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Are we back GRTrannies?


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Yes no

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NOIA busts through the room doing with the GRT does but better
Along with also revolutionizing internet communication
they had to dumb their shit down and build a product to compete with a crypto data provider to make the market care about what they are doing,
still most people who are buying for data don't realize what DARP is.

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>Yaniv Traniv

it's over

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Teagen show her titties yet? No? Not interested.

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>(((yaniv tal)))

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Look at supply. The Graph will never be back.
Could we hit ATH this run? Maybe if we make it to the top 20 and the entire Crypto market cap does a 3x or more.
Sell and buy AI bullshit. Your money is better spent anywhere else.

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>*looks at the chart*

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Why would I sell and rebuy GRT?

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The Graph is trustworthy AI.
The Graph is freedom from big tech.
The Graph is decentralized truth.

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This. I'm not buying until I see those big fucking GRTitties

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Mosquito net ya puppy! No dogheart. Jah guide.

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She dmed me on twitter lmao true story
she surprisingly will just talk to people

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same here. and i wrote some stupid shit that thought for sure will not care.

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>does everything GRT does but better and more

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What did you write to the queen of /biz?

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When kns team deliver as promised, this thing will go crazy and millionaires will be minted.

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For reals?

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>sell AI bullshit before it takes off
yeah no thanks

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yes we're are fucking back the bulls are way hold your bags and keep an eye on gems like btcb and Eagleswings that can reward you for holding.

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Well afaik and did my research I'm pretty convinced but I'd suggest you to DYOR.

Haven't been early enough last cycle in thegraph, but not going to fade this one. When I think that thegraph was at it's peak at +20b mcap.

No more words needed

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I’ll check this out. Could be a gem, at first glance. Ty anon

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