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I am looking to invest my savings of $8,000 onto something on Coinbase. Not my keys, not my problem.

My life's goal is to make $600,000 after tax.

Right now it's in SHIB but SHIB is a shitcoin so I'm looking for something better.

Ideas? Thoughts?

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buy BozoHybrid from a SOL wallet on Birdeye. Wait for a few months, profit.

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Definitely shib

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There are so many meme coin and shitcoin scams out there, I would just invest in some of the more proven cryptos like BTC, ETH, SOL, BNB, shit that you know won’t get rugged by 3rd worlders.

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That's the thing... I was thinking about putting it in ETH, but I fear the returns won't be big enough.

I have $8,000 and make $1,000 on a good month. So I'm trying to find something that will help me to my goal of $600,000.

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You think SHIB is okay? I feel like there is insurmountable sell pressure set up at 0.000012

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That picture is what incels see in their nightmares.

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I don't know about that. It sounds like you just picked the thing at the bottom of the market cap list. Got any justification for that choice?

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probably celestia and link, not kidding dyor. also buy migrant

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With that sort of mentality you're going to end up essentially gambling on shitcoins and your greed will make you lose your initial, which is fine, if you're putting in only what you are comfortable to lose. If the idea of losing 8000$ scares you then you will end up making stupid emotional decisions at every twist and turn.
Couple of tips i learned from mistakes, do your own research, don't put money into scamcoin memes shilled on biz. Automation and AI is the theme of this run it seems. The inflow of money right now is ETFs buying in the name of people who have very surface level interaction with crypto so most of it flows into BTC and ETH with only a knockon effect to the rest.
Allocate at least 50% into an established asset. The rest, find a solid small/medium cap project no older than 4 years and hold.
My split is 60% ETH and rest is FetchAI, increased my position in it at 68c two weeks ago and now we're at 1.08. But you never heard of it until now on /biz/ because it's not a meme coin or a scam.
600k in your dreams

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Celestia and Link look interesting?

Got any bullrun price predictions?

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You think poor people are funny?

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Idk man ETH is pretty high MC for someone with such a low amount of money. BTC is out of the question.

Noted though.

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Probably BTC or ETH but keep your finger on the trigger to sell and move into Doge. Its not going anywhere til BTC does but when it does go, itll be an extremely easy 2x, followed by tons of turbulence ripe for swings.

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BTW I made $6,000 on LINU

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Definitely SHIB

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I don't know.... something about SHIB feels off to me

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I think you're retarded

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Yeah, that's why I'm poor.

Stay on topic.

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The times of 20x's are behind us my friend, at least you won't find anything like that on Coinbase, you'd need to either use leverage or buy a nano cap on a DEX. Doing either of these will most likely end up with you liquidated or rugged.
Fyi i remember having the same thoughts about MC in 2018.
A 2 or 3x on 8k is life changing money for most people. But if it's just a small portion of your investments/wealth then start buying micro caps that haven't reached CEXs yet or if you can't, gamble with leverage.

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So you think that the best strategy for me is to just buy and hold ETH?

I was thinking I might be able to do a little swing trading with the market cycles. Like when the bullrun is about to end sell and then buy up the bottom.

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16k is nothing. A house costs $300,000 minimum.

That can't even afford a cheap car.

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Bump for attention

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>about to dump $1500 into an alt
>INJ looks tasty
>41.5 coins
It's over

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Sheesh, I thought I was poor.

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Ai project
filter 1: get funded from eu
filter 2: Coinbase listed
not yet on binance, still have potential organic grow

I put 10k in it, hit-or-miss

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I'm on CB too. Get good shit:

Low Cap

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Not buying, ranjeesh

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Lmao you are so new. Swingies get the rope. Good luck with guessing the market. Geez , why didn't anyone else think of that

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Finally, a real answer. Thanks

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This is just some money I have lying around that I don't know what to do with so I'm buying alts. It's just digital tip money from the start of December.

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>Buy ETH and send it to Coinbase Wallet
>swap for AVI
>retire in December

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HNT looks cool. Probably a better bet for good gains than ETH or SHIB.

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I also think DIMO is cool.

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Alright, probably going to go all in on DIMO. Looks cool af

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rlc. digital oil.

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What is the difference between RLC and ICP?

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what does RLC have to do with oil?

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Ehh, RLC doesn't look very exciting.

Probably gonna put my $8,000 into DIMO.

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BNB is trash
Most of these are kind of meh
Especially something like lcx is trash

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data is the new oil.
you must have missed the intel partnership and the ex-amazon growth guy "moonen"

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mina, of course

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Just Another ETH Killer

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aviator, og shib team, stixil confirmed, funds used from shib treasury, they're doing an arcade + bridge, ath atm though i'd wait for a dip. Hacken is auditing their bridge

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I'm putting my $8,000 into DIMO.

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They hated him because he told the truth.

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Actually what about Hivemapper?

Hivemapper looks better than DIMO...

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Yeah homey. Also waiting for HNT Mobile to come to coinbase. Will definitely out perform ETH and SHIB. INJ is a nice ETH/SOL substitute, see pic on SOL 2021 path.

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No problem. I forgot ONDO. Brand new, should take off soon.

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I would definitely NOT recommend going all in a small cap like DIMO. I fucking love the concept, but you can't trust any one coin.
(see ALBT hack) https://www.coindesk.com/business/2023/02/01/allianceblock-token-plunges-51-after-5m-exploit/

Add big cap and med cap stuff to balance out the risk.

DIMO is less than $100 million, and has been flat all 2024. Think about adding flexibility.

As you can tell, I am in a similar position. Go for it anon, good luck.

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>lcx is trash
After 5X, LCX is due for a soft decline. Make no mistake, it will rip peoples faces off this summer after the new Euro laws start.

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This does not look so bad

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>says scams are bad
>suggests SOL
Oh you

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I bought fetch ai because of biz. It was heavily shilled here at 20 cents so where were you?

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anyone got a tutorial on how to hide my shitcoin purchases from the beady eyes of the kikes who want to tax my gains? starting from a kiked exchange where i buy my BTC or ETH, whats the process to washing the papertrail so i can end up with my altcoins in a wallet thats not connected to my KYC exchange or on the radar of IRS kikes?