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Redpill me on AVI. Is it yet another /biz/ scam?

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No, it's real
The scams are coins like Luna Inu, Lucky Inu, Spyro, Baby Spyro, Hokk
All of those trash coins are big time scams, AVI is actually a real crypto project

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>The scams are coins like Luna Inu, Lucky Inu, Spyro, Baby Spyro, Hokk
what's your reasoning for these being scam coins?

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Someone was jeetshilling AVI below 1m mc. I ignored it because its animal dogjeetshit. Now its up like 7x and I research it and its actually a bridge/arcade utility token. Great. Now I cant buy it because some animal coin biztards are already up 10x on it and I refuse to buy after them.

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>Brownskin fuds real project to get in low
>Brownskin fuds real project because they're swingies
>Bizlets who never bought decide not to do any research
>Bizlet realizes they have one of the best whitepapers in Web3 gaming
>Bizlet cries because instead of getting his 1000x, he will only get his 100x
The state of biz is truly tragic; stop letting street shitters stop you from doing independent research.

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Totally outdated container, only useful nowadays for saving FFV1 content.

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and how is that? can you provide actual logci and proof? or are you just fudding?

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AVI was always a make it coin

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AVI is literally THE make it coin this run. And if you're not buying now because you think it's too "late" (at around 10m mcap lol) - Then you'll seethe so hard. Just watch us.

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seems like a nice play
too bad the mc is too high to invest peanut money
if you don't have $6k or more to risk to throw at this

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IDK, but Migrant on sol is based and for the cost of gas on btc or eth you can set yourself up for life

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buy some FORA still below 30k mc contract locked. it still not reached its peak. its a goldmine.

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If you think it's too late to invest in AVI before CEX listings, partnerships, bridge, arcade releases and full ETH ETF bull run you are ngmi

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not gonna fill your bags. dipshit

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You don't need to buy AVI if you decided against it. Just don't buy this constant garbage that rugs on here (Spyro, Linu, Toad, Fora, and now Migrant?) and please just buy something with some usecase.

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I already have bags of KAS, LINK, AVAX, and a ton of microcaps that are all "supposed" to do something, and guess what? My MAGA bag has outperformed ALL of them, despite them all doing well.
We are in a BULL market
migrant has already 3x'd since I bought in it looks like I found another 100x

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Congrats on MAGA, but for every successful pure meme play there are 10000 rugs. It's just better to find a decent project and buy than garbage like Migrant (aka MightRug)

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Dude do you not understand market caps and risk management? You think I give a fuck if I lose 1 Sol? Worst case scenario I break even at this point but the thing is under 20K market cap so a 5X is more likely