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Insider here
If you buy low and then sell high, you make free money. Try to keep it a secret or it won't be insider knowledge anymore

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Based chudjack helping his frens.

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Yes easily. We'll do a test

Bitcoin is $5
Do you buy at
A. $4
B. $52k

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Don't worry take your time. Thinking is a sign of high IQ

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Not from a /biz/ anon

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now that’s a meme I haven’t seen in ages

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I think he's ready. Airdrop him 100k

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Literally everyone buys high and sells low. It's so retarded.
>bitcoin is doing well
>they buy
>it goes down
>they sell
>"this is your fault! Its rigged!"

You don't lose money if you don't sell retards.

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technically that's what works with memecoins, i think if i wait a little longer i can even get a PS5 with $troll, it's fast shit.

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That is a power that a mortal should not possess.