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>it HAS to go to 8-10k because I am entitled to having the best entry my poorfag can afford!
>Yes, I missed the pump from 15k to 52k, but the markets OWE me 8k
Why are normies like this?
Also even if it went to 8k (LOL), they'd just stay sidelined and say "I'm waiting for 3k". Either that or would say "it's dead so I'm not buying. I'm too scared".
Actual 20IQ retards here now. Completely shat up the board

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My favorite is still the dumb bear that posts archived /biz/ threads about other bears saying it would go below 10k. His whole theory is hanging on like 3 bears from 2022 saying it would go below 10k. I haven't seen him post recently though

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It's gongo dump to 30k.

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and then when we bottom at 42k you'll be calling for a crash to 25k
we already know your brainlet playbook

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answer a or b or stfu

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>you know it really grinds my nuts when a bear says i'm dumb especially when in reality my testicles are about the size of melons and i have the iq of the worlds largest genius they probably just see my giant horse cock and assume i am stupid but in fact i am as smart as a bear has ever been and i could easily beat in this little idiot in a brain game any day

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b obviously, if you short literally anything you're retarded

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You sound poor.

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lmao, its always our mindset as a poorfag. thats why we just invested in shitcoins like super , doge, manta etc.


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I'm not the one begging for 8k aka "cheap entries"
This is what I mean by 20IQ. Retarded nonsensical posts

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>it HAS to go to 8-10k because
>missed pump from 15k
You reveal your newfaggotry. /biz/ has been forecasting BTC will bottom out at those numbers for over three years now, from before BTC even hit ATH, so in other words loooong before BTC even went under 20k. One of the main driving factors for why we've said 10k and sub 10k for so long is because there's a CME gap at 9600-9700.

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And the reason for 8k is picrel, Binance's wick to 8k. Note what the price was when this occurred. Loooong before 15k.

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who the Fuuuuuuuuck cares what biz is calling? Biz can't trade for shit LMFAO. Many of you retards never catch shit. If you had brain cells, you'd have dcad during the bear, but since you're low IQ you can't even do that right LOL
You will always be poor and you only have yourself to blame

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>buy high sell now
The biz way

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20iq retards buy at all prices and never sell. Permabears usually have an iq around 100. Unironically the bell curve meme.

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>CME gap
However came up with this meme is a fucking legend. The number of brainlets he has caused to get priced out must be astronomical.

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In 2022 there were way more of them
Unironically some of them kysed

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Yeah and that in 2018 bears predicted 3k
Well he got utterly btfoed just like the stoch rsi guy

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c the ecomony is fine

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>I'm only wrong because the market isn't fair
Why the fuck did you assume it's fair? Of course you're wrong

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Cause normies gotta somehow justify their inability to profit due current circumstances its like all those faggots promoting the NFT or web3 gamin narrative, like idk superverse, meta, event ubisoft and sony once it failed headers said it wasnt the right time but t'was still a great idea.
But we all know it wasnt, a bunch of silly ass bored and soulless shit but somehow profitable.

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earn free giftcards as many times as you want and resell it for profits, read the pdf at the link below



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>you retards
You have to go back.