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behold... THE FUTURE

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120k would be a bit disappointing desu

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Kill yourself

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post shorts

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Don't worry it'll wick to 150k for a brief moment

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>not even a 2x

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This would mean LINK would go back to $9, seems plausible

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LINK will go back to $9, regardless of what happens with BTC. Sad!

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fuck with bitcoin. I heard from that nigger guy in beoble that bitcoin gonna dump this month. I've been waiting for that time to come, yet nothing happened. What should i do now? I need to buy a bitcoin.


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so what price will you finally FOMO in at when it doesn't dip to your target price?

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each bullrun is less then the previous. eventually the crypto markets will be tamed and no different then stocks

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If you didn't buy bitchud below $1k, you were too late for it.
Tbh I bought at $200 and it was already too late.

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>I didn’t buy at $32k; The thread

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fake news, this is the real chart.

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aw poor retard didn't buy in yet LMAO

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>diminishing returns every cycle
how original you are anon for saying this.
we’re almost at ath pre halving. Do you know what happens if we break ath by march? something that have never happened in the history of btc?

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횎횊횛횗 횏횛횎횎 횐횒횏횝회횊횛획횜 횊횜 횖횊횗횢 횝횒횖횎횜 횊횜 횢횘횞 횠횊횗횝 횊횗획 횛횎횜횎횕횕 횒횝 횏횘횛 횙횛횘횏횒횝횜, 횛횎횊획 횝횑횎 횙획횏 횊횝 횝횑횎 횕횒횗횔 횋횎횕횘횠



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this time it's different

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It's a pre run, cunt. or in other words market makers front tun on patsies like you

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횎횊횛횗 횏횛횎횎 횐횒횏횝회횊횛획횜 횊횜 횖횊횗횢 횝횒횖횎횜 횊횜 횢횘횞 횠횊횗횝 횊횗획 횛횎횜횎횕횕 횒횝 횏횘횛 횙횛횘횏횒횝횜, 횛횎횊획 횝횑횎 횙획횏 횊횝 횝횑횎 횕횒횗횔 횋횎횕횘횠



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looks legit

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i would be selling at 51k bobo, but the etfs make me not want to risk it cuz ill just buy more at 35k cuz im not a neet i have a job and make money so i can just buy more if it drops :p

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Welcome to the taming of Bitcoin. OP is exactly right. You MIGHT see a wick up to like 150k for 1 or 2 days if you're lucky but that's it. And then we fall to about 45k in mid-2026 and then in 2029 you'll see us reach 180-200k. Less than 2x from the previous bull run. That's the way it's going to go.

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>We're almost at ATH
We're at about 74% of ATH about a month from the halving. The exact same thing, getting to about 74% of ATH about a month before the halving, happened in 2020. Nothing that's happened so far is unprecedented.

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this is so painfully accurate thank you for this reality check.

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thank you sirs

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Explain why should we dump now without using the "it happened before" meme.
Give me concrete bearish data and indicators that are flashing for a dump.

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Max 2020 is 11k and not 74% of 19900 ATH

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Top is 225-235k in october 2025.
After -70%=
65\66k in 2026
X10 in 2029 is 650/660/680k
After -63% in 2030

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Your short will fail and be liquidated soon at $24. Tick Tock faggot.

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I agree with the chart but not the dip that is supposed to happen

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>I need to buy a bitcoin
That'll be $52K thanks and fuck off

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What do you think? We continue this rally up to 120k? Or that we will have a pull back but it will be much smaller than the one in my chart?

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No clue I just don't want the price to go down because I don't swing

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kek, yeah understandable

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You guys still just


Whether bitcoin is mooning or not is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things long term

So long as fiat currencies continue to be devalued, bitcoin will rise, perpetually

It is as simple as that, whether you choose to swing trade it and get more money or more bitcoin is irrelevant to this fact

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You didn't answer, it's there a reason you think there's a dump of 50%on the way up in your view, or it's just a feeling?

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A few things - macroeconomics, halfing narative, and the fact that we are on our 6th monthly green candle.

