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AVI bros WW@

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Kind of in a waiting period right now. I feel like we'll crab/bleed a bit while we wait for the audit. I hope Hacken themselves make an announcement when they finish so it'll get more eyes on the project. Also, they'll actually have a fully-made and tested product to market now, so hopefully we'll see those efforts ramp up as well.

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I think probably the same thing, so it's probably at a nice entry point for new buyers right now (especially because no one is really selling either). Anything is possible though, and I continue to sit comfy especially after how much we've been pumping lately.

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avi kenis dream team here

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Incredibly based. I always thought Kenis and Aviator should be friends since they are both actually useful smallcaps this round. You will make it twice

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In my, humble, opinion, we are at the point where the floor gets established. Considering the fact that the dip back to 0.00043 was purchased in an instant I think we are ready to pump again today.

This is the new floor and when you think about it, the target is 3B market cap. So, 4 mil mcap is as early as you can get. Lets get real for a second, Audit+Arcade+CEX listings during the biggest bullrun ever will create the new batch of millionaires.

This is our only chance at making it fellas and I never was so fucking excited about a crypto coin ever in my life. We are reaching a new point in technology, AI and Web3 is the mother fucking standard. AVI holders party on my yacht in 5 months. Be there or be square.

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Time to swing some shit coins in hopes of increasing my stack

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I’m in baby Spyro right now for this exact reason

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This coin is not possible to dump because the devs are incredibly principled and the holders are quite literally always looking for a dip. Even the chart is insanely bullish I've never seen a coin with that staircase pattern not moon.

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Why 3B specifically?

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Fellas, I will ask you nicely to create your own thread and gtfo from ours. Do it while you can still post from that IP.

Now...let's continue.

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Well, I like to also be realistic AVI sister. While we do fit the incoming narrative and while we do have enough profit generating products, we are still the new kid on the block.

The crypto market is expected to be at least 5 trillions $ this bullrun. Sooo, we can "steal" about 3B of liquidity from those. Let's hope that we can add 2 more billions, but that's the best case scenario.

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Do not specify another coin then. Easy, right? Especially a fucking pump and dump that was proved it is a scam.

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Okay thread moderator

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Good. I like that we came to an agreement.

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no crabby, just fox trot this thing to the rocket ship :D

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Yup, comfy hold. Exciting times are coming. I reckon we can eat a zero after the audit starts and everything is coming togheter. All the projects that the team will contact to test(shill) the bridge will pump us to the fucking stratosphere AVI sisters. Fuck all the scams shilled in here, AVI did not and WILL not dump to oblivion like every other god damn rug pulls biz buys.

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It's pretty cool we can just chill and wait for the audit without someone schizo posting weird fud and ruining the thread. Have a nice bag myself and crabbing for a few weeks might be good for me because I keep getting addicted to the chart and being unproductive.

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Make it and sui stacks?

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Kek. Yeah, don't worry about the schizo. If he shows up I will make him btfo. He won't ruin this thread, I promise you. And yeah, chilling with my bag also. Cannot wait for the next AMA, maybe the team is planning a big one. The other were meh, only Binance had a big audience but the Bridge was bugged back then. This time I'm 100% sure that with the audit on the way the price action will be waaaay better. We got the first product on the way, price speculation is open. Fuck yeah

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Depends on what's your price target fren. And also what amount you want to make. I'd say a 2 mil bag will be enough. The total supply is already small and the burns will make it even smaller. There are 9.smth bil AVIS in circulation. Most of them are locked in UNI swap or other wallets. Others are held by the team, so yeah. And don't forget about the fact that even a 6 bil mcap will put us at $0.60, having 2 millis will make you a millionaire. That's how easy it is. We will be fucking rich.

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I think in a bull market most of us think this can at least get to the current MC of Gala Games (750m) because their arcade is like that, but indie devs can host games on it too. The play with Base bridge and ETH ETF is mega bullish too. The fully diluted MC of this coin is 6.4 million, so about 110x. I mean this is all speculation and this is crypto so only invest what you are willing to lose, but let's say:

sui: 5million (550k usd)
make it: 35 million (close to 4 million USD)

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Thanks bros still looking to increase my stack 1M currently

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No worries fren, I also DCA every month. This project is a fucking goldmine. I got rugged like 10 times before I saw a AVI thread on biz. Now I made almost all the losses back. I cannot believe how fucking stupid I was. The team knows what they are doing and they are transparent as fuck. We only went up until now. Imagine where we are going to stand next month with the fucking bridge active. It's mind boggling. The only uncertainty would be, do we eat one zero or two? We will see.

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Why is it pumping right now , did I miss something?

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Floor was established, people do not want to miss another SHIB like opportunity, buyers are now certain that the audit will take place and the bullishness of the Bridge and the project. That's what I think. Also price discovery. Imagine missing out on this orice range lmao. There won't be another chance to buy millions of AVIs this cheap. It's like buying LINK when it was 0.001. That's why now a Link whale is smth like 20k. That's our future frens, we will become whales very, very, VEEERY fucking soon.

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To be honest I'm kinda jealous that we shill the project this early. I know that I found it via a biz thread as well, but I want to keep this only for myself lmaoo. But sharing is caring frens. Maybe some anons will get their golden tickets from here. We are all gonna FUCKING make it. Now or never. Last fucking chance for this next bullrun. We will become millionaires AVI sisters.

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It's just obvious bull shit shill bots shill

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Fuck you, you fucking waste of air, food and water. Kill yourself so someone else can use the things that you waste.

