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This board presents a distorted view of financial reality. I'm not saying that like a Redditor, in fact, what I'm saying is that you are probably way better off than you think. If you "make it" (retire) before 40, you are in the top 1% of Americans. If you retire before 55, you are in the top 11% of Americans. Most Americans will live entire lives of wageslavery and wagecuckery. If you learn from this board, or even just invest everything in the boomer S&P, you will likely be more free than 90% of Americans with little effort.

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having higher standarts is a good thing

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>This board presents a distorted view of financial reality
And that's a good thing

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never said it was bad

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>x is literally nothing
thread I see, I post white pills.
Like when I finally got a job. $500 is a lot of money. That bought me a lot of shit I had been putting off. New comfortable shoes, 2 pairs of jeans that fit, some Duluth shirts on sale for work, vitamins, new pillows so I sleep better.
Everything after that had gone into crypto (not meme shitcoins).

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You don’t make it until you can piss in the backs of your cousins, aunts, and uncles.

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i know a jew who has 10mm and still waging at 75. Always was wagie but invested.