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What lifestyle choices will improve one's chances of getting rich?

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I recently subscribed to a trannys onlyfans

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Hail Satan! 666! This is the age of Satan!

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>age of satan
Satan doesn't exist, he was created long after the bible was written. The star/pentagram is traditionally the sign of Jesus Christ.

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Instead of sports betting get into option trading

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Wrong. The Age of Satan was ushered in by Elvis Presley's gyrating pelvis.

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He's literally tempted in the desert by satan you fucking retard

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how come the inverse pentagram has Hebrew characters on it

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It spells "LEVIATHAN" in hebrew letters

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going all in crypto during bear markets and waiting for the bull. Simple as

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post body, twink. Always the ugliest most pathetic looking people that become satanists.
>tfw you have virgin blood
>tfw you will be used as a sacrifice by your fat slob cultist members

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Leviathan is the world serpent. It is the ouroboros of existence. The goat's head represents a human's struggle to improve their lot in the cosmos. The five pointed star represents suffering.

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You don't understand the ways of Satan, my nigga

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5,000 IU's of Vitamin D supplement every day with your fattiest meal.

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Yeah, I've noticed that everyone who becomes a militant atheist, Satanist, or some other variant of anti-religious is usually just a loser who's desperately seeking validation. They're angry at society but never angry (or intelligent) enough to target the real issues, so they settle for the soft targets.

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The goat's head also represents virile sexuality

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Also Anton LaVey sucks you have to carve your own way to the satanic secrets. Organized satanism is an oxymoron and it is impossible to organize satanists

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That's big cringe from me

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>be religious
>only thing you have to say about another religion is that they're inherently ignorant losers desperate for attention
uh ok lol

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I could go on all day about the intricacies of Satanism as a satanist but it's really pointless because explanations fall on deaf ears unless the person is willing to initiate themselves through experience and contemplation

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I'm not religious though lmao you fucking retard, why are you making underhanded comments on a fucking anonymous imageboard? Respond directly

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>On the left
I thought the no working out treadmill imagery was a no chain link reference for a second there

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What I can say is that satanism is not a joke religion or some kind of parody. It's a very serious religion that is mostly practiced by individuals across the globe. It is quite rare for satanists to actually interact with one another but their motivations for the most part are aligned.

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calling everyone a fucking retard when you can't even capture your own hypocrisy is pretty cringe brother. Hope this direct attention serves to maybe drive the point home for you if you're still not getting it. Best of luck

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Hollywood satanism and the "satanism" practiced by various organized satanic groups are actually red herrings. They use the aesthetics and terminology of satanism but fail to actually penetrate to the root.

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You're continuing with a line of argumentation that I've just shot down by telling you I'm not religious. That along with your smarmy tone betrays who you are, smug, pseudo-intellectual, all around fucking retard and loser. I bet your skeletal wrists were shaking and fragile heart was pumping as you built up the courage to respond to me, LOL!

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Just FYI I would pin you down and rape you IRL

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shut the fuck up dyel faggot

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how are 2000 year old desert fairy tales going to help me?

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Satan exists and he is a faggot. Just like you, kek

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meditations is somehow even cringer than the bible bashing. Literally baby's first philo book.

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following the bible will make you poor since poverty is good and wealth is evil according to jesus

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>Spend 0 dollars
>Make heaps of money

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#1. Letting go of any morality or dignity.

#2. Reading and adopting Machiavellianism.

#3. Adopting frugality.

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Only thing that matters on the right is food, exercise and going outside into a beautiful environment regularly. The bible and meditation are memes in the literal sense of being ideas which exist only to reproduce themselves.
Alcohol is socially essential (especially to the average autist on 4chan) so don't entirely cast it out. Don't ever drink alone, and don't ever go beyond buzzed.

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>The bible and meditation are memes in the literal sense of being ideas which exist only to reproduce themselves.
that isnt true, religion has been a useful tool for thousands of years to produce normies to wageslave

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>muh bible muh christ
fake & gay

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You don't need the bible to do that. Most of the shit the bible tells you to do are things most humans naturally do anyway. Oh I should cooperate with my tribe and have sex? Thank you for the great wisdom which could only have come from the one true god, kek.

