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>BTC pump for weeks
>Altcoins don't move
>BTC dump
>They nuke

Tale of old times

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RLC is pump and dumping like a crazy person

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As BTC stabilizes, altcoins will begin to rise. Or at least that's what they say on beoble and discord. not everything can go up at the same time.

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BTC has been increasing for several weeks, I don't know what you mean.

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>using discord as a reliable source KEK

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Whales just sold millions of BTC to ETF boomers to dump into ETH and alts

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This used to be the norm, but obviously not any more. Btc is swallowing the whole space. Fucking newfags don’t even have the capacity to perform a decent analysis

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You’re not very smart. You do know that, right? Clueless newfags can’t even figure out that alts are getting dumped left and right by traders trying to catch the btc wave

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This time it's different, It's a bitcoin supercycle, Boomers won't buy alts