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Why are chuds so scared of debt

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It's based if you go all in on bitcorn and just don't pay it back
It's cringe if its for a car or some shit

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Neither a borrower nor a lender bee.

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It is a form of slavery/dependence. The "chud" is higher on the spectrum for one or many of paranoia/skepticism/individuality/defensiveness and this makes them naturally wary of someone offering to give them something in exchange for future time/service.

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Debt is for slaves

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>Hey that's a nice car you have. Do you need it I wouldn't mind buying it from you


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Yes but jews take debt and never pay it back and it's the best course of action to accumulate as much capital as possible and that means taking big loans from big jews and not paying them back and they don't care because they printed the economy into such a situation that they are loosing not just your loan but every loan and it was their fault for allowing so much money to be printed because they thought bigger numbers bigger loans bigger mcmansions = better
So it's not 1750 where debt is slavery and more justified as people who take big loans can live and die in peace while you suffer, and you blame paying muh taxes to bail them out when your taxes only pay the fake interest on bailing out your own government thus you are just paying money right back to the people who decided it was OK to continue the fed shooting bills out at enormous consumerist losses into the economy which end up pocketed in a boomer mcmansion collection on a screen bank account rather than shooting bills at infrastructure and culture

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This is why the Jews win. They aren’t scared of debt like >>57690181
these chuds

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because they're bad at managing money, and they would rather simp on OF and smoke the herbal jew

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Here is the thing though: it's a ticking time bomb. They do get away with it, during the good times, but every once in a while society reaches a crisis point and people get strung up from trees and expelled from a country.

Chuds I think understand what people are capable of at their very basest. They operate from this feeling that, at any moment, we could hit those seriously hard times, where non chuds drift along like the good times and the good time paradigm (high trust/low violence) will just continue forever.

Generally speaking I don't encourage living like doomsday is just around the corner your whole life, sounds like a waste of a life, but I understand that nature and sense, it's guarded. It's a relic of harder times that seems silly right now but might come in handy again someday.

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>They do get away with it, during the good times, but every once in a while society reaches a crisis point and people get strung up from trees and expelled from a country.
The USA isn't the rest of the world. We control all their finances, all congress has had to do in the past 40 years is snap their fingers enough once but they never do because the incumbents of it are all brainwashed millenial boomer trippers who are the ones who will get targeted to be strung up over their 700k debt manuevering whereas you as the regular white goyim shouldn't give a shit how much free money you get because the threshold is so high only if you live like an outrageous faggot will it bother you.

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Typing this out made me realize that Jews, in a way, really are perversely high trust. Even for all of their neuroticism and willing manipulation, they have a positively delusional, utopic view of the future, that proves to be their undoing over and over again. They flock to banking and mercantile systems and lend to people who keep fucking them over inevitably, and craft economic paradigms like socialism/communism that inevitably fuck them up once they come to fruition. All in this persistent belief in an unrealistic amount of trust and magical post scarcity prosperity in society. They don't have a single chuddy, wary bone in their body. They really do believe flooding in all of these browns, and racking up all this debt is going to magically result in utopia inevitably out there.

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They don’t care about that. They just want to build the 3rd temple and found the new Jerusalem. Which is happening btw. They bomb Gaza and the west will watch

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If you're expecting doomsday wouldn't it be better to take on debt, because it will just be erased anyway? Imagine if you paid cash for a house in Ukraine three years ago.

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This is kind of my own conclusion. I have the chuddy gene and started from an investing basis of defensiveness but seeing how the clown economy operates have come to the realization that there is basically no danger in participating and beating the system.

Good example: I and my friends had lots in student loans graduating. Some of them aggressively put everything they had towards paying it down out of paranoia I assume, I realized it's a non-collateralized, low interest, meme debt that I can literally just not pay with minimal consequences, and that the state might just forgive it or delay it anyway. I instead put everything I had towards RE investing and stocks since capital accumulation is so key early in life. Lo and behold student debt was frozen for years, and borderline canceled, I had built up a six figure portfolio in the time that my friend had finally paid his debt off.

This system is ironically set up to fuck over the preppers and doomsayers. Cash isn't worth anything. Pragmatic, effective leverage is the way to go, just make sure there's an out. If this all collapses your slate is basically wiped clean anyway.

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>Even for all of their neuroticism and willing manipulation, they have a positively delusional, utopic view of the future, that proves to be their undoing over and over again. They flock to banking and mercantile systems and lend to people who keep fucking them over inevitably, and craft economic paradigms like socialism/communism that inevitably fuck them up once they come to fruition
That’s because most of the human population are non-sapient animals who gladly go along with the “noble lie” as long as it delivers its expected benefits to them. They don’t care for anything outside their daily lives.
>All in this persistent belief in an unrealistic amount of trust and magical post scarcity prosperity in society.
Because ever since the major industrial and agricultural revolutions, we have a post scarcity society really. No one with basic intelligence to use social services starves to death, and we have a huge food waste problem. It isn’t the 18th century where famines are common due to crop failures, all economic woes are caused by resources congregating to certain areas and away from others because of the way the economic delusion works
The Jews built a system that was deluded so hard it became real.

