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How many good goy points do you have?

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819 on experian

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Credit scores aren't really a thing in my country

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How do I increase my credit score? I only have one credit card that I never use.

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>>57646703 use it

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but don't use it too much. I got a secured card for 850 months ago and setup auto pay from my checking. I was using 300-500/month and then one month I maxed it (still paying on time obviously) and my score dropped 1 point. I kind of understand but I still think it's gay nonsense

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Use the card, but never be late on any payments for anything
Get some kind of installment loan and then pay it off on time (ie not early)
For bonus good goy points- every now and then make a minimum/partial payment on your cc so you pay some interest
Wallah- you're now a good goy
>doesnt post in a month
>wait a while before posting
>fucking gay

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All three agencies give me 800+
It doesn’t really matter once you’re past 725 or so

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i use rango and otx to circumvent any and all kyc requirements and i constantly lie on my tax returns. i use tailos on my trade laptop so i cant be traced at all. i dont even have a credit card. i have no goy points because i am not a goy in the system.

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the usa is the only 4th world shithole seeking ways to fuck over its populi any way they can

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Me good, 6850 pretty decent

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Really important market require KYC ik you anons plead, love, live and die by anonymity but you are not really anon anymore

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I'm at like 770 but I have never had a late payment on any credit cards, always kept utilization at like 10% maximum, and I've had about 4 credit credit cards since 2016. But no matter what I do my score seems to top out at about 770.

I assume it's because I've never had any student loans, auto loans, or mortgage?

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>goy in the system.
You made this anon really proud

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Guys, don't give him your information

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Should not the colors be the other way?, Red bad, Green good?

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I see them ok, so maybe you're colorblind

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wrong. Mandela effect

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used to have a good score now i have a bad one.

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Isn't anything over 750 technically excellent?

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Consider though that I started with a super advantageous set of conditions for it to be this high.