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I will start
>Raffle tickets for nfts on eesee
Think about it. You can win a pudgy penguin for the cost of one (1) raffle ticket and then turn around and have your own raffle where the non winners try their luck. You get full value for it. Or of course you could just floor it into the dirt for 20eth if you're an sociopath.

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droppshipping. start a business. write a niche blog. website survey scams. reply guy all day on twitter. There's plenty of easy money to be made.

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The fuck is that nigger idea? So you telling me for a few bucks I get the chance to get a jpg worth hundreds or even thousands?

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If you move 25-30k to a high interest savings account you’ll get 100$ a month. Not much, but certainly nothing to scoff at. If you have money sitting in a regular non high interest account you should move it over.

Turn life into a game of monthly income vs monthly expenses

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Sucking cocks on the street

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You could get that for, uh, working kek

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I have an antisocial personality disorder, and I can make money from home. Enjoy life. And not get rugged by all this fking niggers.

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I never want to deal with NFTs again. They're all just scams.

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dont trust em, its a scam. you better work your ass off.
nft is the best exit liquidity.

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Go to hell to cure your personality disorder, mfer.

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>park tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in a jew bank that won't let you withdraw it without 6 months written notice and a foreskin sacrifice for a couple hundred bucks a month
Le meow

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well, nft is kinda dead now. I owned azuki and mayc. I should've just sell them in bull market but i dont do it and now im stuck with that fucking jpeg forever. its fucked up.

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Come, you're not supposed to be here, retards go the other side of the hall

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This is absolutely preposterous, that garbage strategy lost all the effectiveness as soon as every other nigger started implementing it to make some bucks

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I'm not even slightly interested in NFTs, cope and sneed

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But why not, I mean it's a raffle

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>that won't let you withdraw it without 6 months written notice
That's a CD not a savings account. Zoomer moment

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Nah I'm supposed to be in the schizo corner, not the autistic one

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ITT we kek at your never ending stupidity nigger faggot, kys

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How dare you imply a nigger should work

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I get it now, that's not coffee, that's boiling shit... You're a jeet

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This is why we can't have nice threads

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cigarette arbitrage