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Shib doing something, guess who’s next. Hitting 1B by May

OG coin on BNB (not SOL or ETH). Liquidity at 3M now

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why did I buy this piece of shit instead of wif

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better buy $SUPER if i wanna lose my money lmao


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The drooling retards behind this shit made 9938838383 fucking versions of this crap on all the blockchains currently known to man. I just want to throw 100 bucks into a shitcoin, and I will not do so if I have to DYOR on 500 billions of moronic shitty versions of one. Mongoloids

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Dude. Dog bat on BNB is the OG. You don’t have to be a genius to go look at eth and sol and see the volume in the past 24 hrs is the same as a Big Mac at McDonald’s. No one is buying those, but they shill relentlessly. The only one is the yellow dog bat on bnb

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>20K sell
>doesn't even go down

this is why liquidity is so important sirs

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Its not called dog bat

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>50B EOY
Simple as

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There’s one. The OG and you know it faggit