How is that response for a bot? Fuck off from this thread you god damn mongoloid

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A good business strategy with strong and persistent leaders and a passionate community is unstoppable. We're all gonna make it Aviators

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Indeed AVI sister. I had my doubts in the beginning. As I said earlier, I was rugged a couple of times and my instincts kept me from buying other coins. But after I found AVI, my gut instincts told me to FOMO right in. No matter what the price is. The fact that they completed a KYC with solid proof made me, hah, solid. They are the most trusted devs that I have ever known. And they are well known in the crypto space. If you know, you know. CEXs love that and also other big projects love that. In the Binance AMA they mentioned PEPE and FLOKI, a lot. I really believe that was a glimpse of what projects will test the bridge during the audit. That's fucking huge in my book.

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When next audit starts? Hope stixil will fix bugged code in under a month

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All bugs are fixed fren. It now depends on Hacken, everything is signed and ready to go. They have a small waiting list, but until the end of the month the audit will start and with it, the test net goes live. That's when the other projects that the team contacted will start testing the bridge. And by testing, that means shilling it.

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Now imagine all the buys coming in when the audit starts. All the sidelined whales waiting for the products will begin buying, all the projects the dev team contacted will start testing the bridge and so every holder from said project will get a glimpse of us and last but not least, that's one step closer to the Coinbase listing that the devs can obtain very easily since they still keep in touch with their team since the SHIB listing. It's so fucking bullish I'm gonna end my edging streak to the thought of everything exploding into a huge fucking green candle marathon.

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So why it got rejected from auditors?

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Rejected? It's called a waiting line...anon. Let me know which Wikipedia article to give to you so you can understand the concept. I will explain to you first. So, a waiting line means that other projects were first in line before AVI requested a quote from them. Ok? Are you following me? Good dog. Now, because they were first, we have to wait for a bit. At the end of the month it's our turn. Everything is signed, legal documents, legal, ok? They cannot show it to you. Ok? Got me? After that we will pump, so in short, buy now or you will remain sidelined. You either buy at 0.00068 $100 and turn that into 100k or, buy $100 after the audit is finished and turn that into 1k. Your choice. Did I make myself clear? Do you understand English? Let me know. Thanks.

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Last time it got rejected stixil had 2 months to unfuck code I aint waiting for that

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You do not understand English! That's why you always say the same thing! That's it! Now it all makes fucking sense. It will be a shame if you...uh.. take a 2 weeks break from posting on biz ;)

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You are just trolling. Are you aware that you are losing a once in a lifetime opportunity? Join us my fren. You can finally leave your job. No more wagie cagey, buy now. You know you want it. The audit will start soon. The arcade will start soon. Billions of dollars will flow through the Bridge daily, 4+ total networks supported until the summer. There is no other chance like this. Repent your sins. Buy AVI

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Oh and by the way, at least buy now or more because we are at 968 holders atm. There will be a burn to celebrate the 1000 holders.

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Lets not forget base already finishing same kind of bridge leaving avi in dust once again. 8 months later avi failed bridge deployment 3 times that just looks bad.

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Even if that is true anon, there are 5-10 other networks that will be supported. When I said that billions of dollars will flow through our(Trademarked) bridge, I meant it. And also, I know that you are poor right now, or stressed with debt, or that you need money quickly and you are angry at the team. But that's a lesson you should learn. Patience. With that you can conquer every mountain, no matter how big it is. You will make it fren. This project was designed to generate value. Look everywhere in what they will accomplish, burns, bridge fees and burns, arcade burns and fees, you name it. AVI is primed to pump no matter how you put it. So..have some patience. I'm up x6 by now and I bough 2 months ago, isn't that cool? And it didn't rug in the 8 months that they existed for. I'm very comfy, come on, join us.

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Sentiment this project to deliver anything ATL. Kinda sad how incompetent devs are

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>40 posts itt
>half btid
>all shill posts
>replying to himself
So here are a few things that could be happening:

1. The schizo gave up and bought back in
2. Trying to create hype for a quick pnd
3. Trolling

Time will tell

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That's really weird, in my humble opinion. The sentiment in the chats are at ATH. We are all pissing ourselves with anticipation of the bridge release lmao. After that comes the arcade, which might be in April as it was developed at the same time with the bridge. And after both of those bad boys are out there comes the first CEX listing. Lovely. Healthy and constant pumps. That's better than anything else, I just need to hold AVI and I will become a millionaire? That's crazy

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Hey fren. I'm not the schizo that you are looking for. I'm here to spread the word about AVI. You do not want to make money? That's weird. Why all the trust issues all of a sudden? Tell me more. We can fix it togheter while we wait for the 1000 holders burn.

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Kek I knew it was you

>you don’t want to make money?
You sold at .0002. You could’ve been up 3x right now. Hopefully you learned your lesson.

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Fren, I can leave if that's what you want. But please, make sure that you spread the word about AVI better than I did in the past comments. Ok? Maybe you can do a better job. 968 holders, 32 to go for the burn. I will check the thread tonight. Maybe we can all celebrate.

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Based noooticer

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Another weekend another delay lol. I told they will delay and stall while eth farming this shit

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brigadier general reporting
i think this coin is very deceiving
it looks like an animal meme coin because of the mascot, but when you take a look at the internal workings, its all incredibly reassuring- even moreso than almost any "serious" project
these guys have real cool ideas and know how to put it all together, and maybe even more importantly, they know how to communicate better than any other dev team.
im glad i took a chance on this in august and researched it

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1000 holders soon, get in before its too late

>> No.57646605

Ok, it's time to stop with the AVI threads. Go use that energy to shill it somewhere else. You can start making /biz/ threads again when the price is at 10x from where it is now.

