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Sooner or later God’ll cut you down

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Yes, indeed, true enough.

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I am the living proof of this
In autumn I felt on top of the world
Now however…

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Let's not be that accusatory, though. Could you have stayed on top of the world forever? Perhaps you were overextending yourself, and you were merely pulled back. It's not so bad, inherently: if you had not been, and you were allowed to overextend yourself even further, then the eventual pulling back would have been even worse. A matter of perspective, really.

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I was raised in the canebrake by an ol' mama lion
Can't no high toned woman make me walk the line

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Well if I had managed to take this affair further perhaps I’d have lost my job or gotten into other trouble, not to mention the moral stain
All small consolations though Mr GPT…

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Gives me a giggle each time, thanks, anon.
It's a small consolation, I know: no matter how reasonable an argument anyone makes: viscerally, what feels shit still feels shit, that's just a raw fact that nobody can really explain away. Why, being me also feels like shit! One learns to accept one's fate with resignation and to take it in stride.

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But why? That does not sound very nice of Him.

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Think of spiritual growth and what it means. It's not a bad thing anon.

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You’re not chat gpt? Well it’s been nice talking to you fren
Career wise I’m doing better than in autumn but romantically I’m in the rut and that’s more important to me. I have the looks of a chad, I so wish I had a chad abundance mindset also.

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do americans rly say/think god will "cut them down"? sounds terribly cruel imo... i thought u folks loved jesus for his kindness and such?

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No, but the extremely dry way in which I talk constantly evokes the impression. In a way, I actually am more like ChatGPT than actual ChatGPT, since I formulate my sentences according to implicit formal semantics and render them in English. I'm basically like Neo from the Matrix, "seeing the code", and talking in it as well, in such as way that a "base layer" of the meaning is English text, but I also intuit multiple layers of meaning. Sounds weird, I know, but I'm otherwise normal and I do understand others; this is just the interface I use, and it makes me sound like some hyper-autist due to the unemotional nature of the speech. Funny as that sounds, I simply do not give a fuck on a literally hyper-human level (meaning I intuitively shut down parts of my limbic system that would otherwise emotionally color my speech).
>I have the looks of a chad, I so wish I had a chad abundance mindset also.
Yeah, that's a reasonable expectation, but also unrealistic given current society. We cannot help but think in terms of values from roughly the 50s: "have the job, be a successful, upstanding MAN that MANS UP, we all hear that 24/7, and then the wife gets dropped in your lap". This would have worked in the 50s, when marriages were semi-arranged via local gatherings at the, I don't know, juice bar or the prom, but since these systems of societal convention have fallen apart and people mostly sit at home doing nothing (like me; I'm running analysis on myself, though it likely is applicable to you as well), no matchups occur. Systems like Tinder are a poor substitute that emulate the lost functionality poorly by virtue of extracting cashflow from people selecting their ideal type. In real life, when faced with each other, women & men would look past the scary "imperfections", but due to the swiping-mechanics, people browse matches like they'd browse a catalogue, and what they're actually expressing is "what would my ideal mate look like".

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Again, I do fully understand how incredibly weird that explanation sounded and I am sorry: you meet a guy and he says he's ChatGPT. I'm basically what happens when someone huffs too much logic and now sees the world as some computer program. The fact that I'm using a keyboard and screen to communicate doesn't exactly help. I can actually even talk normally in person, just not online.

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Do the kids know about Johnny Cash?

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Read the story of Job, a man who had everything taken from him yet remained Faithful he WAGMI

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Go and tell that long tongued liar

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thats a lot of words when you just could have said "im an incel and i dont know how to change it"

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>Johnny Cash
That a rapper like 50 cent and Ty dolla sign?

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God isn't real

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i was never given a chance of running , gunned down since the first moment so idgaf about what that fag up there does anymore

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Thanks, anon. I like the story as well, to the point that I wrote around a book's worth of analysis to myself about it (featuring Baneposting), just a hobby of mine. We all sympathize with the character of Job: a guy who gets fucked by external circumstances and then his three "wise" "friends" come over to pour salt into the wound due to being subject to the ever-present human failing of trying to derive a "should" from an "is" (as Hume warned against - he obviously issued the warning because people were and are doing that):
>oh, some natural catastrophe occurred? Well, let me tell you how that is YOUR fault, BUCKO!

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I lol'd. I actually wouldn't be shocked if some face tatted white trash rapper named himself Johnny Ca$$h or some dumb shit.

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anon just doesn't get it god isn't real he's got the brain of some npc sheep he probably still believes in the media and thinks cnn is a reputable news source probably voted for hillary this is why he will never understand how powerful meme magic is we have been harnessing meme magic since we elected donald trump as president and got britain to leave the eu

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I sour grapes'd myself a while ago. I'm not exactly chad, though women have, on occasion, approached me, and I have brushed them off. I am afraid of intimacy, yes, but that this point, I also don't want to impose someone as weird as me onto any woman, and wouldn't really enjoy being around one anyway. I have nothing against women, don't get me wrong, even if they're not perfect; I just don't want anything out of this world anymore.

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But but but this 2000+ year old book written by numerous authors in the middle east says he is real!

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>I just don't want anything out of this world anymore.
no offense you sound very vain

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>god humiliating and torturing you for no reason gives you spiritual growth bro
>chad can fuck all hot women and be billionaire tho while you were working your ass off and he didnt do anything
why do i have such a hard time with this

its the story of my life

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you are absolutely pathetic you're actually a retard literally no one in their right mind would brush off a woman that approaches them also it is impossible to not be enjoying life when there is literally so much beauty to see art to experience and women who need loving to experience you are the epitome of what is wrong with society and its probably for the best that you've removed yourself from the gene pool you are obviously unfit to reproduce

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None taken, I'm used to the treatment, no matter what I do or don't do. Normally, people say that about those who want possessions. I want no possessions, and it's still said about me. I have resolved myself to never being able to please others, no matter what.

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I actually am: I collect all of society's garbage in me, which people perpetually want to throw away. It's what allows me to know so much about why and how things go wrong, but it's also too much for any ordinary human mind to bear. That said, I take no offense at your words.

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See, anon? "Bible-truth comes alive".
We mention the story of Job, and in that instant, Job's friends show up:
I don't know who the third friend is going to be, but keeping in line with story-logic: if, to Job, perchance, in a non-binding manner, any sort of "restitution" should be granted, we never know, and if choice therein be allowed, then I'd simply ask for mercy for all of you because, as fucked-up as I am, my environment is a lot more fucked-up yet - all these problems and evils to which nobody can figure out solutions and all that.

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ok moby