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I personally find that a mix of changing your eating habits, having a good night of sleep at the same hour every day, working out (doesn't have to be the gym, as long as you go out and exercise), meditation (spiritual healing) and therapy (psychological healing) are the keys to having a healthy, good and rich lifestyle. I started applying these concepts into my life and even my investments got better, years ago i wouldn't even have dared to check ai projects and now im 8k into agrs and rlc and making more profit than ever. And above all else im happy, i feel good and i wake up everyday without feeling like i want to hop into bed again or just plainly die. And that's the biggest thing of all

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i put down meditations like half way through. it's simplistic and quite gay. if meditations yields some great epiphany, you might be retarded -- in which case keep reading it, i suppose, because you need all of the help you can get.

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i guess you must be one of the wageslaving normies

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Thats the Adversary, aka anything that tempts man from the righteous path, emotions etc. King James Bible was edited by the same man who ghostwrote Shakespeare aka Francis Bacon who was also a known occultist

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nooooooo not my hecking pornstarnerino with fake bazookas nooo

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Filtered another one.

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Physical and mental.
Mindset is literally everything.

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How on earth is that going to help?

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Literally what therapist will tell you TO drink, not exercise, watch porn, and eat at McDonald's?

Even being an internet racist myself, these retarded instagram accounts just regurgitate half the shit you hear about in therapy but in a garbled, emotional, inconsistently applied way

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the greatest lie ever told

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Satan was literally invented out of thin air as a foil for the also entirely invented christian god. The entire thing is circular with the only supporting evidence being there's a bunch of stories in a popular book. That's it. That's everything. Might as well worship Harry Potter and pretend saying Voldermort has real world mystical consequences. It's so fucking cringe. You have no idea how cringe it is. I get second hand embarrassment every time a brainwormed religious person opens their mouth and spouts their nonsense. Most annoying fan clubs ever.

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Meditations is a good read but it's funny to imagine Marcus Aurelius fucking his boy lover and heading home to his wife and writing about how awesome he is (he's right by the way).

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Those who call themselves jews and speak constructed hebrew have been worshiping Satan in various forms through torturous human sacrifice rituals for many thousands of years. Even the ancient Egyptians 9000 bc hated them

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>get red hot pissed beyond believe when deer and insects gangbang your crops

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The chad lifestyle

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1. Stay healthy
>daily exercise
>don't eat highly processed foods and avoid seed oils
>get direct sun exposure on your skin for at least 15 minutes per day

2. Maintain a good social circle
>your wealth and success will usually be the average of your 5 closest friends
>do not let negative people into your life
>do not hang around with indolent people who have no ambition
>be the reliable and competent guy people can count on

3. Keep your mind active
>read a variety books and genres
>periodically ask yourself, "is there a better way to this?"

4. Stay away from big cities and never relax.

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What's wrong with cities?

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Remove the religious crap and then its good

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>Don't ever drink alone, and don't ever go beyond buzzed.
yikes bro

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just fyi you should kill yourself you disgusting worm infected faggot.

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i dont care what satanism is
i love God
i am healthy, happy, and improving every day

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Reading, writing, blogging, content creating and Monetizing it with hydro online earns you passive revenue

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Sorry, no. Abiogenesis and evolution never happened. You'd have a higher chance of a toaster coming about by mere chance.
Something retards don't get is just because a probability greater than 0 exists doesn't mean it's going to happen. A death star the size of jupiter with hentai graffiti surrounding the entire surface can technically come about by mere chance. Another one with bench presses glued unto the surface can come about by mere chance. Another with graffiti of mumu and bobo fighting around its entire surface can come about my mere chance. The probability of all that happening is greater than 0%. Doesn't mean it's going to happen. Dumbasses don't get can=\=will. Low IQ sheeple. That's what atheists are. Can't even understand probability, lmao

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for you, bozo ->>>57680239
Retards actually think a cell just poofed into existence by mere chance. LOL
No wonder biz is poor. Can't even think for themselves.
Btw I made a basic argument. I can copy and paste from my notes to further ass fuck religious evolutionists

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There’s many versions of the Bible anon versions like the American standard and English standard translate from the original text there is no dude from the 1800s who messed with the writing effecting the legitimacy of every single bible

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Discipline and healthy habits more than anything. Make your bed, shave your face, clean your house, get up early and go to bed early, wear clothes that fit well, don’t watch tv or play video games, don’t drink or smoke weed, eat good quality food, walk outside and read books every day etc.
That doesn’t necessarily bring success to your door but it’s a necessary first step I think, and once you start to find success you’ll need those good habits to help propel you forward.

