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and all “use cases” are horseshit. We’re all holding worthless junk. ALL of it.

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Bitcoin is an asset with a fixed supply and it's more flexible and convenient than gold, that's the use case
the rest of "crypto" is a scam yeah

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Retarded Maxi
Monero is in many ways less a scam then Bitcoin. And wow lots of coijns have fixed supply
So further stablecoins, lending and dex are usescases aswell

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Where did all these food head pepe come from?

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the guy who invented the pop tart died a couple weeks ago

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I saw that. F for a real one.

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Only fruit Pepes are the real ones

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You just made this thread and are actively posting in it

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Come on, onions are great.

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They are cheesy

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Not really a fan of, exept a few in meat meals for example for a souce making

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this is getting out of hand

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Spoken like someone who knows fuck about shit about financial market structure. Please point to me on the map the location radical Muslims can hack or fly a plane into that will crash the Bitcoin network?

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Rather plebian, anon.

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sir, this is now a food on head pepe thread
please respect that

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Raw onions are toxic
The real reason im a pleb is because i dont have more fruit pepes

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>Raw onions are toxic
Maybe to basedboys like you.

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Its a very weak kind of toxin, way less then garlic for example
You have the citrus pepe saved?

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It started on /qa/ with fruitjaks. Someone decided to put a pineapple or something on a pepe and the rest is history

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I only gots grapefruit.
>YT talking head fag
>Yes I will attack your sources because the fuck you gon do this ain't the Greek Forum.

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So is the SPY, so is the society, everything is worthless. True wealth is having a farm, family, community and grow old with 10 children.
Stocks are basically thin air and a way for the wealthy to keep their wealth and purchase power while middle class get destroyed by long term inflation.
Everything is fake. However as long as you want to play the society game you need to long SPY and long BTC (which is a leveraged SPY/Nasdaq btw).

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Too bad and this Pepe doesnt get posted anymore.
>attack my sources
I was just giving reason, i dont mind if you continue to eat these lightly toxic food and suffer long term consequences

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They're delicious and a great source of fiber.

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I basically agree with everything until the last thing
>BTC (which is a leveraged SPY/Nasdaq
SBF did that and it was a 2022 narrative
The correlation is averaging 0 now, its was NEGATIVE for a while

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you want to know why the pepe you are sharing isn't used anymore i'll tell you because its toxic its infected with a fungal spore and when you digest it it causes damage to your intestines thus leading you to have no friends have a small pp and become a virgin i just saved you from social ridicule your welcome

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Thanks here we go but you are retarded if you think fiber is good for us
Or just very brainwashed from mainstream media.
Fiber binbds nutrients and is terrible for your digestion
Try to minimize fiber for a few weeks and you see

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Yeah you seem like a retard; I won't be listening to your nutritional advice. Good day.

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It....was just posted

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You are ignorant or you would have at least watched it.
If something anti mainstream is posted anywhere i always at least take a look
Or TRY it...

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That's not even the worst part. Try cashing out and see what happens lmao

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So you really went
>no this guy says something which goes against what the government, school, the media and long nosed experts say
>brain stop processing hes wrong now ignore