce git gud

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smooth sailing?
nobody in this coin is rich, but a small handful are comfy rich and they have proven to be retarded, hovering the sell button any time there is minimal price action. its a race to the bottom. good luck, seriously.

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I do remember when WIF impatient FUDDERS said this. WIF had the kind of same chart right after the parabolic moves.

Comfy memes are the best. Might be the next PEPE

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There are several people with six figure portfolios, the dev alone spent around 75k. Just check the liquidity, COMFY has probably the best liq to MC ratio of any SOL token right now and twice the liq of Barron. Only thing missing is hype, so yeah we will get on trending. Bizfrens are always welcome to help out.