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Yeah, biz is saturated for the moment and honestly - it doesn't deserve any more spoonfeeding.
Post on twitter, daily vote the coin, do your thing fellow avichads.
And then we come back in about a month to laugh at every biztard that missed yet another true chance to make it.

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As a fellow Brig Gen myself, this is the one. I've never been so sure about an investment.

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brah.. i literally said i was waiting for a dip yesterday... fml

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>57645050 (You) #
>Fuck you, you fucking waste of air, food and water. Kill yourself

Ok I just did it now what?

>> No.57646929

Moment of truth. Let’s see if there is still a strong resistance at 0007

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Im debating throwing a few bucks in here but not gonna lie the guy shilling nonstop comes across as a red flag. Feels too desperate

>> No.57646964

We just made a new ATH bros.

>> No.57646966

Is this it? Is the moon mission finally here?

>> No.57646972

That’s fair. Idk, the project has a general air of positivity about it. I want all my fellow biz frens to make it

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>the guy shilling nonstop comes across as a red flag
Well Link had that faggot 42 and still ended up putting in over a 50x from the point he latched on.
Not comparing the two projects just illustrating a point that schizo retards will latch onto just about anything with no real consequence to price action

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We're 30 buyers away from hitting 1k holders.
Also interesting note is I moved up two spots during this consolidation phase. So two relatively large "whale" wallets are completely out. Bullish.

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i fully agree
the hacken announcement pump a couple weeks ago was unbelievably bullish to me, and not for the announcement itself.
i thought it was obvious after a quick look through the projects plans and a quick chat with the team that theyre dead serious about all this, and that they have more than enough experience to make everything they have planned a reality.
the hacken audit announcement changed nothing. they said it would happen, so it was a gimme.
...but most people genuinely just arent equipped to notice signs and piece the logic together- they need things to already be happening.
people will continue slowly trickling into this for a long, long time.
even with zero products out, this things true value should unironically be 5x higher

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Almost 1000 holders but only 57 people in tg chat. Something dosent add up

>> No.57647090

See >>57645465. It’s a schizo rudder from previous threads. The fucking guy is crazy, and yes it is forced. Don’t mind him

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Yeah I'm bullish on avi.

>> No.57647123

careful, that one might be a fake scam tg or something
main tg has 645 people and is pretty active

>> No.57647145

I don’t see the issue. Holders are spread out across different platforms (discord, TG, twitter). People also hold more than one wallet as well. Enzo has at least 3 wallets that we know of.

>> No.57647169

Dumb ass

>> No.57647172

Ignore the noise and pay attention to the project, it's a buy anon. I own a bunch of AVI and these threads still give me cancer

>> No.57647230

Whats stopping him making 100 wallets?

>> No.57647240

Tg is for faggots its bullish that only 50/1000 holders are gay

>> No.57647246

time, gas fees, we'd be able to see it, and theres no point

>> No.57647260

Its useful for news and information about a project but making it your social club is indeed gay as hell

>> No.57647266

Well I hope this wont get delayed again. After 3 times Im sensing bad trend

>> No.57647281

Oops. Better luck next time

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Fuck I just posted this in the wrong thread. Now I'm a double nigger.
Sorry for this bros but I'm shilling Baby Spyro in your thread. I've been with AVI since the early pumps but i'm sad that you niggers missed out on the baby spyro presale. Only like 40 anons got in on it. It's for sure going to lose at least one more zero through some serious pumps and I just wanted to shill it here to let AVI bros know. I did this shit in the HOKK thread too and feel bad, but I feel like y'all should know before it possibly hits 1M mc
>I know I'm a nigger for shilling out of our threads

>> No.57647357

Wtf are you even talking about.

>> No.57647395

Arcade delay then game delay and lastly bridge delay. They come up with stuff as they go. Probably good thing but still lack of focus stands

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they delayed the bridge once, but
>arcade delay
>game delay
did you listen to the guy who spams 40 posts a thread and makes up a new lie that doesnt even make sense for each one

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I only have a million what can I expect this year

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>> No.57647923

Realistically my hopes are at least 60 million mc in spring, thats conservative.
Then summer and autumn push 200million mc.
Full bull could easy go to 1 billy.
I will cash out and 60 and 200 and buy a house.
I got 13mil avi, gonna buy 2-3 mil more soon.

>> No.57648006

>somebody even more stupid than me gonna buy and then I gonna dump it
lol ok

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>new fud attempts are always retarded shit like attacking the concept of buying low and selling at a higher price
avi genuinely has no fud, does it

>> No.57648094

If avi was any good no shill threads would be needed

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Just bought 1.4 million, y’all convinced me

>> No.57648201

New ATH holder count and price!

>> No.57648301

The esl fudder is one of the worst fudders I’ve ever seen. Don’t pay him any attention

>> No.57648471

Owner of enzo wallet is cb

>> No.57649072

We breached .0008

>> No.57649127

Is…is 1.4m a grand now? I have chosen to simply ignore the price. I’ve got about 20m avi that I bought at 400k mc

>> No.57649146

I’m up $100, this was a good investment

>> No.57649242

sheeeettttt lets GOOOOOO

>> No.57649246

>I’ve got about 20m avi that I bought at 400k mc
...you will be pleasantly surprised next time you check your balance.
i bought in at around the same range. feels good, but not selling

>> No.57649254

we're gonna eat a 0 by next week

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Eat THIS chud

>> No.57649322

I doubled my stack bros. Realistically how long before a 10x?

