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I finally made it this bullrun and received "the call". What was your netwoth when you received "the call"?
Some say you need to cross the 50 mil mark to get it

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This is one of those faggot fucking threads where someone replies
>whats the call?
And OP, thinking he’s the smartest/most clever individual in the entire planet replies
>He doesnt know what the call is!
And then a bunch of rando posters antagonize whoever asked, and all pretend to know what the fuck “the call” is, despite zero people actually knowing. The game continues until a Janny prunes this nigger of a thread.

Its middleschool tier.

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Spoken like someone who doesn’t know what the call is kek fucking newfag

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when you guys got the call did you immediately get your password for the online portal or did you have to wait until the next meeting to ask for it?

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Haha...ayy yeah ayy
Pop the trunk, I open up
I sold my soul, a good price, outta sight
And my ho got talent, right?
Whole squad ran through that shit, yikes
Ayy, I'm a /biz/ness man, I did my business, damn

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I don't have a phone
do they still do snail mail

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Washed up

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Your account finally reached 25k?

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I'm the one making the calls. Ask me anything.

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I received the call but refused to answer. Now I see people watching me everywhere I go. I think I fucked up

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>"the call"

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For me it was the helicopter in the backyard. They invited me to visit an island where they were cloning large extinct reptiles. They needed more investors. Still contemplating that but the visit to the island was a real treat.

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I remember when I got the call. I told them to come rip it out of my cold dead hands. One of them is now buried beneath my floor boards

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what are you talking about? what call? is this some secret elite thing i dont know about?? what happens in the call?? tell me
no, why would he lie? what good would it do him?

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I'm probably gonna get downvoted for this but what call exactly?

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He bought a Rolex. The dealer called when it was his turn on the waitlist

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>shiny rocks on wrist
>still a shitskin


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Actually white believe it or not. Stay poor sweaty

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holy based!

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>drives a Dodge
Jews aren't white sorry sweaty

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>The game
motherfucker, it's been years you bitch

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You spent a ton of money on a watch but drive a Dodge... interesting

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I’m F*ench
It’s a 2023 and it’s faster than your econobox ;)

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You need renewable incoming like billions in cattle ranches, not just winning the lottery

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A datejust......really? Daytona or kill yourself.

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Today I decided to leave /biz/ forever

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Thankfully someone posted this immediately
But you can probably larp around all the big wallets that got whacked, everyone here should know the hint of it

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So what is the cut off where they kill you? 50? 100 mil?

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There's a way to win but I'm not allowed to post it unfortunately.

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There's a way to win but unfortunately I'm not allowed to post it. It's one of the things they share with you on "the call".

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I got the call in 2018 when I struck it big in the finger box industry. Ever since then I've been comfily retired, only occasionally surfing through blockchain and claiming unclaimed bitcoins as a hobby.

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Thank you.
At least garloid farming spawns some quality content.
OP's post is on par with females on tinder seeking validation and conversational attention. It's not even retarded, it's incredibly sad.
I love seeing this
>dick measuring contest
>posts photo evidence to flex
>is called out on average product in said photo
>"its a 2023"
>instead of taking the L or going offline, doubles down and gets defensive
you are unironically a midwit with no self awareness or humility, fucking embarassing
the state of 4chan, fucking hell