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Feels hopeless. I wanted to get to low 6 figs at least

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No one cares

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Anon will you be enough kind to slide me 700$ for my university admission? :(

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Same. It sucks but what can you do?

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greedy mfer

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It's over you might as well give up.

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yea well i haven't made shit. fuck you!

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do you want a compliment or something bitch? go call your mom

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he should take his mom out for dinner.

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>mandatory joke
you guys are actually making money??

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If you can't turn that 70k into 700k by eoy you don't deserve money.

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that just the beginning ungrateful fuck, now it becomes easier

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I only have $66.45 in my account right now and here you are, bitching. Spend that money and LIVE, faggot. instead of moaning. it will never be enough for some of you rat race nitwits. sheesh.

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I made 2k and euroshit tax obligated, I'll lose 30% of that. Eat shit

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Are you happy with what you have, anon?

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moaning because you made 70k lol. Hopefully you lose it all, then you'll have a good reason to make a dumb thread about how shit your life is

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i make your net worth per hour
incredible how poorly some people plan their lives