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I see, it's just feeling then, thanks for confirmation, lots of voices like yours out there these days

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No it's about 13.5k.

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>X10 in 2029
10x in 2029 isn't fucking happening dumbass. Bitcoin is stabilizing to a linear pattern.

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> t.

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fake news

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How long until bitcoin becomes as stable as stocks and the real money is in Alt coins?

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It's literally just a feeling even an uninformed one.
Macro? Macro is as bullish as it gets, climbing the wall of worry on an obvious bull market that's been going for a year straight, with zero retail in the game, markets pumping while the economy crashes, the perfect setup for a blow off top.

Bitcoin etf slurps 16x times the supply daily, while whales buy and retail sells, pushing the price to all time highs by next month if doesn't slow down.

Social Metrics at all time lows meaning none cares about crypto and everyone is still in ptsd or uninterested.

Again why do we dump other than your feeling?

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e̴̶a̴r̴n̴ f̴r̴e̴e̴ g̴i̴f̴t̴c̴̶a̴r̴d̴s̴ ̶a̴s̴ m̴̶a̴n̴y̴ t̴i̴m̴e̴s̴ ̶a̴s̴ y̴o̴u̴ w̴̶a̴n̴t̴ ̶a̴n̴d̴ r̴e̴s̴e̴l̴l̴ i̴t̴ f̴o̴r̴ p̴r̴o̴f̴i̴t̴s̴, r̴e̴̶a̴d̴ t̴h̴e̴ p̴d̴f̴ ̶a̴t̴ t̴h̴e̴ l̴i̴n̴k̴ b̴e̴l̴o̴w̴



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The ETF boom is exactly what will take bitcoin there. This is the last parabolic bitcoin bull run. After this it will just follow the stock market. If you aren't already hedging bitcoin with alts then you fell for maxi propaganda and are ngmi.

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ҽąɾղ ƒɾҽҽ ցìƒէçąɾժʂ ąʂ ʍąղվ էìʍҽʂ ąʂ վօմ աąղէ ąղժ ɾҽʂҽӀӀ ìէ ƒօɾ քɾօƒìէʂ, ɾҽąժ էհҽ քժƒ ąէ էհҽ Ӏìղҟ ҍҽӀօա



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ₑₐᵣₙ fᵣₑₑ gᵢfₜcₐᵣdₛ ₐₛ ₘₐₙy ₜᵢₘₑₛ ₐₛ yₒᵤ wₐₙₜ ₐₙd ᵣₑₛₑₗₗ ᵢₜ fₒᵣ ₚᵣₒfᵢₜₛ, ᵣₑₐd ₜₕₑ ₚdf ₐₜ ₜₕₑ ₗᵢₙₖ bₑₗₒw



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>you aren't already hedging bitcoin with alts
Explain like I'm 5.
I need to make it to escape wagecage.

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e̷ᴀRɴ ꜰRee GJꜰtc̷ᴀRdꜱ ̷ᴀꜱ m̷ᴀɴʏ tJmeꜱ ̷ᴀꜱ ʏou w̷ᴀɴt ̷ᴀɴd ReꜱeMM Jt ꜰoR pRoꜰJtꜱ, Re̷ᴀd tHe pdꜰ ̷ᴀt tHe MJɴk ʙeMow



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w , w



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>This is the last parabolic bitcoin bull run. After this it will just follow the stock market
I actually don't mind this, hitting 7 figs in this cycle then just comfy cycling in and out of BTC for the rest of my life for easy stress free gains sounds like a good deal.

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Blow off top at end of 2025 is what’s expected but will it come earlier this time because of ETFs?

