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$15 waiting room

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That’s optimistic, lardass. Your coin is worth $0 and will never be $20 again.

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> LINK ATH MC $21B, PRICE: $55
> LINK now MC: $11B, PRICE: $18

this is why all shitcoins trend towards zero, might take a bit longer.

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>this is why
>doesn't explain why

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you should definitely buy this coin i saw on discord it has zero utility and no use and was created just to take your money i don't understand why people aren't buying it it must be a good buy for sure i have a huge cock for sure you can ask your mom for validation

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$21B/($55/LINK) = 380 million LINK
$11B/($18/LINK) = 610 million LINK

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>still doesn't explain anything

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610M/380M = 161%

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>still doesn't explain anything oh you want me to explain well here's the explanation you're a complete and total dumbass who doesn't know his ass from his elbow do some research retard also your mom likes my huge cock

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omg did you literally think that chainlink total supply was 380m lmao holy shit have you not been paying any attention at all they literally told us 1B supply in 2017 lmao how oblivious are you

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you might be the dumbest poster on /biz/ right now
>inb4 bait
still, a shitty bait

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Oracle tech is deprecated, inscription tech is the next hot thing. Sorry chud I don't make the rules, satoshisync will surpass link in a few months. After it releases that is.