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Maybe because they think about debt in a traditional way, as if we still lived in a solvency-oriented society. But around the World Wars, we shifted to a growth-oriented society. Here's how Benjamin Ross Hoffman explains it:
>In a solvency-oriented society, enterprises grow by earning cash profits, which - in competitive conditions - are a good proxy for superior objective resource management and information processing capacity. Good stewards increase the total productive capacity under their care, and thus become more influential over time.
>A growth oriented society does not expect debts to be paid off completely.... Instead, people - and more importantly in the long run, legally immortal corporations - are expected to roll over their debts indefinitely. As debt increases over time, more resources are allocated on the basis not of cash profits, but of access to capital, i.e. ability to borrow (or issue stock) at low effective rates of interest.
>Therefore, the Iron Law of Wages favors whatever behavior causes someone to have discretion over more resource flows, whether or not they are making a nominal profit or increasing the productive capacity of the real resources they are responsible for.

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Their fatal assumption is that this standard can be maintained by anyone. White Europeans and East Asians appear to be the only two groups truly capable of maintaining everything necessary in a post-scarcity, high trust society. Things we take for granted: reliable electricity, plumbing, roadways, are actually feats in worse places. What happens when communities crumble? Things we took for granted regress. Houses don't get built, roads crumble, rolling blackouts happen, sewers fill and people are forced back into outhouses and latrines. We can totally regress back to scarcity. Half of the world is still living in scarcity. That would take a long time imo but the machinations are in place.

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We've seen it happen in real time. Rhodesia goes from a brimming breadbasket agricultural economy to a starving dump in a matter of decades after a new regime and the expulsion of its standard-bearers. Scarcity is always lurking around the corner.

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I ran up $40k in credit card debt and filed Chapter 7. Fuck em. I have a 2023 vehicle and 5 acres that I walked away with. Credit score dropped to 410 but is up to 580 not even 1 month later.

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>ran up 40k in credit card debt
How is this even possible? Are you a woman?

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based debtmaxxer
remember to build up your credit and do it all over again in two years

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How the fuck do you even get access to 40k in credit

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Debt is just how the economy functions. If you aren’t binging on debt to buy higher yielding assets you’re doing modern capitalism wrong.

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>bought a watch
>started a business
>vehicle down payment in credit
>32oz porterhouse steaks every time I eat out (I eat out often)
>beach trips
I was actually pretty responsible with my credit for years. It turns out if you have a 700ish credit score lots of credit unions will give you high limit cards

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does anyone itt know anything about getting a business loan/credit card instead of a personal one, even if you don’t have a real business or anything.

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>What happens when communities crumble?
The State fucks off and Economy keeps truckin'

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Years ago the debt was bearable, now with the suffocating inflation of 2.6% (according to Truflation) the interests of regular credit continue to increase for the banks to avoid losing capital

Credit is good but it's not what it used to be

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Businesses sell debt to creditors. This is also what consumers do with debt, but they have some picture of it in their mind other than finding someone to buy the debt that they're selling.
>hey fuckhead
>if you're buying debt, I've got some sell you
>you want to just go ahead and cut me that check now?

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There are some benefits to it though, just look at anyone that moves to Africa from the USA and generally the sentiment is
>Cheaper. The concept of "Africa Time" means I can take as many vacations as I want, no one does any work on Friday, nothing is expected of me, and since even bringing just a meager amount of USD over means that you can coast on 0 money
>Nothing is expected to work. Electricity is unreliable, communication is unreliable, water is unreliable, there's no point in scheduling things because everything is always late or people don't show up at all, corruption is rampant and expected.
But some people actually PREFER that kind of lifestyle. Just do the bare minimum, nothing actually matters, and just fuck off.
The scary part is that this same sentiment is also infecting the west piece by piece too. Just look at all the NEETs and Commies doing the same shit.

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For instance, one often says sells debt via a loan agreement. The loan agreement usually doesn't say that you have to pay the money back. Rather, it says when payments are due and lists the agreed upon terms for the case when payments are made as scheduled, AND when they are not. The person buying your debt almost always puts the conditions that they agree to for non-repayment into the debt purchase agreement, which is poorly described as a loan agreement most of the time. The bank agrees to the terms of non-repayment before they give you the money, almost always.

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because they cannot generate higher return with borrowed money.

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This is much different than when your friend loans you money but first he says, "Are you going to pay me back?," and you say, "Yes." When it's some jew's company buying debt from random strangers, they agree to the terms repayment and non-repayment, and then they leave it up to you to decide which.

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They want you to think the jew is like your friend though, and that is how most people think about it.

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Based Pepelonius.

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Niggers don't know how to debtmaxx, they literally take their CCs to the extreme limit and definitely know jackshit about how to build a good credit score, it's unreal lmao, but what do I know, I just wanna make

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i honestly feel sorry for all you debtcels i've been debtmaxxing on cc's since i was 18 and haven't been a wagecuck since just get a job and pay it off each month guys i really just dont understand why so many of you are scared of debt we are in different leagues my dudes we really are you could not understand the ways of $anon stay poor anons

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i maxxed out my credit cards and took out a max overdraft from my bank account to leverage into MARA earlier in the week when the markets were down if they miss or have shit earnings next week im going to rope

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Bros what can I do with $201k access to credit?

(Note: I pay off balance each month)