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Many of us will end up living here. Western countries will become communist hellholes run by criminals. The Line is a No taxes, futuristic planned city fully integrated with A.I


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How many birds will run into that shit?

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chuds are conservatards, they would rather live in the 1500s as a european peasant than see any progress

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you should be permabanned for direct linking this vantablack coal xitter account

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checked & keked

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That piece of shit will never get built

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Cool it with the racism chud

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Foundation is being laid down at the Red Sea. It will be built. The worlds elite will move to the line to avoid the coming chaos following the global currency collapse. Crypto and AI will reign supreme. Citizenship will be sold to the highest bidders so start saving

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It going to happen, why mock it? Most of you will end up killing and stealing to get citizenship on this literal futuristic paradise

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Will it have a working sewer system? How many truckloads a day will be needed to support this building?

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One pipe breaks down or there is a small derailment in the middle of it.
Nobody can go to the other side of the city

Want to visit your mom or walk a bit? Mom is 6km away, but you also have the desert

Rush our.
Everything and everyone is on the same corridor forever. One old man slows down the whole city by taking a bit longer to exit the vehicle

Ample amounts of space in the desert.
Crowd everyone in

Want to live somewhat close to the beach?
Sorry, only 30 apartments exists close to it in thise huge monstrosity. Feel free to live under a mountain

Its like living in a submarine on land, or an old school airport. Lidl would have to open 2 fckn stores if this place was laid out normally, now they better build 10 - to serve only miniscule amount of people

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>gust of wind
>falls over
>knocks down other one like a domino

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im literally spending all day farmin $LRDS just to get a chance to see that beauty irl

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Fuck off shitskin
This is a white man's board

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>integrated with A.I
Miss me with the cringe zoomer jesus

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>abuse brown people to build retarded pointless megastructure in the middle of nowhere for the sole use of ultra rich ethnic/religious nationalist saudis
>leftoid: woah that's based!
Lmao idiot

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leftists don't give a shit about what brownoids do to other brownoids retard, leftists just hate white people no matter what they do

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digging the hole was never the hard part....

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No it won’t. These futuristic arcologies never catch on and be continuously inhabited because they have no natural reason to exist.
Every city still around today is there either because of a strategic location that funnels people and goods that way, or exploit a natural resource. So many boomtowns from the 19th-20th century are now abandoned because the resource that kept people there had dried out or became irrelevant.

This stupid thing is a monument to the petrostate mentality of just throwing infinite money into a project that will go nowhere. If they really wanted a futuristic arcology for their country that people would inhabit, they could build it as a renovation for Medina or Jeddah. Places that already have a population base and could easily grow out to merge other cities

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Pic related would work better and would leave money for a nuclear power plant that uses the extra heat to desalinize the seawater to use for irrigation
I'm Croatian.

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>bring up "progress"
>says "progress" is browns working browns to death to build a huge structure in the desert that will be utilized by only megawealthy and staffed by underpaid Indians/pakis and Filipinos in slave conditions.
Yeah you're a dipshit. It's not progress. It's more of the same Arab hubris and islamofascist brutality.

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>being built on slave labor meaning low quality work
>being built with engineering geniuses that didn't give Dubai a working sewage system
Yeah bro, that's the dream paradise! I can't wait to roll out of bed one morning as the building rolls on top of me.

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Forgot the pic

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didn't the saudis start building the tallest tower in the entire world and then abruptly they stopped construction years ago and it's been sitting unfinished for like a decade?

why wouldn't a project that's literally 1000x bigger in scope and size not suffer the exact same fate?

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They also built economic and research cities
Example: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_Abdullah_Economic_City

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Those boats at the bottom are locked in

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working browns to death IS progress retard, literally every advanced civilisation on earth has enslaved shitskins at some point and will continue to do so.
Why are you pretending browns are people?

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Yea. Use your imagination, it's fckn AI. Maybe the bridge raises up, maybe this is a temp solution because actual bridge is being delivered tomorrow, all fixed up

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yeah I forgot that the entire eastern half of europe is made up of meme german client states

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Seems like a worse Venice beach

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>It's all we've ever done before, thats why it's progress this time!

You're actually dumb. Think about what you are typing before you hit enter.

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we're finding new and better ways of enslaving shitskins and improving the quality of life of humans, that's progress retard

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Not really. It's does not look like Venice at all. Venice is gorgeous when nor flooded by cruiser subhumans
Main point is that this would be 5x cheaper, easily maintainable, human scaled and nicer to visit than some commieblock in a desert

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It will end up just being a border wall for greater Israel

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ironically this will be where the poor people live, the bit by the sea are where the elite will live.

