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I don't care about coins, tokens, stocks or whatever.
I just want sex. Sexy sex with sexy women.

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Good. Now go and get the money. Here first you get the money, then you get the power and then you finally get the women.

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based SEX haver

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Heterosexual intercourse has an ever dwindling supply and ever increasing demand, as the top sexual whales will hog all the best sex for themselves, with the explicit goal of preventing less sex-affluent players from achieving any satisfactory sex at all. The market can only correct itself periodically with war&rape.
Homosexual intercourse, on the other hand, has unlimited supply and no barrier to entry.
No amount of wealth will allow you to out-sex the top sex-havers when it comes to w*men. But a little change to your mindset will open up a literally endless amount of sexual gratification with your fellow men.