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What are your friends and family and coworkers saying about crypto right now?

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>having normie friends
>having family
>going to work

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I work in software, and my colleagues still think it’s obscure internet gambling and that it’s very funny that I have fallen for it.

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They think crypto is some dark web scam

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Nothing except my uncle who is still holds my le epic DOGE coin (we did it Reddit)
Only one hyper autistic black coworker cares

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i told my brother to buy bitcoin back in dec 2022 when bitcoin was somewhere around $16k each, he keeps messaging me about bitcoin lately and how he regrets not buying, yesterday he told me he was waiting for ath before buying just to be sure...

what i want to say with all of that is that normies like my brother are retarded when it comes to investment but as soon as bitcoin surpasses ath they will all jump in, late, as usual.

i usually would feel bad for my brother but as he already makes tons of money (hes a doctor) i don't really care if he gets in or not, he made it already

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Nothing because I managed their port, so they just see port go up

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strange. i worked in software too and about 10 persons of the 40 person dev team bought.

in 2016 i worked in a different company and in a devops team and one guy said how someone accidently sent him 32 ETH ( random transaction to his exchange account.) ethereum was 10 bux at the time.

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i wasn't really paying attention and boughted in summer of 2017. luckely i also solded in january 2018 which was the end of the roon. and then i started buying back in from March ( way too soon) and bought a lot of shitcoins (was convinced bitcoin was the shitcoin lmao). mistakes were made. but all in all entering the market has been a positive for me. actually very positive. i didn't work the past 3 years and travelled europe

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I can tell normies are fomoing about crypto because my Facebook messenger “suggested” chats are full of normie acquaintances the algo noticed looking at my profile recently.

Happens every time there’s a significant run up.

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I haven’t heard anything from anyone. And they all know I’m in crypto.

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oh it happens every time does it well i guess you must be the genius here then huh oh wow you have such a high iq for noticing all this fomoing you must make all the money on the stock market too huh go get 'em tiger you little finance bro genius oh by the way my dog just took a big fat dump on your lawn dumbass

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But I ain’t gots no nuggets

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Last I checked with normies at software company. “Anon you’re still….youre still buying?” And “sorry anon I just don’t see any value in it. It’s a ponzi. Gold is used in computers so it has value, Bitcoin, ha, just doesn’t.”

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They're not saying jack shit. We are so EARLY bros

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>Normie friend DM'd me yesterday that his normie co-worker was staring at the BTC chart yesterday during the pump and dump
>Normie friend DMs me telling me he's contemplating investing now that it's near previous ATH
>Doesn't seem entirely convinced yet
It's like I thought. Normies will start "considering" investing near ATH (now) and then not pull the trigger until we're well past the previous ATH (75-80k+).

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lmao look at this cuck buying at all time high

i bet you will fomo in at every peak and never learn its actually the definition of insanity to repeat the same stupid mistakes again and again you'll never get rich like me because you are a normie and a loser

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Yeah pretty much. You sound humble

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You sound schizophrenic.

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Nothing, but I have a feeling that is going to change in the next week or two

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Why do people keep replying to bots

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Checked. They’re still eerily quiet about it. It’s really weird. I don’t even think most of them are aware that BTC is basically back at ATH

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My friend asked me how to withdraw his Bitcoin now that he is back to his initial investment.

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>he told me he was waiting for ath before buying just to be sure
That's so nice of him. Waiting until he's sure he'll become exit liquidity.

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Nothing, and some of them even know I have some though not how much.

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Nothing really, my sister kinda is into it and buys what I buy and holds it longer than me, I'd sometimes swing and rope and I'd ask her and she'd just tell me, she still has it considering everything is down lol. She's gonna be raking a lot more than me when everything goes back to green. Yeah I'm the retarded sibling.

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They don't even know bitcoin is at 64k

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>"he made it already"
>he thinks that spending 12 years in school so that he can work 60 hours a week (sometimes longer) for 40 years selling ((mainstream medicine)) and pills to people is making it so that maybe he can enjoy the money when he's 70 and his dick doesn't work anymore.
>Can't even be a free thinker because if you stray from medical guidelines even once or twice they'll take your license away and everything you worked for will be for nothing.

Your brother is an idiot. Most doctors do not have high IQ's. All they do is follow directions and become robots, basically. That's why you see so many doctors go full blown psycho and start murdering patients because the process of becoming and then being a doctor literally turns you into a psychopath lmao.

