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It hasn't even begun

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This time is different because huh... huh... AI or something idk

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i reckon the rates will crab and finally go to 0 after the bullmarket
do not fumble the golden bull

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low iq gaybears like you always cite this chart but you fail to understand that every single time the fed was reacting to shit hitting the fan when they cut rates. i know you're neck deep in Big Short blu-ray discs but last year's regional banking failures SHOULD have been the reason to pivot. the treasury, fed, and blackrock got really good at cleaning shit up over a weekend now instead of being too slow to react like every time before.
>TL;DR stocks go up forever because they're designed that way & the rescue packages hit before people panic sell. get fucked gaybear

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first something has to happen
then jpow will cut rates
not the other way around

regional bank werent enough
ok i get it
but something bigger has to fail when rates stay high for long enough

thats literally how the machine is supposed tow work as I understand it

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Im in total agreement with you
Btfp ends March 11, rates are still high, which means those tbonds still wont sell at par if depositors leave
could that be the thing?

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yeah sure bro keep pretending that the fed can't just make the financial system work however they want the next major issue could be the energy markets or china deciding to invade taiwan don't be too much of a fcking idiot to miss this final bull cycle it would be pretty funny though to see the normies miss out on the last ride the only thing thats certain in this life is death and taxes so i will make sure to use those two certainties to my advantage and dump on the normie baggots in 2024

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poor baby STILL hasn't bought LMFAO. Imagine missing 15k

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lmfao this guy is a literal normie retard you think that inflation is going to be the trigger for the fed to pivot and save your overleveraged ass have fun never making back your loss when the market tanks because the economy is in shambles you know what is the fed pivot is actually going to trigger a major stock market crash that will then turn into a liquidity crisis once we run out of a credit supply and the whole system is exposed thats when we will have hyperinflation

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my nigga Arthur Hayes thinks so too

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>looks at price
>btc at 51k
>normie retard didn't buy at 15k
>it keeps going up despite "muh fed"
LMAO you fucking idiot. You missed the bottom

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>I missed the bottom, b-but I'm not a normie!!!! The people who bought the bottom and are making gains are the normies!!!
The absolute state of normies

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BTCFi shitcoins are going to slap so fucking hard bros I'm extremely excited. Satoshisync I believe in you...

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Shut up you fucking bot

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so what? another 50k up left to go. still mad early.

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Wrong chart

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But anon, ethereum will be 4k soon.

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btcmaxxies and wholecoiners despise defi and alts so what makes you think they'll suddenly be interested in stuff like that just because it's made by writing shit inside bitcoin tokens???

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I don't care.

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so this time isn't different then.

feels good baby spyro and other faggot projects like that made by literal pajeets are all dying now, its retard mouth breather buyers wont be able to buy nice cheap bitcoin anymore. get sidelined you fucking faggots i hate you.

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My copium is that it'll be ok for them if its done with btc since they are purists.

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Projects like that can't rise up during a bear market. During 2022-2023 only shitcoins here with "active" threads were link and avax and little else.

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btcfi? satoshisync? yesus when you guys are going to stop?

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First it was the "inverted yield curve" that "guarantees recession", now it's this.

You missed out and now you're coping.

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unironically, redditor. You missed the bottom and your normie brain is why you'll never make money. You were too much of a pussy to buy at 15k

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ummm yea, sorry sweaty, but based on the bulls emotionally invested in their bags here, im thinking no recession