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We can tell you're a brown arab. Go live in your line in the desert if you like it so much

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This will not end well.

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1500s peasants worked less and owned more than we do today.

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I knew refugees that would always complain about living in the Alpine countryside. They said there was nothing to do. I was absolutely amazed but glad knowing they would leave to a city.

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great game, great story

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imagine how much money they are blowing on this.. jesus christ

WHY dont they just copy Dubai?

1) Build beautiful area with tall buildings, central to everything and walkable (Dubai Marina)
+ Build it HIGH quality, with slave labor but Germanic autistic quality control
+ Remote, you can build smaller lower quality houses for the working class
+ Even more remote, you can build super cheap accomodation for the slave workers
2) Have STRICT laws on crime
3) Put ZERO percent taxes, at most a 5% consumption tax

BONUS if KSA wants to beat dubai:
+ Legalize prostitution
+ Legalize coke

Everyone with money would settle there, even if it was in the fucking desert.

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Seriously though, how many people is this piece of shit supposed to house?

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I mean actually why are they not just using the money to build miles and miles of pic rel? Is it just that they have so much oil money that they don't care anymore?

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What kinda PUSSSY will be available in the LINE?

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> Citizenship will be sold to the highest bidders
The 'highest bidders' built bunkers in new zealand. The highest bidders can afford to not live in that nightmare piled in with and on top of others.

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Behold the commieseum!

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>glad knowing they would leave

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Because it would actually be shit. It's just a house next to a canal what's so amazing about that, it's just water based suburbia with all the problems like lack of infrastructure and soul crushing sameness.

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PRIVACY is expensive. And will become more expensive as population keeps growing and supervision becomes increasingly omnipresent and legalized by the same people who exert it.
Privacy in living might end up becoming the priciest good of them all.

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Impressive amount of trees though

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They also ate real food and had virgin wives for life

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>foundations have been laid
You think setting some sand to the sides in a line is foundation? And food comes from supermarkets right? lmao back to r*ddit

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go back to r*ddit “dipshit”

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>US suburbs - :|
>arab suburbs - :0

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Checked & kek'd

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>bridge are being delivered
So how did the boats and water get there if they’re still waiting for the bridge

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you guys are all stupid lol

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>soulless shithole is beautiful
You gotta be rich first to have shitty nouveau riche tastes

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Wait till they start cutting down trees for parking space

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Average iphone is more than what pesants owned in theyr whole life

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>I can buy an iPhone everyday to watch porn and cope with not having a loyal virgin wife who gives me healthy kids and cooks healthy food everyday
>also you must download government apps so they can control what you’re doing, for your own good that is
hylic npcs like you are not human beings

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Why the fuck it would need shops for poor people?
Just make delivery line and you can have actually good quality food on your doorsteps in no time from one werehouse that is operated by robots.

No need for dummy labor so no need for poor people shops. Its super easy to make one app that you can order stuff from home when they actually make infra for that is made for current tech and that takes future tech into account.

Also 99,9% of dailystuff can be sold in vending machines.

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I'm saying that would be better and just make it bit more dense and have 4 story tall buildings and trams. It's just an ai random bull I made in 1 min
Bridge needed repairs so they put this temp stuff here and guy did not move his boat because he is off in Jeddah for a business trip.

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Walking always works. Walk to the damn store 5 min away. No need for a stupid conveyor belt or special rail that will fail when Rajeet screws it wrong

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you vill live in ze pond

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They actually need food. Here, Almeira style greenhouses and irrigated land. Water from the Red Sea via desalination using the nuclear power plants excess heat

They actually import food, maybe cover that one before tourists that you already have in Meka

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That is just bad in every way.
Only job for people living in there is selling bred to other people.
Poor people housing in costly area.

World is full of shitholes, so why build another one?

That literally has nothing but small street. There is nothing to do.

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> there is nothing to do
Oh this would make such a big difference to my current life of leaving the house 1 a week, shitposting on /biz/ and making money with crypto. kek. At least there you won't pay taxes.

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I actually have everything more well off. People did and more. Pesant didint have anything anywere.
You think of landowners who were like 1-5% of populations.

Thats why you will stay poor and lonely.

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Yes, you can walk for me. I have money to pay you 10€ for a shoprun, but i will use that robot if it costs 15€, because i dont want your kind of poor people near me.

>> No.57810986

If thats you cup of tea the line is still better.
Actually working infra letting you skip that 1 times a week leaving apart and less noise around your house when someone has kids bday.