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>work in hospital for 10 years
>open private practice
>work ~10 hours a week making an easy 6 figures
it's really not difficult anon

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I've been crowing about my bag at work for days and induced several co-workers to jump in.

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>Oh boy, I can't wait to start enjoying life in my 40's.
Cope harder incel.

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People I know from college are signing up for telegram again.

And I went to Florida State.

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Literally everyone and their mother is buying bitcoin right now and I work in construction

This one guy is talking about how he has half a million worth of bitcoin right now

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They're noticing the movement probably because it was on the news. I tip off my friends and family to buy through the lows (like 20s this time) and I tell them when I sell in the peak.
>no one is buying except for one who was a previous buyer of her own accord
>the sentiment is a lot less skeptical, more of a simple ignorance
>none really understand it or the investment theory
>one already owned it and asked me if he should buy more at 40 in january
I think people underestimate how involved the average nigga is with financial markets in general. They are not autistically refreshing charts and getting move alerts. So while you may have noticed early price action they will not until someone tells them, which is going to be the media, and only when the story is so big it makes it to the headline, not just financial press.

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Doctors start practicing in their mid 20's anon.
So by your mid 30's you can start to enjoy life, yes.
Would you prefer being a regular wagie struggling to reach middle management working 40+ hours per week by that point?

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whenever I tell my parents about it they tell me to take profits

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They sleeping. Mind control microwaves have them programmed as per usual. It’s going to take even more obvious big news to break them out of the trance state.

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They're in the "did you see Bitcoin went up how much should I put in how much will I make?" phase now, can't wait for the inevitable "thank god I didn't put any in I bet you feel so stupid now" phase from the same people after the next crash. Happens every cycle without fail

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>Retired in my early 30's.
>Own my home, get 200k a year in passive income.
>Literally just travel the world and get tons of pussy. And I live someplace beautiful.
>Only 15% capital gains tax

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My dad said his LINK/BTC stack can almost buy him a new truck.

I hope he zooms out and uses some of his social security for truck payments instead of selling but he's a free man.

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>Doctors start practicing in their mid 20's
Doogie isn't real boomer

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cause this board is full of indian children

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my normie friends havent even mentioned anything about crypto or bitcoin yet

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nobody has been talking to me about crypto yet, but then again i dont have a job or friends and i havent left my house in 2 weeks

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same here lmao parents really are your worst enemy sometimes
>Captcha: SAAR

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Residencies start at 25-26, retard
So you live a similar lifestyle a few years earlier?

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>"So you live a similar lifestyle a few years earlier?"
Dilate harder, bitch.

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Why are you getting so buttbothered anon
did a doctor touch you in your no-no zone?

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rookie numbers

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ah yes

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all my normie friends are talking about kleros. literally every stacy and chad i know is asking how to purchase this silly court token

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>don't buy BTC
>instead buy my shitcoin
Shut the fuck up, ranjeesh, or I'll call your manager.

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You are right about how much of a sacrifice is necessary to become a good doctor, he deserves to earn big, right now hes a surgeon on three hospitals and pretty much work all the time with the occasional vacation or two a year

But he is happy so i'm happy for him and glad he realized his goals and dreams in his life.

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Anon. Most Doctors study medicine because they actually like doing it. You do what you love and get paid in top of that. The ones that do it for status/money are miserable because it's literally not worth it. You would be better off doing anything BUT medicine.
>Medfag with 1.5 M in Link

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This seems very untrue considering the number of status sensitive miserable browns that go into the medical field.

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Well idk..I'm from Uruguay. Here college is free and Medicine is one of the Hardest careers other than hard science ones like engineering so the people that choose Medicine over all the other ones do it because they really like it.

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this is true. Medicine is in a 100 year long bubble. Medical Doctors are the biggest NPCs, they are unironically bigger midwits than your average gender studies Stacy. The fair status of a practicing physician lies somewhere between a farmer and a mechanic

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My coworker brought it up a few months ago. He bought near the bottom in 2022.

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only a few friends start to send me messages now asking me how to register on a CEX or how to do it and what to buy. Way less than when the bullrun started in 2021 so far but I guess more will ask me soon
as other said, I guess I will receive more messages when we get closer or pass the ATH

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i like imagining this board isnt 100% bots except myself