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>> No.57649407

”Oh no pumping too soon”

>> No.57649417

Avisister when audit is approved the sky is the limit

>> No.57649659

When the audit completes and when they launch the bridge

>> No.57650011

schizo retards doing dogshit avi fud coping they sold the bottom just makes the pump stronger

>> No.57650061

Probably aren't going to get a better chance to swing and double up

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I have 2m Avi and several k I can theoretically buy with, what can I expect with this stack?

>> No.57650125

We're about to lose a zero, I really regret not buying more when I had the chance, c'est la vie I suppose.

>> No.57650157

It will dump there is no guarantee of the audit

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swingie btfo
love to see it

>> No.57650237 [DELETED] 

ɛąཞŋ ʄཞɛɛ ɠıʄɬƈąཞɖʂ ąʂ ɱąŋყ ɬıɱɛʂ ąʂ ყơų ῳąŋɬ ąŋɖ ཞɛʂɛƖƖ ıɬ ʄơཞ Pཞơʄıɬʂ, ཞɛąɖ ɬɧɛ Pɖʄ ąɬ ɬɧɛ Ɩıŋƙ ცɛƖơῳ



>> No.57650267 [DELETED] 

ēคrຖ frēē ງift¢คr໓Ş คŞ ๓คຖฯ ti๓ēŞ คŞ ฯ໐น ຟคຖt คຖ໓ rēŞēll it f໐r pr໐fitŞ, rēค໓ thē p໓f คt thē liຖk ๖ēl໐ຟ



>> No.57650447

There’s a token unlock on March 13th. Are we gonna pump until then?

>> No.57650453
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Stop going up. Right. Now. This is NOT funny.

>> No.57650464

Cope. Code still full of critical bugs that refuses to start. Literally poo in code

>> No.57650746

Ayo my lil fox bitcoins be doin sum

>> No.57650964


>> No.57650984

Any moment now dump Im sure

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You OK big dog?

>> No.57651056
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Hard body questions need to be asked. What if token is not needed?

>> No.57651059
File: 78 KB, 404x422, 1702695597956169.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

avi swingies will never be ok
i wont lie, ive been tempted, but i know whats good for me

>> No.57651109

Token is needed for arcade, and will give bonus to bridge rewards. There's still time to get back on board bro. Don't let your pride fuck with you.

>> No.57651160

and nowhere is states that token will be needed its just price aka anything like usdc 0.25 will be needed not some avi token. Devs already distancing themselves from token by saying that they dont need token to get revenue

>> No.57651191

token is required to play the games

>> No.57651219

Purchases on arcade are all done in AVI dude. It's up to the devs to decide how they charge. 1% burn on all arcade purchases btw.

>> No.57651233

Probably wont be needed its just easier to play in stablecoins

>> No.57651260


>> No.57651376

Sure, you can use your choice of stablecoin and the router will buy AVI in order to get access to the game. Btw, completely unrelated but are you retarded by any chance?

>> No.57651392

No stixil just pays me to generate traffic for avi

>> No.57651410

This motherfucker pays you to generate traffic but won't pay for the audit. I'm so close to selling rn.

>> No.57651425

Lmao what no fud does to a mufudger

>> No.57651452
File: 101 KB, 609x597, 1708304989850.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

In AVI of course?

>> No.57651464

In toad

>> No.57651469

Not only have they distanced themselves from the token, but they’ve even talked about leaving altogether. I’m selling right now as we speak.

>> No.57651477

Such an artificial pump see you all back at 3m mc

>> No.57651522

Fuck... It's over...

>> No.57651561

bunch of niggers in here

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File: 49 KB, 770x600, 1702777290698833.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i didnt want to say anything, but ive noticed these threads have gotten way more fucking annoying since the toadniggers finally realized they got scammed

>> No.57651598

So close to US$ 0,0009, at this rate we will lose a zero in a few days max.

>> No.57651672

Insider here

>> No.57651687

big if true
many such cases!

>> No.57651693

Read the flightpaper, listen to any of the ama's. $AVI is the native token for their entire software suite. You will have to have it to play games in the arcade, everything on the prize wall is only available in $AVI, their afterburner only takes $AVI, etc.

This fud is so bad, it's like you sold the bottom back in October and have been coping ever since.

>> No.57651732

Im posting from inside insider rn he likes to be dominated

>> No.57651844

.0009 passed >:)

>> No.57651870

All whales have reached an agreement and this token not needed shitcoin is dumping to zero in 10 hours

>> No.57651878

This was a good random buy. Thanks bros. I’m gonna go buy some dinner now. I’ll report back shortly

>> No.57651919

All you have to do now is hold. Don't fuck it up.

>> No.57652019

Hey anons, what's up with gigawhale here


310m wallet. And just added.

