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>tell cute friend who is a girl of 10 years that i'm desperately trying to get laid
>she invites me to come over for drinks
>talk about the dating apps and what i'm saying to get laid
>start talking about various sex topics
>stands up to show me her thigh gap with leggings on at one point
>stay for 4 hours
i missed a chance didn't i

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Mods delete this shit

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What exactly were you there doing?

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Oh man that sucks. A similar thing happened to me once. Went home, very sad about it all. My little sister saw I was feeling bad. So I talked to her about what happened, and she comforted me. I love my little sister, she always makes me feel better.

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You were wide open in the end zone and dropped the pass son
t. boomer on biz

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>business and finance

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shut up idiot not like theres anything interesting going on anyways

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I messed up like that once, you were waiting for her to make the move but just the fact she invited you over means you should have made a move, and then if she rejects you whatever. One time I wanted to fuck this girl at work and she came to the office when I was alone and stayed there for a long time, we talked, she was right up on me but I did nothing, in retrospect I'm glad I did nothing though because she's a mess and hasn't aged well at all. Nothing good would have come from fucking her.

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Are you guys like... scared of living life or something? Like what is realistically stopping you from just asking her to get laid, the thought of her saying no? Bitch you already didn't get laid, what the fuck are you doing. You already have a no, you always have it, strive for the yes with pride.
This is why you don't make money, you guys see a cash cow and a chicken who lays golden eggs ($AGRS, $SONS, #THETA) and never try to pick them up or use them because you fear not making money when YOU'RE ALREADY NOT MAKING MONEY.
God fucking damnit grow a pair already

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>everyone in this thread giving OP benefit of the doubt that he isn't a pedophile when that is what is evident if you read his post literally

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Oh, I though the person OP was talking about had been a girl for 10 years, like mtf.

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"told friend who is a girl of 10 years..."
just means:
"told friend -- who is a girl -- of ten years..."
or in other words: "i told this girl who I've been friends with for ten years..."

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The OP's wording is fucked and can be interpreted any which way

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I once talked with a girl from like 8PM to 5AM (in person, not on the phone). Did she want to have sex with me?

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Of course anons are interpreting it the way they want to. If they want to have sex with young females, they read it that way. If they're into trannyism, they read it that way. If they're into grannies but not into trannies, then they read it as just someone who's been a friend for 10 years.

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>>tell cute friend who is a girl of 10 years that i'm desperately trying to get laid
>cute friend who is a girl of 10 years
>who is a girl of 10 years
tranny loving faggot kys

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It really can't lmao, when's the last time a 10 year old invited you over for drinks. I agree OP's wording is retarded, but the context makes it pretty obvious.

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its amazing how twisted and fucked up the mind of a tranny is that he would go to great lengths to mentalgymnast a fucked up sexual fantasy out of any ordinary story