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Don't expect atheists to use their heads when presenting an argument. Either they are straight up misinforming or just too retarded and lazy to do basic google searches to verify this. They interpret different versions as edits from edits when it all comes from the original

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Join the cult that runs the entire world.

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>don't do anything fun

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I don't care that it's a tranny, I just care that you paid.
What does that say about me

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Saturn has been around for a lot longer than your lying tongue, faggot.

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I am the meme on the right, minus the Bible (practice Buddhist and Stoic/pre-Socratic philosophy)

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not being born poor

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even easier, you can get a blog an get paid for every ads clicked through your website.
options trading can be very risky you know

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why are people so scared of porn. you have to have a serious problem with porn if you think your life is negatively affected by it. it takes like 5-10min to jerk it then you move on with your day.

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finally, someone who gets it. these fuckers got me thinking for a minute. how is everyone not talking about the opportunities available in the crypto market

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jerking off has a lot of negative side effects but how would you know? you have settled for an average life with no goals.

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i unironically do everything on the right and look like the left
bad genetics are a curse
(of course if i lived like left guy, i would have died before 30)

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ads are old school, you can monetize your website through Hydro without ads.

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people who say this work minimum wage and live with their parents

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Spend less on alcohol and prepare basic foods. Buy long shelflife products like veggie noodles in bulk but buy the easily perishable products like meat and fresh vegetables in small amounts.

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when some le trad christian twitter LARPer posts cringe shit like this they should be required by law to post their physique too. half probably look like nikocado. but those accoutns are probably psyops anyway

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post body

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Anons I'm skinny as fuck. What's an easy, but healthy way to gain weight?

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100% correct here. Really what it comes down to is that almost everyone in the modern world has all of their necessities handed to them. Sure you have to work for money to eat and have a place to live but the effort is minimal. And these jobs are frustrating nobody enjoys wage slaving. There’s no autonomy in decision making and even climbing the corporate ladder is unfulfilling because everyone knows deep down that these aren’t real accomplishments, similar to winning in a video game. People get bored with this lifestyle and the fake checkpoints they’re expected to meet and act out like spoiled children. They have no idea where their internal rage comes from and most spend their whole lives with just a vague sense of unfulfillment looking for these esoteric answers to their problems, when really most of them would feel much better if they just started working with their hands and getting outside more (not that that’s the answer, but it’s a start).

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10,000ius if you don't live in a place with constant sunlight.

Eat beef. Workout every other day, (heavy weights), cardio inbetween.

No porn get yourself extremely pent up. (hardest part for most men, no pun intended)

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Physical labor and dark energy individuals have broken down my body and mind more than anything.

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Lift weights everyday, you do not need scheduled days off that's lazyfag cope. You can take a day off here and there, but you should average 6 days per week minimum. Lift heavy but not too heavy. Use bobybuilding routines rather than powerifting; you'll look better and it's easier on your joints. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

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>Lift weights everyday, you do not need scheduled days off that's lazyfag cope. You can take a day off here and there, but you should average 6 days per week minimum
As a teen I trained 7 days a week doing the top 1% workouts. 2-3 hr days. That's not ideal for hypertrophy. It's basically endurance. If you want to see actual muscle growth, you need to train to failure, need to eat above maintenance, and rest/sleep properly aka not hitting the same muscles back to back to allow for the healing process/growth of the muscle

>> No.57684925

Also my training being more so endurance/high as fuck volume based didn't help, but regardless you DO want to have rest days. Minimally not hitting the same muscles back to back. Ideally you give the part trained like 3 days before hitting it again, but if there's soreness, the healing isn't complete and you should continue to rest that same body part. Training everyday is also not needed, but you do ideally hit every muscle to failure

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this is the dumbest normie gymbro mentality of course this guy is a tard who thinks 4chan is deep and insightful because he's a stupid teenager listen kid get the rest of your hormone production before attempting bodybuilding lift weights 2-3 days a week you can do cardio at least six days a week you need to eat at maintenance not above for long term gains only use creatine and whey protein don't waste time with a bunch of other trash

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Retard, you can't even touch what I did as a teen. Post body

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wow take it easy, Dawkins. You're right though. God and Jesus are lies. All religions are lies. Bunch of jewish fairy tales. That's the hardest pill to swallow in life

>> No.57685001

I understand that, but you can train hard every day and let other muscles mostly rest, if done strategically. I'm 45 and train simple push/pull, so 2 day split. Muscles worked every other day. It's the best way to do it.