>> No.57652038
File: 200 KB, 591x635, 219498213821JWIRIU219432109321.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i'm tired of the AVI shilling in beoble, biz and twitter


>> No.57652052

i remember watching them slowly accumulate and climb up the ranks
insane to me that they still just buy, but i guess theres also not much of a reason to sell

>> No.57652078

I went through wallets early on and a lot of the larger wallets were in shiba related shitcoins, same with him.
Just one of those weird things that made me raise an eyebrow on my way to realizing that Avi is my /makeit/ token

>> No.57652091
File: 374 KB, 1170x778, IMG_4416.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The linkies laughed at my portfolio

Who is laughing now niggers

>> No.57652096

Never listen to Linkies

>> No.57652177

i remember your posts/threads, loved watching all those dickheads getting mad and bitter at your portfolios gains
theyd probably only cope even harder now kek

>> No.57652189

It’s even higher than that I’ve made 1k off baby Spyro kek

>> No.57652218
File: 151 KB, 1000x1000, 1701125626298607.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

good shit, anon
we'll laugh at them all the way to the top

>> No.57652304 [DELETED] 




>> No.57652318

Lmao enzo can't even swing anymore, he"s getting priced out.

>> No.57652335

I'd be more concerned with the guy with more than the uniswap pool right now

>> No.57652380

I’m back bros. I got a shitty gas station burger, hot fries, and a corona tallboy

>> No.57652587
File: 375 KB, 1080x1106, IMG_4309.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ready for the next burn niggers

>> No.57652595

Aviator chads stay winning.

>> No.57652612
File: 48 KB, 431x644, IMG_4417.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Also reminder

>> No.57652631

Chad devs have like 2m in the treasury wallet and still pay for the audit out of pocket .

>> No.57652687

yeah devs paid audit outta own pocket, they did the same thing for something before, and just returned the funds to the treasury, same thing after the 10m mile stone?

>> No.57652723

DAO voted for the burn to be set aside for CEX listings.

>> No.57652760

thought it was % based so 53.74% to cex so around, 161,220,000 avi and each of the remaining of the total 300m to the other selected by the community

>> No.57652845

That was the last vote I remember. You can go look on snapshot.

>> No.57652888 [DELETED] 
File: 157 KB, 1024x1024, avikenis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

avi kenis dream team

>> No.57652890 [DELETED] 

êårñ £rêê g¢årЧ å§ måñ¥ †ïmê§ å§ ¥ðµ wåñ† åñÐ rê§êll ï† £ðr þrð£ï†§, rêåÐ †hê þУ å† †hê lïñk ßêlðw



>> No.57653041

Yeah it's not like stuff that 100x like LINK got years of non stop shill threads.

>> No.57653572

I want to swing this shit so bad

>> No.57653700
File: 82 KB, 186x291, 1707707368377935.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]





sell and I will slurp

>> No.57653771

Anon, someone selling $800 just triggered Jared to move almost $100k to sandwich them. There are multiple whales trying to swing and getting rekt by each other. You will not be successful against these people.

>> No.57653881


This. Aviator is not a coin you fuck with. You cannot "swing" it, and you cannot "dump" it. It is always going up and those who try to stop it get burned.

>> No.57653891

>someone selling $800 just triggered Jared to move almost $100k to sandwich them

I see it how does that work I know it's a bot, god damn it I hate that fucking bot

>> No.57653956

How is it possible to not have any sell pressure? Avi only crabs or pumps the fuck is going on here.

>> No.57653981
File: 27 KB, 400x400, 1708168174740063.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

avi will unironically chad fad to 1b

>> No.57654002
File: 69 KB, 940x1024, IMG-20231218-WA0011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because it's undervalued and everybody plus their grandma knows.

>> No.57654011
File: 294 KB, 1170x432, IMG_4418.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It’s that good.

Blows kns out the water and I’m extremely bullish on kns.

>> No.57654016

No one knows if the audit will fail best use caution

>> No.57654041

Dubs what is kns and should I buy some, can kns reach 5 bucks?

>> No.57654042

They can wait for it to pass and put in money then, honestly in the long wrong still a very good entry. But currently this thing will not be under 20m as soon as it passes. With how diligent and on top of things this group is, I’d honestly be shocked if it failed.

>> No.57654049

It’s a good play and for the bull run $5 per? That’s a bit of a stretch but possible. $1 per for KNS AND AVI.

>> No.57654134

What’s your reasoning behind AVI reaching $1? I would love to be a millionaire

>> No.57654176


You just cannot fuck with this coin, and there is something almost sacred about it. Everyone that tries to swing it, dump it, etc gets burned. It only goes up, and all dips (including the last one) get instantly slurped. It has been programmed.

>> No.57654203


This is absolutely not a revenge project, but I honestly think provenance is protecting this team because all early holders believed in Stixil and knew he was wronged.

>> No.57654214

It’s basically steam but as a token.

>> No.57654413

no its basically shitcoin but not needed

>> No.57655231

Dropping a 0 today, only 10 holders left...

>> No.57655258 [DELETED] 

êårñ £rêê g¢årЧ å§ måñ¥ †ïmê§ å§ ¥ðµ wåñ† åñÐ rê§êll ï† £ðr þrð£ï†§, rêåÐ †hê þУ å† †hê lïñk ßêlðw



>> No.57655280

Get fucked jeet cunt

>> No.57655314

We had a couple retards try it already and they got priced out at the bottom. They would’ve been up 4-5x by now if they held. It turned them into full time schizo fudders. We don’t need anymore

