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Team is actively engaging with community and they are building utilities with rev share to NFT holders and buy backs and burns. DYOR

Web: https://www.hakuryujin.vip

CA: CXrdC7JiLKvpa6CshEskorEDqkbZJjb3LJV3KUVVEiMs

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Wow that's totally not a PnD scam like YOD

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Yeah, looks like team is legit and community is looking good too

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Why spend money on your crappy NFTs when I can get a much better one for a fraction of its value on Eesee?

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because you help a poor jeet to feed his family KEK

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because not everyone is a fucking gambling addict, go play genshim impact or something

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You poor, poor soul.

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If you want to get portion of revenue generated you have to buy NFT if you want to make money token price change then you don't need NFT