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I am financially ruined

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I'm still up 2x but wtf was that dump

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They decided to get in bed with avi who are being sued by nintendo

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Should have considered plebbit.
Plebbit is unironically one of the few actual grassroots projects, with 2+ years of development, working demos and an actual 100% airdropped supply to biz 2 years ago (search the archive).
Even the plebbit Devs had to purchase their stack on their own on the market, like everyone else.
YET biz still ignores plebbit. search plebbit on uniswap.
Plebbit is an opensource, free to use, scalable P2P social media protocol with no https endpoints making it actually decentralized unlike federated alternatives.
The token is used for curating the default boards in a DAO, voting on dev issues in the DAO and tipping.
The desire to have your sub on the default feed and monetize your own subs/boards will drive token adoption.
4.7m mcap

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It was probably me, I sold like $10k to rotate into circle, sorry man nothing personal.

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Why would they get soo'ed by nitendildo

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die pajeet

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I just wanted to make it.... I had a feeling the jeets would sell on me

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indian scam

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bro stfu about plebbit

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These ”whales” probably sold their bags to chase pumping dog coins, wonder how that’s gonna work out. All you had to do in order to make it was to hold. HAHAHAHA

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I see some people in this thread haven't been in crypto for long

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the most obvious pump and dump in history, along the lines of that shitty dog coin that flooded this board

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>whales selling right before the cex listing
Do they know something we don't? Or are they going to regret this in 1 month?

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I think these whales just don't have the patience, the cex listing is still in the works and unchained is releasing in march

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He/she know because dumped all once. Or he/she is really stupid.

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Go away reddit

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Try with another K

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They’re chasing other pumps and will lose their bag. How new are you guys, jesus. These are the same people that will post rope threads after the bull. They just can’t stop larping as professional traders, they are unstoppable.

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All coins starting with K are scams.
And yes that includes KAVA.

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>trying to slurp some kenis
>coinbase withdrawals broken
REEEEEEEEEEE, going to have to eat bridge fees I guess

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Whales selling is never a good signal. This could be pure vaporware or a copypaste of another project. Oddly similar to recent scams and rugs like StoicDAO and Shido

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your hands are shaking

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What the fuck are you even talking about?

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The project is solid these whales are just chasing other projects and they actually have a working product with unchained you can run a node right now, we're just way too early, it's annoying the previous dip was almost gone.

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Kenis is following the same exact playbook as those two recent scams. Could be a coincidence tho

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>Company registered in Switzerland

Gooood morning mumbai

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Not our fault plebbit mogs all your pump and dump nigger shitcoins to the ground. What’s the utility for Kenis? Zero, it’s vaporware, plebbit is actually useful

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Project A = Project B because [zero explanation given]

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Where is the proof that the company is actually registered? kek, that's what I mean with the exact same playbook.

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They're in the process of registering it. How does that make it a scam? I'm not going to call you names, just explain. And if you can't, then I will call you retarded.

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Then go shill it in your own thread, kns has a working product too. Why would you think any of us give a fuck about plebbit, the plebbit chart looks even worse

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plebbit is useful in that it will allow you to transfer your wealth to someone who shits in a street. i will stake my kenis, have cex, and profit. cope.