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You can’t even write properly, historically illiterate retard. Most peasants were landowners as long as they paid a whopping 10% in taxes compared to the 66%+inflation that you pay. You have nothing better than them except for more comfort as you slowly rot to jewish mental and physical poison on bed in your rented urban cage.

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Compared to living in a mega building? Yea, whole lots of possibilities inside a stupid commiblock extraordinary

Have you people no imagination? It's one neighbourhood. Where is this one street?
Buildings that you see can host offices and business. Or do you need a tower somewhere or a shopping mall? Why would not the fifth building on the left be a jewellery store? And one next to it a coffee place?

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>there is nothing to do
>hylic npc needs constant entertainment for its incapable of abstraction brain
is this some npc bingo speedrun attempt lmao

>> No.57811007

you’re talking to an npc, yes, it literally has no imagination

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>1500s peasants worked less and owned more
Complete and utter bullshit only an ignoramus could believe. Peasants and serfs were tied to the land. They were essentially owned by their local aristocrat. Sure, they only worked the fields for half a year, but if the local lord wants a new wall built somewhere, who the fuck do you think is going to build it? Peasants. And they do it for free because they have to. Other miseries include being disposable to your local aristocrat, having precisely no rights, and being incredibly vulnerable to conflict and war. Armies in that incredibly violent era of Europe didn't usually travel with enough supplies. They would almost invariably end up pillaging the land. Your harvest could easily be completely stolen if your lord couldn't do anything about it, and they weren't likely to leave you anything. They would take literally every bit of food you had and leave you to starve in the winter.

Shit sucks right now, but being a 16th century was way fucking worse.

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>They would take literally every bit of food you had and leave you to starve in the winter.
Oh, and they'd probably rape every woman they could find. If you spoke up about it, they'd kill you or put your eyes out.

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You’re comparing the lack of technology and institutions to labor itself. Yes, life sucked in many ways, but it was also better in many ways. If you combine modern social and technological achievements with agrarian lifestyle you get a near paradise. Modern waging is barely better than what you’ve described, you won’t starve but are constantly poisoned. You won’t have to do extra unpaid work (do you really though) but you gotta pay several times higher taxes. You didn’t have modern medicine but you also didn’t risk getting any of the dozens of civilizational diseases from air, water and food pollution.

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In what way is the Line better than this?

>> No.57811032

I think I built this in Sim City 20 years ago

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Now they send literal pedophiles to schools and brainwash children into self mutilation. Which one is better? An occasional risk of rape or everyday risk of rape + degenerate brainwashing?

>> No.57811036

Live your entire life indoors under artificial light
>no thanks.


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Pesant is not a landowner.

And yes english is my 3rd language. You cant write my 2 languages, 3rd world nigger.

No wonder you want poor people things.
You just cant imagine what there is to want.

Also your english is bad. It would get max 3/5 grade in any school made for teens. You should think about how you try to insult when you are whitenigger yourself.

>> No.57811083

>You’re comparing the lack of technology and institutions to labor itself
No, I am comparing life as a 16th century peasant to life as a 21st century wagie. There is no point in playing make-believe and focusing on only a few different issues to come up with a broader conclusion that 16th century peasantry > 21st century wageslavery. Both dynamics are not minor, interchangeable facets of a larger system but direct symptoms of the broader contemporary zeitgeist.

>> No.57811089

>An occasional risk of rape or everyday risk of rape + degenerate brainwashing?
I've never had anyone attempt to rape me. Have you?

>> No.57811093

Literally everything what normal and elitist people want is in the line.

There is fishing willages all around the world so you can just go there. Kinda sad how you talk about imagination as your dream is 200yo willage that has nothing more than one festival a season.

Your idea of working community is based on tourists spending money and thats 100% poor people town for slaves to serve the master.

Your dream is to serve. You make a good one for some yew.

>> No.57811097

>r*ddit spacing
>doesn’t know anything about medieval peasants thinking they were slaves without land and property and ignoring the fact they paid 10% tax compared to modern humans paying a 60%+ real tax with inflation on top
>I’m rich you’re poor my dad works for nintendo
>can’t write English for shit but suddenly knows how to score others’ proficiency and tries to “no u”
The fact this verbal diarrhea of a hylic npc contains not a single argument to back any of the retarded claims you’ve made is an argument in itself. Now go back to r*ddit subhuman

>> No.57811104

You think of your self as a free thinker but use someone elses memes. You are the one following others like sheep in a herd.

Npc is what you are.

