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What are your friends and family saying about crypto right now?

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they want to try buying haircombs

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It's complete garbage and you'll lose all your money if you are dumb enough to buy digital dogshit!
Also, the Bitcoin atm near me has been removed because no one used it.

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I told my friends when bitcoin hit 60k
They said oh thats cool and we didn't bring it up again
I think the market still isn't going up fast enough yet to get them excited

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Normies aren’t back yet but degenerates are starting to funnel back in

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No one has mentioned it to me yet

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They won't get excited ever again; they see it as a scam. They don't even understand how much money they missed since BTC hit 15,000

>inb4 anon BTC it's a scam
Not sure about that, what I do know is that most of us made some money (again)

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They think I'm retarded, just cuz I told them I'm planning on using my student loan to make my own BRC20 project on SatoshiSync kek, they don't know shit

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no wonder why they think you're fucking retarded

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I just had a meeting with some prospects who mentioned owning some gold (presumably paper), to which my partner and I responded with something along the lines of "well, btc just hit 60k again", which caused him to recoil in disgust and ask why we even brought that up. Granted, he was a mega-boomer who brought his two adult sons to the meeting (one of which was gay) and self-identified as a "proud democrat", so the man certainly enthusiastically rims the state whenever he's asked to. And given how one of the original value-props of crypto was to remove some power of the state, his reaction was unsurprising. But his immediate emotional response to what is certainly the only thing in crypto that he could even name gave away just how unwilling he was to give the technology an objective look. His two sons were much more interested, though neither had so much as dabbled in it.

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You're a disgrace to your own kin

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One normalfag i know posted about bitcoin in facebook, bad stuff

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Told a guy what i do for work which is crypto related.

>oh didnt some guy do a bunch of stuff last year that made bitcoin crash?

Far as he knows its over. doesnt know its pushing ath again and i didnt bother informing him

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No mention, don't care, still "that thing that scams people".

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Whenever bitcoin is brought up people think the price is a lot lower than it is. They still think its somewhere in the 30k range

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Not a peep, my last coworker to talk about BTC was buying at 35k

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A sister of a friend told me she bought PEPE and SHIBA. She never talked about crypto ever in her life.
This is a top signal, I'm almost tethering.

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I got blackout last night and got into it with my cousin about bitcoin over text, he still doesn't believe in it and he is the biggest normie i know.

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The ones that pay attention to finance are slavishly married to the positions they've been espousing for ages now. It's a scam.

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They were like that after both of the most recent two cycles. They've got a very short memory.

I'm going to guess that, once a sexy enough-looking number is reached, that sentiment will disappear. Then something stupid will happen that the propagandists will jump on, and the sentiment will come back until the next ATH.

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they all started asking me about plebbit

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Still think that Bitcoin died back during the FTX crash and it was a one time thing.
I'm actually impressed that BTC is +60k and literally nobody cares except us and some ETF niggers at wall street

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"dog coin, more like dodgy coin amirite?"

mind you, I watched this guy sell a share of his 10 year old company for $47M last year, so he's allowed his opinions

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No they will
Normies just cannot save money
They cannot fathom holding wealth (in any form) for years
They always have to spend all of their paycheck immediately
When crypto is going up fast enough where they think they can make money in between paychecks, they will buy.

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i saw it on tv in my country for the first time in years

i wish i yoloed back then but im buying mstr at almost $1000 instead, it is what it is

i would rather kms than sit throught another bull market sidelined

they of course said btc is for terrorists and pollutes

im not going to be sidelined again, im goign all in, i dont watn to be mainstream tv making tv shows about btc, you must be YOLOd when this happen and let it run for an extra while before the mega pumpo

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oh dear god… I want TBD now!

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Going to a sammy virji show tonight. Most of the guys I'm going with were super into crypto in the last bull run (I would talk to them about it a bit, but nowhere near how much they would talk about it).

I haven't seen any of em in a while so I'm REALLY hoping at least one of them mentions it. Maybe I'll bring it up first to see if anyone jumps on the subject.

