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But it keeps going up

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RLC is a good scam to buy

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you had 15 years

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>always thought I would lose everything taking on too much risk
>instead I will never make it because I played it too safe

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op is a degenerate rlc is a shitcoin if you buy it you are going to get scammed

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I have 1 whole coin, it isn't going to be enough, even if it reaches 250k it's literally nothing.

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You had a decade and a half. What more do you want?

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Staying in fiat has always been a bigger risk than gambling

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Use every credit card with 0 percent apr into rate buy on coinbase or be left behind take out every loan possible or be left behind this is financial advize

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Fucking asshole! Some of us are zoomers! God I fucking hate you boomers. First you price us out of housing and then you price us out of bitcoin. cannot wait until we redistribute your wealth to the working class

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>Thought I had 0.6 BTC or around that
>check wallet (first time in years)
>only had 0.3
>forgot I sold half of it 4 years ago


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I waited for a dip
now I am too scared to buy

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You just got your dip.

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Satoshisync comes out before the halve. Become a sync wholecoiner. Projects adhering to btc and augmenting it will pump like fucking crazy this bool room.

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And I wanted to be a cute Japanese girl getting all holes filled at the same time, but we can't have everything now can we?

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Picked up a cigarette after reading this post. I think I'm legitimately depressed.

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This is the fundamental unfairness of BTC, and why it will fail in the long run. Nobody wants to turn a bunch of neckbeards that bought early into literal billionaires. But that doesn't prevent us from going to $250k this cycle.

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i still want to believe halve will mean a window of opportunity to buy before the 100k golden era kicks off

although btc seems like its going to break its old ath like, today, so i dont know anymore

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>Augments bitcoin
Leeches off of it you mean? :)

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>waa i got some free k's left i never solded waaa im so sad
fucking faggot doomer bitch. yes im jelly.

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Shut the fuck up bot

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ERC-20 and eth as a whole exists to power defi because btc simply can't, it's too expensive and too slow.

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It's fucking over bros. I didn't buy cuz I bought the 35000 narrative right after it hit 43000 something. I don't know if buying now is suicidal or not. I don't know anymore.

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nvm bro i can be a wholecoiner now. back to bearposting lol

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Kek, based degen

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How is it possible to not have at least one full coin by now? Did you just turned 18?

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It's enough in 5-7 years. It will reach $1M 100%.