>> No.57811106

I imagine it'll end up being a 5 story tall strip mall

>> No.57811111

You hyper focused on the worst parts of life of a medieval peasant, that not only happened rarely in most places but were not guaranteed to happen at all, while ignoring the cumulative damage modern humans suffer everyday. The life of a modern 50 year old ukrainian is far shittier than the life of an average 1550 European peasant

>> No.57811113

>doesn’t know anything about medieval peasants thinking they were slaves without land and property
In the 16th century, they were. The vast, vast majority of European people were peasants and serfs tied to the land. You can call people hylics (wow, gnosticism! Spooky!) all you want, but the historical consensus after decades/centuries of textual analysis is that, while freemen did exist, they were rare. The average peasant of this era was a serf with no freedom.

>> No.57811114

You must have atleast 112 IQ
Manchild having no own opinions

>> No.57811125

>that not only happened rarely in most places but were not guaranteed to happen at all
According to you. Do you have any idea how common minor wars were in Europe in the 16th century?

>> No.57811128

>it didn’t happen to me so it doesn’t happen to others
ok you’re just an absolute idiot, not just the subjective experience anecdotal evidence yada yada but the fact there are so many homosexuals today BECAUSE they were raped/molested as minors.
Before you post another cringe - most medieval people were not raped either, you just refute your own arguments to pursue an outcome where benign slowly poisoned and damaged mentally and physically is better than occasional hardships because it’s more comfortable, like a typical hedonistic seeking npc does.

>> No.57811134

You actually are retarded. Im sorry for your family.

It is actually amusing how your kind of people have no knowledge of anything and still spamms that shit on the internet.
Pesants had nothing they were free slaves. You dont have knowledge of basic information about things you are writing on the internet.

I know you are a child or you never had social life so you act like one.

>> No.57811138

The point is that you're catastrophizing what's actually not that big a deal. Like I said earlier, yes, shit is fucked, etc., but it's not that bad compared to life in the past.
>people were raped less in the past etc
Consider the possibility that you don't know as much as you think you do. Try reading a book, nigger!

>> No.57811153

>living in a sand commieblock puts you close to nature
>you’re not a cog in a faceless machine when you live in a commieblock type environment
mental illness or a jew shill
>no u
>no argument
>midwit gets triggered by a fancy word
>peasants were tied to land so they were slaves
There’s a fundamental difference between being a serf and tied to land you had rights to, and being a slave without property. The average npc doesn’t need “freedom” to go to big cities and end up like a modern incel/thot and that’s why those societies were a lot more stable and happy.
>no argument
>ad hominem
I’m right there and your posts proved you’re an npc
they were nowhere near as common and didn’t affect nowhere near the numbers of people you’re implying. Most pre-modern wars in Europe barely affected civilians. Inconvenienced, yes, but raped and left with no food? No.

>> No.57811158

He seems like another one of those permanently-confused, low-information types who drown in the current era of informational mass saturation.

>> No.57811176

Isn't a line the most retarded way to build a community? It is no surprise that naturally human cities normally became circles. Why break up that natural behaviour, whats the point

>> No.57811180

>peasants were slaves
>you have no knowledge
They literally had rights to whatever they produced on their leased or owned (depending on the country) land after they paid they meager 10% tax. They had rights to their property and cattle. They had rights to their wives and children. All those things they had the same or greater rights than modern man you historically illiterate dumbfuck. You have to cherry-pick the worst events like wars and serfdom in Russia that were extremes to make it seem like your miserable, degenerate life is better, which like I mentioned modern Russia and Ukraine ironically disprove. Where are arguments and hard data to prove your point? You have provided none.

>> No.57811183

>being a serf and tied to land you had rights to
What rights, exactly? The right to sell it? No... how about to move away from it? No, you didn't have that either without permission. Stop trying to turn everything into some faggy rhetorical war. What, exactly, does it mean to you to "have rights" to a land you don't own, can't leave, and with which you categorically must do what the landowner says?
>nowhere near the numbers of people you’re implying
You are now manually aware that there were far fewer people in 16th century Europe than there are today.
Will you stop being a slimy, disingenuous little shit for one second and actually say something concrete? In what way, exactly, do you think peasants were "inconvenienced?"

>> No.57811184

I'm 100% sure it''s technically possible to build this.
I'm 90% sure it won't work as a city.

>> No.57811222

>exaggerated the risk of dying from a war and being raped
>you’re catastrophizing
>ignores again the multiple cumulative damages to a human condition in modern times that make life today far worse
Which part of literal poison in near every food you eat and sexual degenerate propaganda every day in school for your kids do you not get? Which part of you pay 60%+ and inflation taxes compared to 10% in Middle Ages? Which part of you have no wife or a wife-whore who can destroy your family at whom do you not understand?