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Theyre all saying its a scam, retail isn't the reason for this fake ass "bullrun" at all

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I just heard NPR announce an upcoming story on “what’s behind the bitcoin bullrun” even odds on if they say it’s a bad sign and trumps fault or another great Biden accomplishment. Either way your boomer relatives are about to become aware.

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Is she ugly though? If yes it's not necessarily a top signal

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have fun anon. you'll talk about it, pull out your phone to show them, and we'll have pumped to 67k. enjoy your night.

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radio silence
I mentioned it 3-4 weeks ago to a handful of people and they all expressed fear at the thought of losing money

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Total silence so far.
When my wife or my parents ask me how my crypto is going I'll start laddering out, but that hasn't happened yet.

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no mention whatsoever. crypto in normie's eyes was just a fad, a current thing, they temporarily liked until the system programmed them with something else to care about.
normies will be funneled back in once all the institutions have accumulated their desired positions. my guess is the true rally will begin late summer. now is still a good time to buy in.

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good take and understanding of time preference. Someone who lives paycheck to paycheck has a time preference of one week, if you can't double their money in that time span they aren't even remotely interested.

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She is average. I would cex her. Top signal?

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WGMI anon

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Yesterday, unprompted, my parents told me they heard on the news that "crypto is doing really well"

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Fuck if I open my exchange and btc is at 67k while I'm rolling I might shit myself

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Got 1 DM so far from a mate who is "considering" investing even though I was shilling the ETF to him at 40k. After I got done talking to him about it he said he'll "consider it more" AKA he won't pull the trigger until we're past ATH.
I can guarantee you normies will start paying attention at new ATH, consider investing, but won't pull the trigger until 100k or so =)

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Suprisingly nothing, it's not been in the faggot news they read, so their brains don't recognize it. I told them, multiple times, "when BTC at 1million you will regret everything" and ofcourse they laughed.
Whos laughing now

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That makes me wonder, since I haven't been too involved with this stuff for all that long: Was the most recent cycle the only time BTC has really gotten a huge amount of retail investors involved?

It may have been the exception rather than the rule, given all the money being printed willynilly. The fact that we're 90+% to ATH without anyone having really noticed could speak to that.

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Man I haven't done that in a looong time.. those were the days. God speed anon

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People didn't give a shit about bitcoin last time either until it had already 2x'd past the ATH and everyone was hyping it up for the 100k goal. Rest is history.

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Disregard that, my mom asked, I got her a filthy Coinbase and Binance account because it was somewhat user friendly. She first nagged me about the whole bloody season we were in, and then recently asked me what was going on.
Ofcourse, like the plep she is, she wants to buy more at these levels, not at -50%.
What do? I don't worry, but she will, when she sees "her money being flushed away to hackers"

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>Was the most recent cycle the only time BTC has really gotten a huge amount of retail investors involved
Yes. Tail end of 2017 the retail demand at the peak couldn't even be serviced because coinbase and binance shit themselves, incapable of handling the sheer volume of inbound applications. 2021 had enough ports of entry for those interested to get in to do so, plus the free money, plus being locked in their homes with nothing to do. Kinda a perfect storm of factors

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Had to come back and find this thread.

The conductors on my commuter train are talking about bitcoin rn - should I engage or leave it be?

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Update: talked to him a bit and he’s a retard.
>Well you know I lost a lot during the last craze and I’m just barely breaking even now, let’s let it ride!
His exact words lol. God I pray there are millions more retailfags like this, but for his sake I hope he makes it

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* My accounting friend who's been sidelined since 15k (and waiting for 8k btw) is barely now feeling the FOMO at 60k.
* My brother who asked me to invest for him at 16k just yesterday sent me a message about the Bitcoin price.
I think we've hit a local top and will crab here +/- 10% until the halving. There will be no immediate BTC pump at the halving and we'll instead see an altcoin rally. This will cause all new BTC entries to capitulate and rotate into alts.

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Heard about crypto rarely in 2023.
Haven't heard about it at all in 2024 so far.