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We are about to miss another bullrun

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LINK is up 4x since last June
what the fuck are you even talking about dumb nigger

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It's worse than that. The bullrun is over. A new BTC bear market is just starting. And Linkies will be unable to sell as BTC dumps, as LINK has now become like Bitconnect.

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We are about to be outperformed by eth again you stupid faggot

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Fudcuck nigger sell your bags then NIGGER KYS NIGGER

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Every day I wake up and think tomorrow might be the day my real life begins and that's the only reason I haven't killed myself yet. If I can just do this for another 40 years I'll be able to finally rest. But maybe, just maybe, Sergey will save me.

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No one bought the exact bottom.at most I believe if you dca'd down to $10 you will only be up 2x

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nurllub rehtona ssim ot tuoba era ew

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And it's up over 40% the last few weeks alone. It's like people who make LINK FUD threads don't pay attention to the charts at all.

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>saucerswap pulled a 20x
>Kaspa a 100x
>ordi a 30x
>dogbonk a 100x
> 90% of all other alts a 10x

cope and seethe link faggot

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I just started casually invested in crypto like a month ago, now that I'm ready to go big, it's too fucking late

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Nice cherry picking but no one is saying LINK is #1 of all cryptos in that time span. Saying it's gonna miss the bull run is retarded though considering how well it's been performing.

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Eth and Btc pair hardly recovered you delusional retard

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That's why I spent the bear market diversifying. When link disgraces itself yet again I'll be taking 100x profits on ai coins and memes, then next bear flip all those profits into way more link. All what I should have fucking done last time around.

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I don't think it will, but expecting 10x ROI is highly difficult, but this is quite achievable in low-caps like Dua, Naka, Lmwr, and a few others.

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chill tf out you'll be fine. don't start tripping out on ur investment just don't sell and check later.

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No one cares, idiot. People are in this for the dollars (or whatever their country's currency is).

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I care you spineless pajeet shill
kys and fuck off with your astroturfed shitcoin

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I am whiter than you will ever be you Nigerian butt prostitute.

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I think I'm used to it, I mean I have $TROLL for the irony of how much I cried for losing so many opportunities, another one wouldn't hurt too much

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Link chads will make it, I have been watching you jeets fud link since $4.00 and miss out on a solid 5x. Linkies go hard too so the ones that DCA'd that long consolidation are all going to retire end of 2025

also buy migrant

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>no one cares
Linkies do

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>Linkies do
no its the nolinkers spamming the board not the linkers, retard.

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>I-I don’t care

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ohh linkies why are you so fucking stinkies

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You sound like a fag. Sergey wont save anybody not even himself.

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I'll rather hold SUI which just created a new ATH and I can run a node with it via Hydro online

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can't even read

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No way! The Russian army has contacted Sergey. They're interested in using smart contracts to win the Ukraine war. We're gonna make it, bros!

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If this project becomes successful, then I see ads free internet in a few years from now

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It's down -70% from the (underperforming) top of 2021 at $50

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shoulda bought sdl instead anon

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Speak for yourself, I'm loaded up on AI, gamefi, DePIN, L2, restaking narrative coins. Also KNS (bought at .006 for entertainment value). See you next year when I'm a decamillionaire

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kenis is up 6x since January ;)

>Get Captcha: HONK2

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Oracles are fuckingbased. Get that

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Just borrow against your link on Fringe fi and invest in microcaps