I’ll tell you why facts don’t matter to you, you’re a hylic npc whose programmed for nothing but to seek pleasure so as long as you can sit on your stained couch, devour goyslop and jerk off to porn you’re satisfied. The idea of honest work and occasional hardships for much healthier and balanced life is terrifying to you. It doesn’t matter how much you seethe and cope that’s a fact, you’d rather slowly die like a subhuman blob than face hardships and live a life of dignity like a man.
>hurr durr try reading a book
I read data that 20% of zoomers think they’re gay which means a much larger number was either molested or sexually brainwashed than in the past couple generations midwit. You sound feminine like a faggot from r*ddit and should go back there.
>hello fellow midwit, we both lack any argument, wanna updoot each other?

>> No.57811255

In later years they gained more freedom.
Everyone(men) were allowed to own and move freely. Still they didint most of the time.

To get small plot of land they needed money that they didint have. So they needed to work for someone who had.
They didint live long so they had no time to work for 30 years to buy land so in some areas they rented land from lord or similiar rich motherfucker.

Only they still had no money and they needed to pay with food and work.
They were slaves for the small plot of land they didint own.

Normal pesant man would work for a lord in lords fields or some other job for usage of a land that they needed to farm to live off. 20 yo man had 5 kids that could not work as they were 0-5 yo and wife had to take care of them so that mad worked farm alone and worked for the real landowner for less than we do today.

There were better deals later on in some areas that would give the land to the pesant after 10 or 20 years of service and after that oldest son would get the land.

Also some people would get money from crown or other lord for being in the army and that way they could buy plot of land after. This was rare tough because they died in wars, served until old or just didint want a farm. In roman empire they actually gave land after x years of service, but that was also rare and after the amount served roman soldier was ranked so high he was actually rich man.

In the end no pesant owned anything. 99,9% of times they were not pesants anymore when they got theyr land somehow.

>> No.57811262

>20% of zoomers think they’re gay which means a much larger number was either molested or sexually brainwashed than in the past
It's impossible to talk to someone as aggressively retarded as you are. This statement is completely unsubstantiable, like pretty much everything else you say.
>muh poisoned food!
Then just fucking buy fresh food and make it yourself, retard. You have the option.
I wish I could just magically transmit the fatigue I feel for timesome, querulous egofags like you. I'm just going to let you know that disagreements don't have to be ego battles, and that you might actually learn something if you stop arguing as if your life depended on it from the cue-card's worth of information you've got on the subject. If you feel like you "win" arguments all the time, it's probably because you're so relentlessly browbeating everyone you talk to that nobody actually wants to interact with you.

>> No.57811263

You are full of your self. Get a frend kiddo.

In next life you might win, this one seems to be over for you.

>> No.57811280

The right to land means you decide what you grow on your land and you sell it for your profit retard, why would they need to seek the land. For 95% of people including narcissistic npcs like you that’s all you need for good, satisfying life.
>you couldn’t leave
And go where? To become an adventurer like in a video game? To become a whore in a city? Modern urbanite dumbfuck with his video game view of the world.
>you have to do what landowner says
laws and feudal system protected peasants from abuse. When it happened it wasn’t any more common than today. In fact due to a much more moral society it was less likely to occur because few nobles wanted to be seen as some petty oppressor. Shows again you only have the most ignorant, shallow interpretation of the medieval society yet want to make comparisons to today’s life.
>hurr durr you are aware what per capita is? You said numbers so you mean absolute numbers r- right?
Having to do extra work, serve in an army or share foodstuffs. Yes that inconvenience. They weren’t killed, raped or have everything taken from them most of the time. Only a hedonistic söyboy would act like this is the worst thing in the world, making you look even dumber when we consider you pay a 75% tax, after including inflation, every year. War or no war.

>> No.57811284

Your information is just like saying gold is a stone. Its so retarded if you know anything about metals but it is actually found in stone, so caveman would think of it as a stone, like you do think about this matter.

>> No.57811320

Not always, I’ve seen many who are atheist progressives and believe blacks women brown people and gays hinder technological progress which is literally true kek.

>> No.57811323

This is not true, the real issue with today isn’t lack of capital it’s actually just too much regulation. Your gripes are with regulation living in the past is never a solution to anybody’s problems.

