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I keep seeing this nip coin everywhere. What are the make it/sui stacks for this coin? Am I too late?

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CHECKED and it's never too late to get into crypto, we are THE minority.

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I am thinking about buying 200k jasmy right now, I don't think it will go lower than 2 cents. Is this enough?

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I don't know, never looked into it and never will. I'm satisfied with my XMR.

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I fomo'd in and bought 200k, I hope it goes to 5 cents like everyone is hoping.

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Thank you, I placed buy orders laddering down starting at .0195

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It will go lower, but it won't dump should see .03 soon

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>.03 soon
I hope so

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my jasmys doing a lil smthn

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I would say 100,000 suicide-stack, 1M make-it stack.

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i'm dumb because i dumped $200 into this coin the other day for 20k but then sold a few days later for less than $100 profit. i just had to buy back in and only got 10k for the same price. not going to make the same mistake twice.

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100,000 is a measely 3k though?

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I heard about this coin on coindashy.com a year ago when some schitzophrenic was shilling it