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Big Frankie fan

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That's Frankie from BoxMac.

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funds are safu

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truth is... Binance is a high volume successful exchange

solana is...

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>TFW wholecoiner
>TFW bnb and ese enthusiast
>TFW never fell for solana, icp, link, or any other scam
I feel so fucking good bros

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who mentioned solana you mentally ill retards

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top 4 has been graciously accepted my niggaz

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Sol is coin which even being attacked and turned off for a day, somehow people not talk about it

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Where? it's a coin that went from 20 dollars to 103 in a year.

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>comparing bnb to eesee
Die in a fire bro on god bro

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He did

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80K EOY is programmed

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the fact doge is up there still is such a fucking horrid reminder of the absolute clown shit show of a world we live in.

we do live in a society.

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Based picks desu. Ese finna blow (in a good way)

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Show us the way bro

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What did we exactly won?

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It is known!

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And why do you think that is?

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My dogbat getting hard carried by BNB. Beastly
Money, retard

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Why ese?

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you're retarded the cia has you convinced that there is actually a real token called
when its just fiat in disguise the real token is $anon its decentralized and untraceable if you want to buy the fake fiat that is bnb then do so but you will remain poor $anon will be the next btc so i hope you like sucking dicks for cash because you won't even be able to afford your own mother with $bnb

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you think it will be stable or get another increase soon?

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Too many newfags in this board. I'll be nice. Buy and hold for a year. It's that easy

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I mean attacked its a pretty radical word for it. It was a scam, a scam with extra steps

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you want me to respond to some r*tarded normie who just found biz and thinks that bnb = fiat he prob buys doge thinking hes based not realizing that buying doge is just paying for elon's sex change you guys really can't even see the bigger picture why do all the normies come to biz when they find out where memes are born they should just stay back on twitter and tiktok we are tired of educating these normie retards its up to us to sell bags

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BNB had no way to fail, ESE also looking good

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Big Frankie knows

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this chad

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I honestly didn’t know we had this many bnb holders on biz lol.

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It's a top 4 crypto and you don't think many hold it as a part of their portfolio? The only ones that didn't were el capo dick munchers which to be fair is over 80% of biz now, sadly. Collective IQ on this board ever since the normies infested it is like 60. It's kind of depressing

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Chain of 1uck, if you know. Also Chang Peng is based.

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