>> No.57811329

>And go where?
How about to another landowner who treats his serfs better? It's almost like we're stumbling upon the literal foundational argument for personal liberty within an economic system. If you have freedom, you have the ability to better choose your conditions, ergo those models which provide the best conditions for the most people will rise to the top.
>laws and feudal system protected peasants from abuse.
Sure, from everyone except the person most likely to abuse you, steal the fruits of your harvest, force you into unpaid and arbitrary labor, etc.... your landlord.
>Having to do extra work, serve in an army or share foodstuffs
You're being (unsurprisingly) disingenuous yet again.
>having to do extra work
Unpaid work. Mandatory, unpaid work, the penalty for which is anything from corporal punishment up to death/disfigurement, depending on the gravity. That's not an inconvenience, is it?
>serve in an army
We would call this being drafted. And you weren't going to be given high-quality weapons or armor or anything at all, really. If you were pressed into service, you would probably go to war with what you have (rags and farming implements) and you'd be used as fodder for the regular troops to maneuver around. That sounds like more than an inconvenience to me.
>share foodstuffs
"Share." Fucking hell, nigger. Are you actively trying to be as disingenuous as you possibly can? I haven't seen argumentation this slimy in a long time. Try arguing objective fact instead of trying to cloak weak arguments in semantics. This is called theft, or appropriation. It is not "sharing," because there are fucking consequences if you don't """"share.""""

>> No.57811330

>they didn’t live long
You’re mistaking life expectancy due to childbirth/childhood mortality and actual span of life that was identical to ours already in antiquity.
>they didn’t have money and were slaves
They literally paid 10% in tax and kept the rest for themselves to eat and sell. The average peasant in Europe, outside of war time or plague, was in no way poor or enslaved. Theh had far fewer laws and regulations to abide in everyday life as nobles didn’t care much beyond getting the 10% tax and occasional help.
>the multiple sources of data that 20% of zoomers THEMSELVES admit to be gay is unsubstantiated
>le ad hominem
just take the L dumb nigger
>just buy food in Whole Foods and cook it yourself
So in other words just be the top 5% who can afford regularly quality food and has someone or time to cook. Defeating your argument how the average modern human has better life than average peasant yet again.
>I have no argument for my multiple false claims so let me mask that with verbal diarrhea amateur psychoanalysis that says.. it says you’re a poopoohead
it’s embarrassing at this point
if you were capable of shame unlike the clinically narcissistic npc that you are you’d kill yourself

>> No.57811333

This city will be empty full of holiday homes.

>> No.57811349

>le ad hominem
I said that it was a completely unsubstantiable statement. Pure supposition you can't defend or focus to a resolution greater than, "Well, that sounds about right!" You are an incredibly unpleasant person.

>> No.57811352

Standing armies are not a historical regularity even in Europe. European peasants were generally not conscripted anyway. Why would you want to be a peasant though? Sure women these days are whores but instead of looking to the past why not create a progressive vision of the future in which women are re-enslaved?

>> No.57811364

OP didn't reply to this lol
OP rekt by simple anthropology (not the store)

>> No.57811367

Yet no pesant had land or money to buy it.
Making money for land required a job that made you more than a pesant and most other than soldier required skills like reading and pesants didint have these skills.

For a pesant to stay a life in army long enough to have money for a land was rare, as they were in front lines for a long time.

Your fantasy is like taken from some survivalcrafting game. Is that where you get your bad infromation from?

>> No.57811375

>thread devolves into two literal autists arguing about European peasants

Kek. God I love 4chan.

>> No.57811398

You keep spamming stupid shit. Pesants usually didint get paid much in money, but in food and clothing, so they had no money to buy land and thats why they could not make anything to sell from theyr own stuff. Also there were beer to spend your few copper coins and king did make festivals si poor oesants would spend money like you are made to do nowdays for a new clothing and plastic stuff.

Also people died in all kinds of deseases we dont. They didint live more than 30-40 years in hard jobs. Lords and other that had easy life did live long. Kings not so much as someone always wanted the crown.