>> No.57655376

Zero dropped

>> No.57655441

and gained straight after.... fucking jared

>> No.57655704 [DELETED] 

e͎a͎r͎n͎ f͎r͎e͎e͎ g͎i͎f͎t͎c͎a͎r͎d͎s͎ a͎s͎ m͎a͎n͎y͎ t͎i͎m͎e͎s͎ a͎s͎ y͎o͎u͎ w͎a͎n͎t͎ a͎n͎d͎ r͎e͎s͎e͎l͎l͎ i͎t͎ f͎o͎r͎ p͎r͎o͎f͎i͎t͎s͎, r͎e͎a͎d͎ t͎h͎e͎ p͎d͎f͎ a͎t͎ t͎h͎e͎ l͎i͎n͎k͎ b͎e͎l͎o͎w͎



>> No.57656034 [DELETED] 

ɛąཞŋ ʄཞɛɛ ɠıʄɬƈąཞɖʂ ąʂ ɱąŋყ ɬıɱɛʂ ąʂ ყơų ῳąŋɬ ąŋɖ ཞɛʂɛƖƖ ıɬ ʄơཞ Pཞơʄıɬʂ, ཞɛąɖ ɬɧɛ Pɖʄ ąɬ ɬɧɛ Ɩıŋƙ ცɛƖơῳ



>> No.57656044

How does jared keep getting away with it

>> No.57656212 [DELETED] 

êårñ £rêê g¢årЧ å§ måñ¥ †ïmê§ å§ ¥ðµ wåñ† åñÐ rê§êll ï† £ðr þrð£ï†§, rêåÐ †hê þУ å† †hê lïñk ßêlðw



>> No.57656214 [DELETED] 

єαяη ƒяєє gιƒт¢αя∂s αs мαηy тιмєs αs yσυ ωαηт αη∂ яєsєll ιт ƒσя ρяσƒιтs, яєα∂ тнє ρ∂ƒ αт тнє lιηк вєlσω



>> No.57656524

Pump is postponed until the 16th of March you fucking British cigarettes. Take profits while you can HAHAHHA

>> No.57656594

Shits rugging hard AF rn

>> No.57656634

I sold so should you. Will take 5 weeks to fix code now

>> No.57656652

Sorry that your coin rugged, is there anything I can do to help, sweetie? Other than buy your bags, of course.

>> No.57656675
File: 481 KB, 1080x1141, 1708353568843.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.57656679
File: 703 KB, 1170x1211, IMG_5699.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well well well. Hacken reposted the AVI tweet. Looks like it’s official now. Proves all the FUD here is just retards who like to cause a dip. Y’all really letting someone here give you fear to sell? Weak. Don’t be like that.

Code is only available to the team and Hacken currently. So those who said they have it or it’ll take 5 weeks to fix the code, are just sniffing glue at this point.

>> No.57656694
File: 245 KB, 480x480, 1708353773380.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Too slow bitch

>> No.57656709

Oof :’(

>> No.57656731


>> No.57656737

What fud? They submitted code fore review and got rejected because bridge flat out refused to start. You just trying gaslight and damage control now

>> No.57656770

lol you have no backing or proof. Why would they repost the tweet if the audit was rejected retard

>> No.57656786


>> No.57656814
File: 6 KB, 350x350, 31mxcsDxJqL._AC_UF350,350_QL50_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.57656837

How do we know that the audit is really happening with out devs showing the signed audit contract between Avi and hacken and proof of singed kyc papers

>> No.57656841

True maybe Hacken is part of the rug

>> No.57656928

I wouldn't recommend swinging here unless you're planning on buying rope in the near future

>> No.57656963

Ok I bought back in stop fucking messing with my emotions my heart is weak

>> No.57656993

Kek. You're gambling a 50x return for a couple grand because your rodent brain needs you to scratch that dopamine itch. Sit on your hands

>> No.57657074

>+33% on the daily
I hate you little shitstains like you wouldn't believe, always regurgitating buzzwords you don't even understand just to sound cool and try to fit in.

>> No.57657083

Hey! Fuck you too, buddy I got a village to feed

>> No.57657236

1000 one thousanderinos holderinos niggers FUCK YEAH

>> No.57657263

No liquidity If I swinged price would drop 60% not even talking about subways man giving me a sausage before my tx

>> No.57657629
File: 23 KB, 505x276, swing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>57657263 to get around 60% you have to own 500m in tokens, which is around half a million. If true that makes you literally the top holder?

>> No.57657804

Don’t pay attention to Matt. He sold at .0002 and has been seething since

>> No.57657883

I sold nothing

>> No.57657902

You did. You dumped 22m and it got bought bought up 2 seconds after.

>> No.57657939

Nop still got my bag

>> No.57658221
File: 127 KB, 750x788, IMG_2880.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.57658238

>>57657804 Im chilling i just like doing the math. I've got my bag and im ready for the next leg up 15m mc. I'm happy what ever way it goes i took out my initial so it's all in house money. Let it fly boys, together apes strong

>> No.57658271

So bullish announcement of announcement

>> No.57658446

I wanna throw in another $1,500, will there ever be a fuckin dip?

>> No.57658640

Definitely, but will it be much lower than it is now?

>> No.57659061

It might be, it might not.

