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You ARE buying LINK right now, right anon?

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I still have my $5 bags and 2018 bags why should I buy now

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This is really amateur TA. None of those lines mean anything.

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Its forming an inverted head. Sorta like what your mom gave me last night.

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red and gray are gann lines from a fan that has performed well so far. Blue lines are channel lines and a trendline from the very beggining of link's move. We've seen the biggest of all fake breakouts at the intersection point, and now a move to the upside

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doesnt matter anyone that isnt in already is way too scared to go now
in that regard the fudsisters performed very good work for their ricebowl a day

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>dumps the most
I'm not missing another bullrun stink marine

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so bears have been shaken out and now only bulls remain?

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already on the road to recovery.

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4x in 6 years. Kek Link faggots are so cucked

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to clarify my post was about retail, we all know there are some big boi monied players fucking this thing, for who else pays for all the fudsisters
i have no idea how much suppression capacity they have (left), but link is one coin that has defied most known behaviour ever since lets say 2020

would you care to zoom out so i can see where you drew your ganns from
i have to say looks pretty solid recently and as i said up in this post link tended to defy most ta

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There's other ones i'm using but right now it's this one

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but I bought at 40c how is that a x6

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thanks fren

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This guy hates loading up on generational wealth

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who knows dude
he's a third world cockroach paid in pennies to sit here fulltime posting low iq "blue cube bad" shit over and over again
im guessing he probably doesn't come from a country where basic math is taught

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Where does this line end up eoy?

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I like that that one what that needs it to go back to 9 bucks to escape his failed short avoided being liquidated kek.

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Painstink will dump back to 13 bucks.

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of course

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No, I am not.

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will you watch it drop below $10 again or set a stop loss this time? peak retail behavior is to not have a plan and tell yourself you'll know when to sell but then never do, watching it plummet again whereas taking the profit would have been trivial

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Is 2k link enough? I'm so fucked

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youll be alright in about 10-15 years...

just try to stay in good shape you only got one body and youre gonna wish you took better care of yourself.

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>whereas taking the profit would have been trivial
For a poorfag like you, yes. With a good stack taking profits puts a massive tax burden on your shoulders.

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you are not a real trader or analyst, lmao

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This aged like diarrhea

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Hell no! Price is still too high!

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What part of 2018 bag made you too stupid to read and comprehend what he said?

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>Jumped on a B5 rank character
>Matched with a C3
What the fuck

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Checked. How high are we going this bull?

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weak handed bitches
fucking punk ass fucks
just diamond hands it like me

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Damn... Looks like I just gambled my link money away on Eesee gambling... Fuuuuck bros. Hope next month I'll remember and I won't piss it away again...

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No, I'm angry with it today.

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It's dumping to $9 minimum

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>peak retail behavior is to not have a plan
The plan is to never sell link. Always has been