>> No.57811401

>no argument
why even bother posting midwit?
>durr hurr burr *farts*
which information? In what way?
I’m just kidding, I know you’re just posting not to seem like the ignorant idiot you are.
Most people today can’t change their jobs for better ones either because of mass migration taking jobs or overall quality of jobs going down since psychopathic jews want to kill middle class. Really you people don’t think through these examples.
>muh landlord
Your modern landlord and more likely the boss can abuse you as well. Hell, your “democratically elected” leaders just destroyed your economy and got you to inject poison into your and your family’s bodies. Zero introspection again.
>wage longer hours and get poisoned is better than working shorter hours and facing greater risks once a decade
no I’m not, it’s just your npc mind can’t get its sight of the scale of an occasional war to look at the much more mundane reality around him. Death by thousand small cuts is as bad as death by one huge cut
>mandatory unpaid work
you work longer hours on average and then work “voluntary” unpaid extra hours. The fact you have no clue how many people work extra hours without proper pay shows you’re just an ignorant, sheltered urbanite kid.
>a million Ukrainians died in high tech modern armor
you’re really dumb, if you compared mortality in pre-modern war you’d see just how much you exaggerate for the worse living conditions in medieval times.
>during a war you have to provide extra food
no, nigger. You just can’t conceptualize living within a community with its benefits and risks. You own nothing after paying exorbitant taxes yearly in a fragmented society, those people owned things and occasionally had to share more in the time of need.

>> No.57811411

>peasants had it based because there were no trannies and nobody could read or write and i could actually own my wife who i could buy with a dowry from the literal scraps i was able to save from that one season a decade ago before the drought
>i wish i could be a peasant because landlords were based back then and they totally didn't care what you did haha
>peasants were le tied to the land but also... le free!!!! because uh because i read this one Twitter post a week ago that said peasants only paid 10% tax!!!! can you imagine making 90% and uh selling your goods on uh the uh free market that somehow totally existed exactly like it is now despite everyone being tied to their land, unable to leave, and subject to the whimsy of their landlord
>no it was totally based that there was so much minor struggle because the serfs always came out on top!!! they could just like uh share their food with the invader and no, nobody ever took everything you had because, because life was....... heckin BASED and honorable knights would conscript you and throw your entire village as unarmed rabble against whoever they pleased

>> No.57811427

How about you quote something I actually said and reply to it? Actually, never mind. Fuck off, retard.

>> No.57811465

The bottom line is their life wasn’t worse because of those things than modern life as long as you’re not a myopic ignorant who hyper focuses on the bad and doesn’t em understand the dynamics of that society.
But it is substantiated you dumb nigger
>inb4 I know better what sexuality they are m’kay
That wasn’t the point. Historically illiterate hedonistic npcs think being killed every day through sugar/pollution/sneed oil/vaxx/plastics poison coupled with exorbitant taxes make life today better than having to move your ass to work and not having silly video game adventure fantasies in middle ages, which it doesn’t, at all.
>no peasant had land or money
They literally did. You think all landowners were aristocrats? As times changed more and more land was acquired as property by peasants. Remember they had nothing to begin with when their ancestors began to work that land for the noblemen.
>thinks all peasants were poor
>your fantasy is like from a survival craft game
You’re a dumb nigger whose idea of medieval Europe comes from game of thrones. Many peasants had big houses and families and enough money to support them comfortably with some extra to save. Not worse than the average wage cuck today.
>peasants got paid in food
>you spam stupid shit
You literally are too dumb to understand that peasants didn’t get paid. They OWNED whatever they grew. And when they sold it they had money for equipment, cattle and to buy the land from the nobles.
>muh le peasants died young myth
again the dumb nigger thinks short life expectancy is because of dying young and not because many children didn’t survive birth and early childhood. But sure, keep sharing your argument-free knowledge on medieval peasants kek

>> No.57811478

>why don’t you just agree with me reeee
I did that every single post. Do you have anything particular in mind?

>> No.57811546

>we wuz all poor and starving all the time because every year was either a war or drought
historically illiterate subhuman
>degeneracy is okay as long as I have my hot pocks
>npc cattle needs to read so they can become brainwashed with marxism at school
the peak of per capita inventions in modern Europe happened 150 years ago when half the population couldn’t read, but an ignorant nigger like you wouldn’t know that
>we always had a ton of laws and regulations including whether you must let men use public bathrooms
historically illiterate subhuman
>peasants didn’t pay 10% or otherwise very law taxes
historically illiterate subhuman
>npcs couldn’t just pack up and go to big cities and become whores and welfare trash being deluded they have become worldly *smells own farts* intellectuals like myself
>free market is an 18th century invention and before that prices were fixed to peasants’ disadvantage
historically illiterate subhuman
>medieval farmers could save so much more of their produce and sell it for money but *gasp* they had to share it with community in times of need, it’s a nightmare for a lonely incel loser like me!

You’ve had zero arguments for your case this entire thread, rely on false claims like exaggeration of medieval hardships, while completely ignoring the deadly price of modern comfort, because like I said already, you’re a historically illiterate hylic npc whose brain is incapable of seeking and valuing anything but pleasure only to die like an oversized blob of plastic and poison that fills your body. Your poor attempts at sounding intellectual while mixing it with feminine r*ddit passive aggressiveness at the end only drove that point home.

