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I tethered a few hours ago
everyone was acting like the it was going to pump forever
I couldn't take it anymore
what did you do?

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got my short liquidated

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you kind of deserve it

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I bought a stack of LINK for the first time because everyone on this board seems to be shitting on it

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lol bro you bought link you are the kind of retard who takes financial advice from anonymous strangers on the internet have fun holding those bags for life good luck ever getting that money back to recoup your losses you dumbass

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you're being paid to wait anon, just wait be patient, things will come, meanwhile i just look around on truflation

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>I bought a stack of LINK
biggest mistake of the day

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You will never financially recover from this

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my condolences, fren

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HODLing to 100k and buying dips.

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I tethered at 38k bitch what now

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I just stay in the market. I learned that trying to get cute doesn't end well. Just buy on red days and hold.

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i did it bros i finally sold at the top and then bought back in
then i proceeded to dump the 14% profits into all my alts (AGRS,ETH and MATIC) just like the whaleanon told me to do
it only took 3 days of no sleep, nofap and dietmaxxing, im fine i think, fresher than lettuce

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Stay sidelined posting shemale porn webms to /gif/ and shitting on RLC fags plaguing this board at the moment. Oh also I'm chatting with beoble frens. Everyone is sidelined too and waiting for their shitty AI alts to pump properly.

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When people say, "do the opposite of what biz says", there's some caveats to it, you know? It's not all black-white.

You fucked up. You really did. It's not me saying that just to say it, you'll find out soon enough. Good luck.

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lmaoing @ your life

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Don't listen to these chuckleheads bro they all look like pic rel hold that shit for 60 years and you'll get the last laugh when you can finally retire with a gazillion linkiedollariroos long after the dollar has fallen

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>Shemale porn webms on /gif/
I think you deserve to be sidelined and stay in the rat maze den along with the other disgusting, filthy rats. Just my opinion tho

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what ai alts are there besides inj really just what the fuck did they buy?

that place stupider than this board? because if so holy fuck that's an achievement

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I support that

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No one ever could

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kek that's what 80% of biz do.

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that was retarded
>and hold.
that's silly

they're going to dump on you

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they're going to dump on you

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>I tethered a few hours ago
At least tell me you did on DEXTOOLS and not in another exchange site
Cuz if that's the case you just lost a LOT of money in your desperation anon