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quite possibly the dumbest business decision i have ever witnessed.

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Give it time, they are still caught up in the lawsuit.

It should be over in April and then XRP will moon as fuck

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to this day nobody names it "X" unless they are shitposting

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Until they leverage their monopoly on user input to refine their AI.

You should use that as a signal that your brain is smooth, and you shouldn't be making serious decisions by yourself.

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Twitter is a verb in the dictionary and he changed the name because he wants to make a dumb wechat clone for the west

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Elon bought Twitter/X solely to algo farm public discourse.

Information is money nowadays

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Well, always to be more precise. Just that you couldn't really directly and instantly make money from it in various ad/algo/AI ways

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X is because it will be payment system (XRP/XLM)

Everybody calls it X, nobody calls it twitter anymore

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>nobody calls it twitter anymore
I'm with the boomers on this one I still call it twatter.

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there is already 100's of payment systems and now one your can't get banned from. Bitcoin.

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Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahah BAGGIE

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cool, send me $1 in bitcoin and pay $50 fees

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you can't buy anything for $1 anymore jack ass.

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disagree. the Twitter brand was fake and gay

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You can buy an XRP for it

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use Kaspa

every crypto is priced against BTC. BTC is not for making the payment, it's for valuing the payment.

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i rather keep the $1 in fiat then trade it for an even bigger scam.

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Guys, OP is smarter than Elon Musk! Wow!

Hey tell us about all the successful companies you own and run, OP, you fucking retarded fucker!

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>quite possibly the dumbest business decision i have ever witnessed.
Calm down Zuck, posting on biz now lmao

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>because Elon has successful businesses, he can't make any bad decisions ever

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ding ding ding
X is the global public square. Information and media is power and influence. All the movers and shakers are on twitter. Elon will transform it into the everything app like he has been planning. Just acquired the company. First election year to, platform is going to be electric plus the crypto bull run. Imagine X in ten years. All of the doubters of Elon get destroyed in the long run. He always wins, never loses. When he has a goal, shit gets done. Don't fade Elon, only jealous seethers do

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But it wasn't a business decision. He literally did it for the lolz.

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Okay I'm convinced. Now how do I profit from this?

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Make an account, create content, build a following, and find communities on it. Twitter is great for crypto, they don't call it CT, crypto twitter for nothing. Can find alpha and make connections if you know where to look
I'm not saying become a crypto influencer or full time content creator. Leverage it to be productive and make gainz not to mindlessly consume
Also wait for a X ipo in 5 years and invest in it

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lmao dude probably hid thread after this one

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>fires 90% of the unproductive leeches
>subscription service is a success
>downloads and usership at an all time high and grew faster under musk than before
>advertisers are coming back
if theres one thing Elon knows how to do its run a business, I have full confidence twitter will be profitable under him

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Verification not required.

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>Everybody calls it X
Like who?

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єαяη ƒяєє gιƒт¢αя∂s αs мαηy тιмєs αs yσυ ωαηт αη∂ яєsєll ιт ƒσя ρяσƒιтs, яєα∂ тнє ρ∂ƒ αт тнє lιηк вєlσω



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so far
they can probably do worse

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You’re talking about it.

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i disagree with that. since implementing his policies, X has become the fastest growing social media. i really love what elon did and im sure a lot of you agree with me

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It's been great since he took over. Tons more info being shared without restriction.

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It's pretty smart actually. Real men would never use a product named Twitter or send out a Tweet, but they might just use a product named X, so right away he's doubled his potential userbase.

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[e]̼[a][r][n] [f][r][e][e] [g][i][f][t][c]̼[a][r][d][s] ̼[a][s] [m]̼[a][n][y] [t][i][m][e][s] ̼[a][s] [y][o][u] [w]̼[a][n][t] ̼[a][n][d] [r][e][s][e][l][l] [i][t] [f][o][r] [p][r][o][f][i][t][s], [r][e]̼[a][d] [t][h][e] [p][d][f] ̼[a][t] [t][h][e] [l][i][n][k] [b][e][l][o][w]



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>Should be over by x
I've been hearing this for the last 3 years. It's going to continue into 2026 at the minimum.

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well said. earning from the social is increasingly becoming a norm. recently came across Hydro that allows app and website owners to monetize without ads

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Elon is so retarded that it isn’t even funny. He’s like that one Japanese retard who got lucky and invested in one successful tech company during the Dotcom bubble, became a billionaire, and spent the rest of his career making stupider and stupider decisions while remaining unrelentingly convinced of his own genius.

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i disagree with this retarded sentiment for a plethora of reasons for starters i am a genius and the richest man in the entire world the people of 4chan are simply too dumb to realize that the only viable path to true wealth lies in honey badger erc tokens (ticker $hoba) which i have personally made a fortune by hoarding as i would with money if the world ever comes to its senses and starts to invest in honey badger erc then everyone i know will be rich and i will be richer suck my dick

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êårñ £rêê g¢årЧ å§ måñ¥ †ïmê§ å§ ¥ðµ wåñ† åñÐ rê§êll ï† £ðr þrð£ï†§, rêåÐ †hê þУ å† †hê lïñk ßêlðw