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What are your friends, family and coworkers saying about crypto right now?

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Nothing, normies hate it except for 1 wage cuck i know who tries to flip memes

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A coworker spoke about his friend telling him about the price of bitcoin.
This was the same coworker I recall talking about DOGE in 2021. This was the first time since then.

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Spent the day having lunch with my entire extended family (all age ranges and wealth levels were represented). Crypto wasn't mentioned once, but several family members discussed AI and the "cost of living crisis" at length. We are still early.

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A boomer coworker I talk to came up to me and started talking about crypto which was crazy because he is a dave ramsey listener. He said something about dogecoin and said he bought 500m shiba and that he was thinking about taking 100k from his 401k and putting it into crypto. His net worth is probably close to 2mil so it's not as concerning that he mentioned it but when the broke guys who don't invest tell me how much they are making I will sell.

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My cousin asked me to help me buy BTC for him, I installed coinbase on his phone and helped him buy some
This is the first time I got asked about crypto in 2 years

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brother just bragged about making $50 on PEPE. It's over, sell everything

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I overheard an intern at my work say my Lambo looked like a Corvette. I fired him, of course, but it still pisses me off.

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I keep telling them that my trumpy us pumpy on this board and they dont give a fuck, we are early!

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My neightBOR ZOOMER I PAY Him to mew my lawn he told me shiba enew, I traDed HIM I told him sbit PLEBBIT.

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My mom wants to know how to invest in Baby Trump Inu token

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Nothing yet, I'm guessing it will be at 90K+.

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95% of people I know do not ever think about crypto. The other 5% have very negative opinions.

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Dude called you a boomvetter lmao

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My dad spent a week learning crypto on his own and he bought himself and my mom both stacks of shiba (250 mil each.) and said he didnt like that I was the only crypto guy in the family and he wanted at least a lil fun with it for my parents. I told them shib is a good buy and to hold it and dont sell too early. I think they'll make decent profits

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oops accident on the sage. removed and a bump

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My IT department guys talked with me about bitcoin when it pumped the last days

They have an eth price ticker in their monitor setup since years though

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On that note, my normie boss said that its too late to invest now and that is impossible it will double in value again