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seriously tho

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Ive been in crypto since 2020 and I still don’t understand how to use leverage

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>how to use
you just borrow money, whats there to get?

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you input a number and thats the multiplier

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Can I have a bite of that grilled cheese?

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Where? Who are you borrowing from. I just use coinbase and uniswap

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I don’t think Americans can
You have to use a proxy or something
I don’t know the details, leverage is too dangerous for me to want to do it. You’re gambling against the house while they can see every bet you’re making

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u posted this as a joke but its kinda true. most people gambling on sol shitters would be better off just holding SOL, or occasionally 3x longing SOL taking profit and holding SOL

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>from where
from brokerage

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thank you, im collecting this genre of pepe.
i very much enjoy them.

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>4x long
when price of solana pump 10%, how many % do you earn that way?

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Bitcoin could pump and sol could still slump to $90 or lower don’t forget we hit $20 in the low. Plus you could get scam wicked on the way homie.

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im actually serious. just had the thought today and cant let go of it
same i need all of them fr
try finishing elementary school

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Nice grilled cheese hat.

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thank you

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i like this genre of pepe too