>> No.57659342 [DELETED] 

헲헮헿헻 헳헿헲헲 헴헶헳혁헰헮헿헱혀 헮혀 헺헮헻혆 혁헶헺헲혀 헮혀 혆헼혂 현헮헻혁 헮헻헱 헿헲혀헲헹헹 헶혁 헳헼헿 헽헿헼헳헶혁혀, 헿헲헮헱 혁헵헲 헽헱헳 헮혁 혁헵헲 헹헶헻헸 헯헲헹헼현



>> No.57659384
File: 239 KB, 584x510, adsfsadf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.57659492

So that's it for the 1k holders? No burn? Nothing? I was promised a BURN KEEP YOUR PROMISE BRITISH CIGARETTES

>> No.57659651

feels good to see holder count going up even when prices dip a little
some whales are getting filtered out while smaller holders keep getting an entry

all the milestone events are based on market cap, 1k holders is just a nice little occasion
we briefly crossed 10mil mcap at the same time anyways so theyre doing >>57652612 with 200mil avi later

>> No.57659790

That pengo child molester talks so many lies. Shitcoins mc not even near 10mil in fact it is under 6mil on dex tools. That whole channel is just evil

>> No.57659795

So they are doing it even thought we did not hold the 10m mcap?

>> No.57659810

HAHAHA holy fuck pengo the child molester thanks for the laugh anon now go die in a ditch nobody loves you even I hate you and God told me to love everyone you are beyond redemption rot in hell with Mussolini and Karl Marx

>> No.57659823

yeah, fuck it, why not
it got there

they use diluted mcap

>> No.57659844

Even stixil corrected that price talked god damn minor as admin lamo. Chats bot showing wrong mc

>> No.57659869

this is clearly pengo responding. it is a major red flag that members of the team are spending their time getting hurt by comments on biz.

makes you wonder how many of these positive comments on here about avi are just the team/their team of paid shillers for the project in order to get some more fresh capital into this unsustainable pump. if you have any avi be cautious, at least take some profit off the table here.

>> No.57659879
File: 11 KB, 404x46, burn2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

think the mc on dextools etc doesnt include the burns / treasury under non circulating so yeah 10m = 0.001

>> No.57659909

Forgive them Father, as they are lost in their ways. Help them find redemption. AVE! AVE! CHRISTUS REX

>> No.57659913
File: 51 KB, 896x853, 1706211386898425.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>its too good so you guys HAVE to sell, please just trust me guys
many such cases

>> No.57659925


>> No.57659984

holy shit ETH is a such a scam, $34 in gas fees to swap for AVI on uniswap?

>> No.57660129

Agreed, when can we expect avi on a cex anyone know?

>> No.57660136

I reckon after the products are live or at least the bridge. So maybe late April, maybe mid May

>> No.57660183

after the skybridge is up and theres an avi pool on basechain, ill definitely move to base.
basechain gas is next to nothing and its paid in eth, and good cex listings will likely be a while after skybridge is already out.
dont even want to think about how much money i wasted on eth gas last bullrun

>> No.57660257

I believe the 10m burn the community voted for a certain amount of funds be allocated to a cex listing, but in one of the ama's they said they were going to use funds generated from the bridge to pay for cex listings, meaning the price wouldnt be tanked from using treasury funds.

>> No.57660266

What are some good base coins that haven't pumped yet?

>> No.57660277

side note they could have also used the funds allocated from the treasury for the audit but they did it out of their own pocket 2, so i think we guchi, stay strong apes

>> No.57660539

Matt, if you’re reading this, I just want to apologize if I ever hurt your feelings. You too Hilm. Making fun of people’s disabilities is not cool

>> No.57660762

unironically avi seems like the best base-related play by far at the moment
its been pumping hard lately, but its still far too undervalued even without the products out
theres lots of good meme plays on base ive been watching like tybg, mochi, and toshi, but those have been hardcore mooning and are already 30mil mcap each
i feel that paying the gas premium to get avi early before its on base will be more than worth it

>> No.57661073

Jeet shit in the code

>> No.57661239

They really did the burn lmao I admit I didn't think that they will deliver

>> No.57661240
File: 56 KB, 1077x189, 96F1D686-F94A-4F05-B595-5DFD585F1CD8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

10mil mcap milestone stuff is all done
heres the breakdown of what was voted for

>> No.57661255


T. this guys been fudding for 3 days straight + the bridge code isnt even available to the public

>> No.57661273

WHAT'S YOUR NAME DEMON, STOP SPREADING LIES Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii, omnis legio, omnis congregatio et secta diabolica. Ergo, omnis legio diabolica, adiuramus te…cessa decipere humanas creaturas, eisque æternæ perditionìs venenum propinare…Vade, satana, inventor et magister omnis fallaciæ, hostis humanæ salutis…Humiliare sub potenti manu Dei; contremisce et effuge, invocato a nobis sancto et terribili nomine…quem inferi tremunt…Ab insidiis diaboli, libera nos, Domine. Ut Ecclesiam tuam secura tibi facias libertate servire, te rogamus, audi nos.

>> No.57661350

azeroth metreon santos bwhaha ok that last comment made me laugh

>> No.57661517

another 0 about to be consumed

>> No.57661878

They've been delivering everything they said they would up to this point for the last 8 months or however long its been now.

>> No.57661951

100+ is normal during a bull, it's beginning. It won't matter though, it's worth it.

>> No.57661968

Damn still only 1k? We're early as fuck.

>> No.57661997

What’s a make it stack?
What’s a suicide stack?

>> No.57662027

the token unlock is for adding liquidity to base. bullish unlock, unironically

>> No.57662045
File: 21 KB, 640x640, 785459898.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>bullish inflation

>> No.57662064

>adding liquidity to base
smartest avi fudder

>> No.57662066

How many hundreds of millions of AVI do you own? You post a lot

>> No.57662078

most of us probably have multiple wallets too desu. I have 2. actual holder count is still very low. early days.

