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What are your friends, family and coworkers saying about crypto?

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i said i bought half a bitcoin last month to my coworker and he didnt even respond or say anything

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A normie fren of mine just found out that the mining rewards are cut in half every 4 years and that the supply is capped, but I’m the one that told him

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Nothing since 2017 when everyone was hyped AF. Not even 2021 registered on their radar.

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I just quit my job bros I couldn't take it anymore I know springs still a few weeks away but I just couldn't handle fentynal junkies wiping windshield wiper fluid on their face and trust fund kids getting mad because no bathroom. I just couldn't do it anymore lmfao

Thread related that probably means crab signal since that seems to be what always happens

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>fentynal junkies wiping windshield wiper fluid on their face

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Junkies will was your windows with piss and washer fluid on your way to work and break your wipers if you don’t pay them

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Tradfi fag friend who holds btc eth and link but constantly says it's going to zero is thinking of converting his short term bond position to btc etf. Gun nut friend still thinks it's going to zero. Gymbro friends haven't touched it. Oldfag from 2011 I met recently bought back in around 30k and planning to sell around 150k to 250k

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They've never heard of it.

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>yeah but can you cash that out?

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>What are your friends, family and coworkers saying about crypto?

One said to me recently

>i read the bitcoin halvening [sic] is coming up which means that bitcoin will hit at least 100k or more. it does this every 4 years, and will hit 100k or more in april. I'm thinking about buying some now or maybe just learning how to mine it myself. I have a computer. Is that all I need to mine bitcoin anon?

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You dont remember dogecoin on snl or celebrities shilling ape jpgs?

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Go back.

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I'll have several crackheads that do this regularly. They will dig through trash and then dip a paper towel in the windshield wiper fluid and start "washing up". I swear it has to be bait to get faggots to feel bad for them and give them money because there is no fucking way industrial cleaner feels good on skin

Oh yeah and after they do this they'll come inside and spend 30 minutes making a coffee and mumbling about drug talk. Holy shit retail work is so fucking dead lmao

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"Bitcoin, isnt that dead?" my mate 2 days ago

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Haven't heard anything about crypto from people I know/work with since 2022

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it absolutely fucking BAFFLES me how many people ask this fucking question. And then look at your skeptically when you tell them you can.

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I have been getting emails from crypto.com

>I would say that means the top is in.

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The few people I know irl who ever touched crypto got wrecked by dog coins in 2021.
You really can’t fathom how retarded these people are out there.

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There's a shared sentiment of distrust, mew platforms and specialized media as truflation keeps getting stock market interation on crypto markets, which happens to fit the correct deal if you ask me.

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LOL we can see the cocaine dust on your nose. Congrats fren.

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When you hit 50 years old your skin just flakes off everywhere. You get used to it

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Not a peep

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bro what are you gay or something stop thinking about dudes dicks and go get some honey badger erc tokens so i guess you can buy a bag of dicks

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Redditor with their awful shill. I got holes and not poles; does that mean I can't get involved in this junk?


You don't necessarily need to talk, but your lifestyle should interest them enough to ask, Is it really crypto?
Last year, I told my friends I may likely turn 10k into 50k, and I did that within a month on Dua, Gas, Ap13, and a few other alts. quite easy, but risky. It's fun, and it's worth it.

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One guy at work brings it up because he hates it and thinks it's killing all the whales or something.

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To be fair whales getting rekt sometimes is the most fun part of crypto gambling

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Proof of work is outdated trash.

ETH will replace Bitcoin. Bitcoin will be irrelevant eventually and ETH will be #1