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>that rise
Will my bags stop being bags?

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Just sell, anon. Sorry.

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how do you have bags? Did you buy this shit when it was fucking 2 dollars or something?

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Anon, I....

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Should I just sell now, bros? I was underwater on this bag for sooo long

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Hasn't been this price for almost 2 years. Not saying you should sell but just give it a think.

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Uhh it was this price literally 2 months ago lol

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Weakest pump in my entire portfolio. I'm going to sell to buy more $BTC instead like my beoble niggas told me I'm tired of this shit. $ADA and $DOT have been the biggest disappointments of my life.

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You may as well. You can also wait and see what happens to btc this month. Nobody really knows if the correction is real or not

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this. performs terribly and i dont see why that would change. this is aptos 2.0

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Sell and put it all on Kaspa. If you are going to become a bag holder might as well do it on an asset that has better chances at surprising you later down the line lol. Still cheap, too.

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just sell bro. sorry for your loss.

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>buying btc at 52k
>he doesn't know this is a giantic bulltrap
>he probably thinks 70k is real

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Reminds me of avax and link. Huh. I guess past cycle shitcoin top picks truly are going out of business soon huh.

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Let me guess you actually got LINU too right?

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>nft faggots high on opium told me-
nobody cares. hope you go homeless.

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Nope they wont, I just sold, better luck next time.

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>Sell and put it all on Kaspa
Anon you are the new definition of EVIL

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>he bought the redditors' bags
The redditors used to buy this every cycle because of "the fundamentals" and because it's taking the "slow and steady route". It actually pumped because of these midwits, but now they've figured out how sociopath-Charles manages his vaporware bagholder cult and aren't participating anymore. Who is there to buy your bags?

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>Uhh it was this price literally 2 months ago lol
well you got me there but still if you zoom out it's not encouraging.

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Sell everything before the Russians invade you

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Still -80% from ath. Not the worst, but still dogshit. By 'the worst' I mean avalanche btw.

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Why has ADA been so meaningless last years?

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It's a bunch of false promises from an egomaniac leader. Thankfully, this 10k ADA is just a suicide stack for me. It's barely 0.5% of my total crypto holdings.

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Only of you stay in ada instead of apeing inj and fun whilst there’s still time

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yikes. I bought a suicide stack at 10 cents and threw it on yoroi for staking havent even thought about it lmao.xwgn8

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When they start to realize ETH has glaring security issues.

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When they start to find out ETH and chains which use it astheirunderlying protocolhaveunfixable security issues, prepare for alot of lost money this bullrun.

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єคгภ Ŧгєє ﻮเŦՇςคг๔ร คร ๓คภץ Շเ๓єร คร ץ๏ย ฬคภՇ คภ๔ гєรєɭɭ เՇ Ŧ๏г קг๏ŦเՇร, гєค๔ Շђє ק๔Ŧ คՇ Շђє ɭเภк ๒єɭ๏ฬ



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checked & this
sadly most developers seem to dumb to work with haskell

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Damn I didn't know charles used to be based

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e͎a͎r͎n͎ f͎r͎e͎e͎ g͎i͎f͎t͎c͎a͎r͎d͎s͎ a͎s͎ m͎a͎n͎y͎ t͎i͎m͎e͎s͎ a͎s͎ y͎o͎u͎ w͎a͎n͎t͎ a͎n͎d͎ r͎e͎s͎e͎l͎l͎ i͎t͎ f͎o͎r͎ p͎r͎o͎f͎i͎t͎s͎, r͎e͎a͎d͎ t͎h͎e͎ p͎d͎f͎ a͎t͎ t͎h͎e͎ l͎i͎n͎k͎ b͎e͎l͎o͎w͎



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ADA and DOT are for mid 6 figure fags, people that don't need to gamble on pajeet coins but still won't make it with BTC & ETH. Find other coins for your $1000 to make you rich, good luck anon