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How do I obtain more coins swing trading this?

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Are far as I can tell the holders of it do not care about profiting from it

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I think this is an example of what I was saying

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nail on the head

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because it's actually a currency

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oh yes as if the world really needs another stupid crypto don't you sheeple realize that all these coins are the same you are just pumping money into the devs' pockets while they laugh all the way to the bank but not at wcdonalds no we don't sell stupid shitcoins we sell get rich quick burgers and fries delivered from our new secret menu we are revolutionizing the industry and not just any fries free money fries you can't beat the deals that you get at wcdonalds

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But I do not care about profiting too in terms of fiat. I need more XMR coins, not more fiat coins, anon.

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then buy them with fiat coins

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But my supply of fiat coins is limited and I want to use my already existing XMR coins to generate more XMR coins. A dupe glitch, if you will.

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use fiat to buy a coin that will make you more fiat than use the profits to buy xmr

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>buy a coin that will make you more fiat
Don't know of any such good coins, anon. Most of these 'moon' coins will go to zero soon, and those that won't will in the long term. So I do not wish to hold them for any extended period of time.

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>So I do not wish to hold them for any extended period of time.
That's the right mindset for your situation, you are not interested in them for long term holds which means you will take profit.

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So what are some suitable coins for my XMR mindset? I don't want to just "HODL" BTC but I'm not opposed to using it as a medium of trading XMR against.

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How much XMR did you pay?

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nothing, I don't own xmr myself but I thought people here would like my experience

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Degeneracy is bad for your soul, anon.

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There are no shortcuts. If you want more fiat you have to work harder and make a business