Got a bulk coming in April 300 test/300 npp with some var in the middle. 4 months. I am going to train hypertrophy every muscle every day and going to get dexa scans before and after.

If I do this for science will you follow?

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>2. Maintain a good social circle
I'm struggling with this myself atm. Slowly clawing my way out of the loser pit and I'm starting to feel my 'friends' trying to drag me back to where they recognize me. Any tips for making higher-quality connections?

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Fuck, I fell for the bot. Your programmer is a faggot

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you understand the true shape of the problem

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Satan is King.

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Post body

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Alcohol is the biggest cope in the history of mankind.

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for you ->>>57680239

>> No.57685052

>easily perishable products like meat
I bought a whole side of grass-fed beef from a local farm, vacuum sealed it and put it in my chest freezer. Cheaper per pound than you'll see in any supermarket, and healthier besides.

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Post tits

>> No.57685064

I guess that's fine. I have a more laxed approach now

>> No.57685078

being atheist doesn't mean you automatically believe in big bang, abiogenesis or evolution, bucko

>> No.57685095

If you works and it makes you happy, then that's the routine for you

>> No.57685111

Food from God
Drinks from God
Reading works of the Saints
Friendship and love
Moderation of God given intoxicating substances
Work towards a portfolio of some sort
Regular use of the Holy Sacraments

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listen retard you're literally a beta a beta wage cuck you think you're so funny but really its just sad you're never going to be anything but a pathetic little worker ant for your boss a pathetic little provider for your wife and kids and then eventually a pathetic little cuck you will grow old working 9-5 while your wife gets pumped with all kinds of strange cock you will never make it you are a genetic loser who will never amount to anything more than a low status beta wage cuck

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Are you him?

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>Muh stoicism
The rest is fine, people literally just need to exercise, eat well, and go outside and be in nature, away from everybody on the planet that's either trying to control you (which is why religion is gay) or take your shit.

>> No.57685163

>I've noticed that everyone who becomes a militant atheist, Satanist, or some other variant of anti-religious is usually just a loser who's desperately seeking validation
Have you been to the Bible Belt? Or Eastern Europe? Everybody there is obese and uses religion to cope with the fact that they have a 90 IQ.

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I would like to add here that the reactionary channer takes are emblematic of the need for such philosophy

Easy to read, difficult to truly grasp

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Tangent but the absolute deluge of sports betting apps and sites and ads everywhere after whatever law changed that allowed it or whatever (?) just feels sick and evil to me.
I instantly lose respect for whatever person is in an ad for them
It’s like doing an ad for heroin or something

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Take protein shakes (1-2 per day)
Lift weights (every 2-3 days)

>> No.57686304

Cooking - eating well cheaply will reduce overheads, improve your health, and impress retards
Budgeting - creating and sticking to a budget improves your discipline and situational awareness
Learning a trade - mastering a practical skill will save you a lot of money and make you marketable
Rising early - use the day as much as you can
Making the right friends - losers will suck you dry, good friends offer opportunity and support when needed
Abstinence from drugs/whores - obvious black hole of resources
Careful investment - thinking and preparing for the future puts you on track to being ready for anything
Meditation - learning to stay calm and focus will improve your health, character, and foresight
Exercise - maintaining health is invariably beneficial
Set goals - to a ship without a destination no wind is favourable. Set a destination and work towards it.

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What the frick is wrong with twitch?

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Every rich person I know of is overtly Christian and tithes. Meanwhile everyone I know who struggles is agnostic/atheist and doesn’t go to church. Being Christian is now a class divider.

>> No.57686535

I've studied this a long time and the number one thing you can do:
Install adblock.

