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have they noticed the bull run? are they counting down to the halving?

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There is no bullrun

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My brother bought FBTC. He hasn’t been in crypto since 2017 when I got him to lose money on some ICO shitcoins

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Saw a comment on normie MSM that said this week his sold his small amount of BTC he bought at the 2021 top and almost got back his initial investment, and that he believes BTC is a speculative scam

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He will be back at 120k kek

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Haven't heard any of my normie friends/relatives talk about crypto recently, but even if they do they only want to talk about XRP.

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That's a bull run. I can hear it screaming.
> There is no bull run.
[bull run screaming]
Please. Please! Acknowledge the bull run.
> Johnny, there is no bull run.
[bull run screaming in the distance]

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Dads been following the latest rise. I still have to check in with my cousin who's in finance. He thinks BTC is a huge scam akin to Tulip Mania. Around the last top he started to pay attention it more, wondering if it wasn't actually a scam, and was legit, and you could tell he was looking at possibly getting in. Then the crash happened and it just reinforced hi tulip mania idea. When it looks like he's taking another serious look at getting in a position, that'll be the signal for me personally to bail.

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I told my cousin to buy bitcoin in Jan of 23 and he never did. Now I'm waiting for him to ask me about buying crypto which will be my signal to start selling.

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LMAO its a fake out

A soft landing NEVER EVER happened before.

We are still gonna get a recession

But it is always the most unlikely scenario

NOBODY expected us to hit ATH before dumping back below $10k, so this is why that is gonna happen

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Nor is here what’s the halvening

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normies havent started talking about plebbit yet.
so the bull run is still happening.
when normies start talking about plebbit, plebbit will be at 1b market cap and the bull run will cease.
screencap this.
gif related.

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I expect it to reach 150k and then drop to 10k, anon! Complete boomer death.

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Radio silence, we're still early