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They will, but only because of WW3. Millions of men will get drafted and die in the Arabian desert, Iranian mountains, and Taiwan. Also we’ll see a mass exodus of men too fleeing the drafts.

Congratulations, you’ll finally get your house but only if you survive the war and continue to pay your taxes like a good goy

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House is relatively cheap.

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They will as more people lose their jobs. For now people don't want to sell because they all have super low interest rate mortgages and can't afford to buy an equal or better house if they move. If they have to sell because they need to downsize, they will. Coming soon.

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i have a gargantuan penis if you consider 6 million for a shack in la affordable then you must have a micropenis on account of your poverty imagine being dirt poor and calling $6 million for a crack den a good deal

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no shit

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why would they come down?

stocks are at all time high

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They are most places peaked sales and are down. All the houses around me are cutting the price.

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Not a problem in the US, homes are still cheap

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Housing prices in canada keep going up somehow in major cities it's such a clown country

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not here on the east coast.