>> No.57686538

reading history and philosophy and learning how to think for yourself and not believe the world at face value

>> No.57687193

lmao you have never read the bible

>> No.57687199

the cobalt miners

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>itt: insecure biz teenagers looking for approval from insecure biz teenagers

>> No.57687272


How can you be xtian with big C and read Marcus Aurelius? M.a was big time atheist and was certainly if not anti cristian very agnostic towards that kind of religion

>> No.57687322

Sleep. Getting the right amount of sleep will advantage you above people.


>> No.57688231

It's not a low probability. We have an overwhelming number of strong hypothesis for how biogenesis happened because the simplest possible life could have formed through a wide variety of plausible processes, several of which have gone through lab experiment which shows spontaneous assembly under conditions present on Earth when it was young. The probability of any number of them happening when the Earth was young is just about 1.
As for evolution, it's actively observed right now and we have a massive history of it happening through the geologic column. Evolution is as real as gravity. Cope harder.

tl;dr you're a retard for saying such shit.

>> No.57688515

Just trade the spread. Small profit but small risk. Easy money.

>> No.57688736

Christianity is fine as long as you don't actually read the Bible.
He definitely did not mess with the legitimacy, he made it more legit. If they still printed the previous versions everyone would come to realize it's a pile of shit because it was so poorly written and Shakespeare fixed it.

>> No.57688758

maybe ask the pope if it's okay to wipe your ass lmao

>> No.57688771

There was a huge study conducted recently which found that SSRIs was only barely more efficient at treating depression than placebo. Meanwhile physical exercise beat out everything else by a fucking mile.
Physical exercise blasts your brain with dopamine so it’s not exactly news, but some depressed dorks still won’t do it. And yes, you are going to feel terrible the first 2-3 weeks while your body adjusts to a new activity level

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>> No.57688987

it does. It's the only naturalistic option you have to work with

>> No.57689020

> gym looklet cope
> bible
Yikes chud

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Anon, dive deep into mastering multiple programming languages. Big gains are incoming when you flex those skills on QANplatform with the royalty program dropping for devs.

>> No.57689051

>It's not a low probability
You're a fucking idiot
>number of hypothesis
Nice job missing the point. Again, the issue isn't if it can or can't happen. It CAN happen. A toaster coming from chance CAN also hapen. That's not the issue. The issue is just because something CAN happen doesn't mean it WILL. You CAN get an AC or bench press to come about by mere chance. Has never happened though.
CAN=\=WILL. It's not complex to understand this. Nature doesn't just create bench presses from thin air just because "it can"
>several of which have gone through lab experiment which shows spontaneous assembly under conditions present on Earth when it was young
You're legitimately low IQ. Some things forming automatically (like .00001% of all a cell consists of) doesn't mean it all does, you fucking moron. For example, molecular machines don't self-assemble. They NEED DNA to act as a blueprint. FUCK, I can't believe for ignorant you are
>As for evolution, it's actively observed right now
This dumbass is confusing adaptation with evolution LMAO. Evolutionists don't even understand thief own beliefs. It's pathetic.
>geological column
Explain the cambrian explosion. Lol. Look I'll post another note pertaining to evolution. Bunch of clowns here

>> No.57689052

Such is life.
There's no use in getting upset about it.
You just do what needs to be done and carry on.

>> No.57689162

part 1
Evolution isn't real. 99% of it relies on dumb luck. Few examples: For a beneficial mutation to arise, it's luck. For it to not get fixed by a repair enzyme is luck. For it to be significant enough to be fixated by natural selection is luck (for instance a mutation that makes your pinky slightly bigger is not significant enough for survival). To get further mutations that build upon the other is luck. For the organism to not die before spreading their seed is luck. Etc. We have things like motors and stators within some of our molecular machines within our cells. You can't logically gradually evolve that because mutations don't communicate with each other. You'd have to be lucky in having "x" slowly evolve into a useless stator (which makes no sense because a stator by itself has 0 function meaning no natural selection would even be fixating for it during its so called creation). Having "y" slowly evolve into a useless rotor too. Etc. Then at the end of it, you'd need to evolve a blueprint so that the body actually knows how to connect the pieces together (this sht isn't random. They don't just magically float in the right locations. They don't magically self-assemble). You need a blueprint in DNA so that the body can put it all together so this is another instance of INSANELY stupid luck. Why the hell would nature slowly evolve a blueprint as if it has a mind? It doesn't, but evolutionists like treating nature as if it's all knowing despite the fact that nature has 0 consciousness and lacks any sort of foresight. On top of that, you need the right quantities and right sizes too. For instance while evolving separately, you need the rotor to be smaller than the stator because mechanically speaking it literally goes INSIDE the stator. How the hell could nature have known that millions of years ahead of time? It can't. There's no logic. No conscious decision making. Just pure dumbass luck aka dogma.

