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Nice try Shytoshi. But I'm not taking the bait. Good luck with your farm :)

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>He bought?
Load ze f0f0 dump

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You doubted me in the earlier thread, now watch and see..

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>he doubted the shills
this has had 10000x written all over it for ages

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Wagmi wagmi

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100B toadies is now $1100 how high we going

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lmao is already dumping
>farmed by Shytoshi
>farmed by random whales
toadcucks are really something else

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Yeah ever since I got scammed out of $10k

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it's so over...
i'm solding right now
i boughteded the top
my village is ruinned again

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will it dump more or should i buy now?

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Many people bought in at this level. Why would it dump, Unless they hate money, or want to desperately leave.
I'm willing to find out if history repeats itself.

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For me I've already panic sold and lost $10k so the peanuts I have left I will just hold to Valhalla or zero

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When did you panic sell anon?

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When nothing ever happened and shytoshi left the chat and then I realized they had created like 20 scam tokens and toad wasn't just a special shib thing

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Time to fomo back in anon. If you think they’d make a public declaration that they’re going to flip PEPE and not follow thru then you’re not too bright

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My condolences, how much do you have left?

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>/biz/ got fudded out
It had to be done this way. Thank you for your service. You will not be remembered.

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To be fair, you have to be pretty retarded to put your money on a token made by known, actual scammers. (For the newfags, f0f0 is Shytoshi and the SHIB team has been farming TOAD, and others tokens like BAD and BONE for months).

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Thats true but im not selling until the Treat contract is revealed as I believe its Toad on stealth release if its not im dumping it immediately

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we're never going below 4m marketcap ever again

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Only about 1 trilly now

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>pepe about to break its ATH
when will they get started on the flipping pepe part

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Lmfoa finally up on my investment dollar amount wise after 6 months. Hope we 200x or something crazy that would be a miracle in my life I'm surrounded by delusional fucking retards 24/7 with no escape in sight unless this moons.

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This piece of shit needs to 1000x at least

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we only need about 400x to "kill pepe"

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Might 10,000x like shib at the peak of this next run, could take a minute though.

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>holder count increasing
breakout imminent

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who fuck my toad?

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i got a 500b bag
i'm throwing $6k right away once the gigapump starts
>buy high instead of low
i mean, once it's confirmed we're killing Pepe, not when random pumps without reason

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>once it's confirmed we're killing Pepe
It’s been confirmed paizan. What are waiting for an engraved invitation from Shytoshi?

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Kek read this in his accent

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Zoom out.
kek baggies

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Well, honestly a lot of shit happen in the last week anon, for example, today BigMike reached 1 million MC, so there's that

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Which one are we??
Whats does this all mean?

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How has it been confirmed