>> No.57811559

>two autists
one autist and one historically illiterate, passive aggressive npc subhuman from r*ddit. I know, it’s a mouthful

>> No.57811600

Just a troll

>> No.57811618
File: 808 KB, 692x692, 1678595596294201.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>57809463 >>57809511 >>57809532 >>57809543 >>57809544 >>57809554 >>57809559 >>57809572 >>57809611 >>57809627 >>57809721 >>57809746 >>57809752 >>57809756 >>57809766 >>57809802 >>57809837 >>57809853 >>57809862 >>57809867 >>57809884 >>57809887 >>57809888 >>57809896 >>57809897 >>57809916 >>57809922 >>57809923 >>57809932 >>57809934 >>57809940 >>57809945 >>57809958 >>57810549 >>57810555 >>57810582 >>57810599 >>57810600 >>57810612 >>57810623 >>57810637 >>57810664 >>57810670 >>57810686 >>57810699 >>57810719 >>57810721 >>57810730 >>57810732 >>57810736 >>57810738 >>57810742 >>57810760 >>57810776 >>57810781 >>57810791 >>57810799 >>57810810 >>57810814 >>57810828 >>57810857 >>57810869 >>57810897 >>57810903 >>57810914 >>57810918 >>57810932 >>57810940 >>57810967 >>57810969 >>57810976 >>57810986 >>57810991 >>57810998 >>57811003 >>57811007 >>57811010 >>57811020 >>57811027 >>57811031 >>57811032 >>57811035 >>57811036 >>57811042 >>57811083 >>57811089 >>57811093 >>57811097 >>57811104 >>57811106 >>57811111 >>57811113 >>57811114 >>57811125 >>57811128 >>57811134 >>57811138 >>57811153 >>57811158 >>57811176 >>57811180 >>57811183 >>57811184 >>57811222 >>57811255 >>57811262 >>57811263 >>57811280 >>57811284 >>57811320 >>57811323 >>57811329 >>57811330 >>57811333 >>57811349 >>57811352 >>57811364 >>57811367 >>57811375 >>57811398 >>57811401 >>57811411 >>57811427 >>57811465 >>57811478 >>57811546 >>57811559 >>57811600

>> No.57811643

This is going to be a disaster for them.

>> No.57811742


>The estate was divided into two principal parts: the landlord’s demesne, from which he took all the harvest, and the farms of the peasants, who supplied the labour needed to work the demesne. The peasants (and their children after them) were legally serfs, bound to the soil. These bipartite, serf-run estates superficially resemble the classic manors of the early Middle Ages but differ from them in that the new estates were producing primarily for commercial markets. The binding of the peasants of eastern Europe to the soil and the imposition of heavy labour services constitute, in another traditional term, the “second serfdom.”
Pesants worked for the lord like you do now and got nothing in return.

>In the Middle Ages, peasants were typically subject to a great variety of charges laid upon both their persons and the land. They had to pay special marriage and inheritance taxes; they were further required to provide tithes to the parish churches.
Pesants paid taxes if they did make anything after working for the lord.

They didint own the land. They didint own anything. Not even them selfs.

>> No.57811766
File: 117 KB, 771x1000, 1696692135413678.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the lord = yahweh, the jewgod

>> No.57811774

One link destroyed everything you have been saying for hours. Think about your life.

You are the one who is "illiterate". Read a book kiddo.

>> No.57811775
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>> No.57811795

>spends half an hour to find an excerpt from encyclopedia only to agree that all things considered medieval peasants didn’t have worse life’s than modern wage cucks
>they paid taxes
yeah, a couple percent high taxes, and many a rebellion happened when a tax was lifted from 2% to 3%, you just can’t compare them to modern usurious taxation.
>the didn’t own the land
they had rights to the land which also was a mean of production
>they didn’t own anything
Now you’re just lying, they owned their equipment, their houses, their families, their produce, their savings, etc.
>they didn’t own themselves
plenty of laws that protected them and their property, the fact they were not allowed to leave to become degenerates, whores, r*ddit pseudointellectual, and in most cases simply waging for another lord among foreign people like modern migrants was a very good thing.

>> No.57811806

>one link that in no way contradicts anything stated by you itt destroys you
I can see you’re just a troll, but the truth is you didn’t just pretend to be retarded

>> No.57811843
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>> No.57811844

This has been a very interesting discussion, I have enjoyed reading it

>> No.57811899

You will own nothing und be happy