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Why are people buying this shit?
>only 1% of the supply is in circulation
>they will start releasing 3.5 million tokens per day in july, causing massive inflation
>no government outside the US will ever allow this to be a thing since it breaks all laws of data privacy
>token literally not needed

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It's supposed to be used as a medium of exchange there is little investment potential they did that on purpose.

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To support gibs for turd worlders. Certainly not to make a profit.

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Sam Altman hype (AI hype) only narrative matters you still haven’t realized this? Retarded nigger

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> muh token not needed
When will you anons understand that all theses useless tokens are basically traditional stocks, but on a blockchain? People couldn't give less of a shit about what worldcoin is, they buy it because OpenAI is doing good.

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its like virtual stocks in a computer game

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What if OpenAI goes public? What is the use of WLD then?

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the coin is a distraction, it's about integrating biometric data with wallet and digital ID infrastructure
whitney webb talks about it in her newer interviews

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because they prefer to buy something new in the hope of making some x10 even if it is gambling. Real traders analyze the market with tools like Truflation so that our profits are constant.

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its utility is to go up in tandem with its stock

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desu anon, i prefer to gamble that buying that shitcoin, op its just retard asking that kind of question here

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>real traders

What are you talking about anon, all the market is controlled by an ai, it doesn't matter if yu analyze everything, they will win, no matter what

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just buy satoshisync new native token, they go reward for stakers, is a dumb faggot move not to go in early.

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when did they release and why nobody is talking about it?

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official tweet

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Just checked and I have like $500 worth of this shit. It wants me to scan my eye to claim it though. Is it worth it? How long would it take me to vest the tokens? I just wanna sell asap

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It has ties to openai and nvidia which is valued into the trillions, and it is only a 1 billion dollar marketcap. Easily 100x when retail enters the market looking at ai crypto.

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Wouldn't change much, I didn't even know it wasn't public
Yes, so like normal stocks, but with a more robust and transparent verification system