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Wtf, it better not, I didn't wait half a decade for fucking 2x

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e̊⫶͎⫶å⫶r̊⫶n̊⫶ f̊⫶r̊⫶e̊⫶e̊⫶ g̊⫶i̊⫶f̊⫶t̊⫶c̊⫶͎⫶å⫶r̊⫶d̊⫶s̊⫶ ͎⫶å⫶s̊⫶ m̊⫶͎⫶å⫶n̊⫶ẙ⫶ t̊⫶i̊⫶m̊⫶e̊⫶s̊⫶ ͎⫶å⫶s̊⫶ ẙ⫶o̊⫶ů⫶ ẘ⫶͎⫶å⫶n̊⫶t̊⫶ ͎⫶å⫶n̊⫶d̊⫶ r̊⫶e̊⫶s̊⫶e̊⫶l̊⫶l̊⫶ i̊⫶t̊⫶ f̊⫶o̊⫶r̊⫶ p̊⫶r̊⫶o̊⫶f̊⫶i̊⫶t̊⫶s̊⫶, r̊⫶e̊⫶͎⫶å⫶d̊⫶ t̊⫶h̊⫶e̊⫶ p̊⫶d̊⫶f̊⫶ ͎⫶å⫶t̊⫶ t̊⫶h̊⫶e̊⫶ l̊⫶i̊⫶n̊⫶k̊⫶ b̊⫶e̊⫶l̊⫶o̊⫶ẘ⫶



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ēคrຖ frēē ງift¢คr໓Ş คŞ ๓คຖฯ ti๓ēŞ คŞ ฯ໐น ຟคຖt คຖ໓ rēŞēll it f໐r pr໐fitŞ, rēค໓ thē p໓f คt thē liຖk ๖ēl໐ຟ



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It means holding alts that outperform BTC on the way up (not all of them will) and GTFO before they start to underperfom BTC (all of them will)

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Is that Macro the Bull with us in the room right now?

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people are bearish on this but it's still an insane chart. if you can't 4-5x off this at the minimum you are not positioned correctly.

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people are bearish on this but it's still an insane chart. if you can't 4-5x off this at the minimum you are not positioned correctly. And I don't mean alts.

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shut up tranny that's not what he said

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it means the halving is being priced in

this is why I buy MSTR
I can sell for a 4x with a 2x move from BTC

BTC sucks if you arent rich already

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>no ATH until 2025
if this happens then it means we will crash
how the fuck are you supposed to not go ath until 2025 if not

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ngl I kinda believe it

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Alright I'm counting on you /biz/... I just sold almost everything. I will rebuy once your drop happens. How long will it take?

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anon i... don't you know the meaning: "swingers get rope"...?

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28k is the next bottom, then onto 250k by 2030

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yes, this is true

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he's right

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Yes as a matter of fact it's been for the entire year, when i bought at 15k while retards like you were constantly calling for 2008 fresh fractals and other retarded shit
That's what he said, it's a feeling, and a wrong one, backed by nothing.
Ever single indicator out there has been screaming bull for months and more are flashing as we speak, while you mongoloid subhuman feel traders have been sidelined waiting for a 12k dip that will never come.

There won't be pull backs exactly because most people are retarded like you are, all btc is being slurped, no replays, no pull backs thanks for playing.

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>Yes as a matter of fact it's been for the entire year

>when i bought at 15k
Fine, good for you.

>while retards like you were constantly calling for 2008 fresh fractals and other retarded shit
No, too soon. The curve isn't above zero yet, but it's on it's way there.

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>>57652515 >>57652526 >>57652529 >>57652531 >>57652537 >>57652539 >>57652541 >>57652544 >>57652629 >>57652635 >>57652638 >>57652703 >>57652707 >>57652732 >>57652820 >>57652939 >>57652948 >>57653069 >>57653250 >>57653279 >>57653447 >>57653515 >>57653584 >>57653596 >>57653691 >>57653723 >>57653856 >>57654005 >>57654054 >>57654070 >>57654089 >>57654109 >>57654112 >>57654125 >>57654146 >>57654154 >>57654172 >>57654195 >>57654222 >>57654228 >>57654235 >>57654248 >>57654265 >>57654282 >>57654284 >>57655012 >>57655309 >>57655463 >>57655653 >>57655672 >>57656235 >>57656259 >>57657149 >>57657197 >>57657350 >>57657403 >>57657439 >>57657499 >>57657803 >>57659323 >>57659331 >>57659399 >>57659503 >>57660071 >>57660127 >>57661050 >>57661591
picrel is more likely

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Beoble says 45 is next. Thoughts?