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Just 7x my portfolio on nvidia calls. Now I have 3.2 million and am retiring from wagecuckery. Fuck you guys, flipped off my boss at work, haha fuck them

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lol go back to plebbit im fucking done with work

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he called?
are there niggers buying puts?
How could u withdraw?

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Hell ya bro!

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You never even had a job. You are an obese neckbeard living with mommy. You just LARP on 4chins to try and look cool but everyone knows you are just a fat bum.

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Boring larp
Post wins

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Did you actually close your position or are you waiting for them to expire? If you're waiting for them to expire then prepare your anus

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keep coping lmao

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If it's true congrats.
However there's a high chance you're full of shit.
Last time people had real money here was in 2021 and everyone was screencaping folios with >1M. It was the obvious top.
Right now while most traders I know are making bank, biz is full of poor baggies, retards and mcfries wagies cagies.

Enjoy the rope

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Take a screenshot then, fatlarper(you wont).

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yes they're closed, I wouldn't be bragging if I knew I could get fucked

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lol only 3.2m, I made 8 figs off nvidia

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well done. there are plenty of anons desperate for attention that lie about their non-existing achievements, but unlike those embarrassing losers you actually did it. imagine having zero dignity like them, what a sad existence. but you don't have to, you made it. unlike them you can be proud of yourself, great job

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How? Calls?

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I didnt take that into consideration, thanks.Verification not required.

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I hate this place for never knowing if people are telling the truth
I don't know what's the thrill of larping on the internet to some random strangers t.bh

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lurk moar

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this sounds like another crypto shitter trying to get our attention, to them, get us to go into hes website to buy some shitty nfts like eesee

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can you send me some money bro? I'm 15k in debt and super fucked. I dont want to work at wendys bro

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Its ogrum

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calls didn't even go 7x retard because of the high premiums.

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But will you get ssnc tho

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Fuck yes nigga

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congrats now secure your capital and take small risks