>> No.57689190

part 2
And every time I say luck btw, it means ZERO natural selection taking place aka the backbone of "evolution". Evolutionists say "evoulution isn't random. Natural selection creates a filter fixating for the good". Clearly stating that it's not random is false and I easily proved it just by understanding the fundamentals. I honestly feel sorry for the masses for falling for this bullshit. Natural selection is 1% of "evolution" while the rest is dumb luck, yet evolutionists desperately cling to natural selection and pretend luck is an insignificant factor because then they'd have to admit there's no actual logic in it. Sad to see them squirm like this.

Btw repair enzymes have over a 99% success rate in humans and long story short they create mutations without bias aka they don't give a fuck if the mutation is "beneficial" aka you have to pray a "beneficial mutation" doesn't get corrected by going against the 99% rate LOL (that said idk the exact rates for all organisms, but repair enzyme success rates are most likely at a similar percentage for all).

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It's also funny and disingenuous how much power they give to "natural selection" when in reality natural selection simply isn't enough to account for 99% of the things we see. Natural selection is useful and in fact responsible for adaptations, but evolutionists fell for the slippery slope fallacy. Little extra note. Adaptation =\= evolution. Adaptation fixates for traits already present in the genome. Evolution needs to create the genomes and genes from scratch. Adaptation is like if I gave you a toolbox and tools and you would select the tools you need based on the task at hand. Evolution on the other hand would need to create the toolbox and tools from scratch. No logic. The only logical thing about it is natural selection, but natural selection is only 1% of the equation while stupid amounts of dumb illogical unrealistic luck makes up 99% of it. Again, just to reiterate, the issue isn't "can it happen". Of course it "can". Nature can also create an AC from scratch. The real issue is "why would it?". Nature can create toasters from scratch, but it never does. Same for any man made product. Same for a cell. Nature can create things from scratch like a laptop, yet never makes one let alone the size of jupiter+ (this is also why being able to create a cell step by step won't actually be a point to their favor as it's the equivalent to creating any product in some factory. All it would prove is that it "can" happen which isn't even the issue). Simply put, nature doesn't gravitate towards creating toasters just as it doesn't gravitate in creating cells.

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One more thing. 26 universal constants needed for life points to a creator. For instance, the "nuclear force constant". Too weak = only hydrogen would exist. Too strong = only heavy elements would exist. Even with infinite time and luck, you would NEVER get life. You would lack the materials needed. Also evolution isn't real because nature lacks ingenuity i.e. raw material by itself doesn't gravitate towards creating abstract concepts like a cell or molecular machines (or any man made product you can think of).

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>they create mutations without bias

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Bros why does lifting hurt so bad? I can barely do 10 pushups it just burns so much by the time I hit 8

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>It's the only naturalistic option you have to work with
sorry to break yuor world apart sweaty, but is just isn't. Evolution (and science in general) works on more faith than religion. Science is just as dogmatic and gay as religion.
t. atheist antiscience chad

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Stop gambling. Stop eating junk food. Work out. Talk to people and have fun. Live your life, stop being a robot.

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It doesn't, sweetie. If you could comprehend my posts above, you'd be able to see how bullshitty it is. Sadly you're low IQ and can't make a rebuttal

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>Science is just as dogmatic and gay as religion.
Dumb take

So anyways not believing in evolution and abiogenesis makes you one step above the retards, but being straight up anti-science puts you back into their realm. Explain what origin idea you believe in then? Nothing? We just teleported into existence then? Get real. You're almost there. Put the pieces together

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5 star is suffering, perseverance and mental strength
6 star is about unity of man and woman but has been corrupted by atheists into meaning trans.