>> No.57662137

what is 1milly AVI gonna make me frens, bought it for $150

>> No.57662161

Well Im in top 60

>> No.57662175

How's 1 million dollars sound.

>> No.57662183

From here:
10x = 10k
100x = 100k
etc... Depends on when you plan on selling

>> No.57662190

if you are patient, $500k-$1M. you might think I've overshooting, but the amount of money that is going to flow into the market this cycle is going to surprise everyone. happens every bullrun. 5-10B market cap is not unrealistic if complete what they've set out to do.

>> No.57662572

bullruns over no?

>> No.57662588

are you fkn serious right now? its barely started anon. is this your first time? its going to crab and rise slowly for the next year, then go parabolic for about 6 months or something like that. you think the bullrun is over? kek

>> No.57662673

aight cheers!

>> No.57662985

Marketing starting soon. Allocation has been sent. 23 mil from the treasury to the operations wallet.

>> No.57663020

giving away avi to jeets and sea monkeys is marketing?

>> No.57663401

No more pullbacks.
quick 3x from here.
Swingies eternally btfo
(it doesn't come back here)

>> No.57663868

seething because you sold at .0001 and now it's .001 kek

>> No.57664111

We killed a zero today boys. biz is still full of garbage like Linu, Spyro, Toad etc but they will come us soon when they learn the value of a real project with a good usecase

>> No.57664470

We are so early

>> No.57664476

Trips of truth you don't know how hard my dick is at the sound of every rugged homosexual from LINU. Because I know that the LINU nigger that kept suppressing the price got rugged as well. Karma is a bitch faggot.

>> No.57664634

When's the next dip, need another 2 milly

>> No.57664665


AVI doesn't really dip, man. If you are lucky you and watch like a hawk you can find a quick discount once in a while that last maybe an hour. Look at the chart if you think I'm causing fomo

>> No.57664716

HAHAHA I shit you not that LINU baggie mass sold his AVIs out of frustration and the dip got bought in 5 minutes HAHAHA nice attempt faggot GTFO FROM THIS COIN YOU DUMPSTER DIVER

>> No.57664783


Recent dip just got slurped. I hope you see now the power of AVI, and that I am not fucking with you.

>> No.57664801

welp, wont be able to get in as low on the dip as i wanted to but once this swap from btc to eth finishes up, ill get a nice avi bag

>> No.57665173
File: 614 KB, 1179x1943, 1708402810625109.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ou look jeets gonna meme foxes now

>> No.57665450

Damn LINU got rebranded? Rinse and repeat fellas, rinse and repeat.

>> No.57666123

New day new dump. Cycle of avi life SAD

>> No.57666196

New day, new cope

>> No.57666229

sitting at a gnats cock under ATH = Dump?...... riiiight

>> No.57666242

Confidence all time low after code rejection. Looks like developers have no aim. Team dull as average bagholder

>> No.57666371

Confidence at all time high after code accepted. Looks like developers aim high. Team is hyped as average holder.

>> No.57666376

whatever you say chief

>> No.57666377

I applaud your efforts, seriously. It takes unknown levels of retardation to keep this shitty fud up, that's some real retard power you own.

>> No.57666427

I see they switched to just price speculation on how it will be 10bil mc and they will sell ok

>> No.57666438

I see they switched to just price daily pumps and new ATHs and people talk about the minimum 10bil mc until which they will hold.

>> No.57666720

I post and 3 tg mods come damage control SAD

>> No.57666780


>> No.57666827

You proud faggot at best

>> No.57666834


>> No.57666844

Got 1.5M now. If this doesn’t make me at least 100K I WILL kms

>> No.57666886


>> No.57667060 [DELETED] 

ok SAGE this thread jannies can close it

>> No.57667101

NOOOOO I'm just getting close to you come here suck my cock suck it come on don't be shy suck my cooockkk yes yes yes slurp it baybeh yes good boy suck my balls too yes CLEAN THEM

>> No.57667142

Just waiting to get rugged. This is biz. It's a guarantee.

>> No.57667169 [DELETED] 


>> No.57667178

its biz so they ignored avi and called me a pajeet faggot for talking about it since last august
now im seeing people in other threads crying about how theyre missing out and that avi holders just got lucky kek

>> No.57667185

Awww you got rugged in LINU and now you have Vietnam flashbacks? So cute anon. That'll teach you not to buy "community coins" ever again and buy a real fucking project like AVI WITH KYC AND AUDITS AND REAL FUCKING PRODUCTS NOT A REVIVED DIARRHEA COIN

>> No.57667202


>> No.57667223

Exactly, and to think that they are late at 10mil mcap without any products. Not even the audit started. Anons... You will be late at 10b market cap, a 1000x awaits you. Take the AVI pill and change the destiny of your life

>> No.57667273

SHIB is at 5B MC
AVI can do that and will prolly go higher.
Mucho basado

>> No.57667323

Stixil paid off biz jeet cleaners almost 300 post and still up. This aint normal SAGE

>> No.57667366

As opposed to the blatant astroturfing for spyro or linu? Atleast we know for certain we won't get rugged kek

>> No.57667525

I got one more thing to say to you as we reach the bump limit. Stay poor you disgusting shitskin. I can smell you through your screen.

>> No.57667548

Just sold. What Im in for?

>> No.57667569

generational village feeding

>> No.57667625

Ahhhh the code of critical poo clot rejected by keken molested by pengu unneeded for stixil.

>> No.57668423

This. It's over. Just sold for Baby Spyro, they promised not to rug this time.