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do people actually listen to this quack? I'm convinced all the callers on his show are actors

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How is he a quack? He gives fantastic advice to people who are poor at managing money. If you are good with your money then you go to other resources for investing. I think you could use some ramsey in your life considering you think buying shitcoins is investing.

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i dont listen to his show and i think everyone who claims to listen is an idiot or AI

so fuck off

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only dead people or retards listen to him.

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He's old, he's American, he thinks he's smart and he gives retarded advice to even bigger retards.

Did I mention he's American? Yes don't listen to him

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5 min later

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Since when did he say not to take out a mortgage? You just made that up.

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mortgage is debt

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>do people actually listen to this quack? I'm convinced all the callers on his show
Sounds like you do, retard!

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Yeah and?

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lol stfu
This american philosophy that a 30-year mortgage is vastly different from other kinds of debt simply because it's called a mortgage needs to fucking stop
You end up paying DOUBLE for the house
Stupid fuck

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Dave Ramsey's advice is meant for literal 80 iq retards who have a gambling addiction and can't stop taking on debt that they can't pay back, etc. So he gives them dead simple, retard-proof rules that they can follow to stop actively fucking up their lives.
It is not for reasonably intelligent people who don't habitually dig themselves into financial holes like that

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He gives unrealistic advice that doesn't really work and leads retards on wild goose chases to avoid just being m8ldly responsible with your credit cards and bills

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yes, drink your piss

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Dave Ramsey has always said that a mortgage is the one exception to the no debt rule, but he also says you shouldn't do a 30 year. Do a 15 year, and pay extra on the principal as much as you can to pay it off as fast as possible.

It's obvious you don't actually know what his stance is, and therefore you are just a hater. Also probably jewish.

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What kind of faggot gets a 30 year mortgage? 15 year should be all you get. Let me guess you still live with mommy?

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How does his advice not work? Are you retarded?
>i......i....I just....I just need to consoom!

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cash buyer chud

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>Hi Dave, we are two unemployed candle making majors, we have a $700k mortgage, just bought two new Teslas, are are planning to buy a beach resort in Florida, we just don't know how to make ends meet
>That's dadgum stupid! How many stupid and irresponsible decisions can you ma-
>Also we are currently pregnant and expecting our ninth child
>That's amazing! Congratulations, what a blessing!

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There's only one financial guru whose advice I take on debt. Pic related.

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Not bad advice if you are a typical American (in debt, house, family, etc).

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How does every caller on this show have a $150k income and they're always gonna get a raise for tens of thousands more in 2 years? A good wage in my supposedly rich first world country is $70k

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For the longest time I thought this was an edit


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the reason hes popular is because is advice is infallible, its literally 'if you have 5000 and can save 1000, now you have 1000' its basically the most obvious advice someone can give but also sometimes people need to hear that shit. Atleast unlike the other financial gurus hes not selling total bullshit

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Nailed it

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>they're always gonna get a raise for tens of thousands more in 2 years
men goose their income and income potential in the same way they flat out lie about their height and their sexual prowess

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His advice on debt is good for americans, which are mostly unable to understand the implications of debt and interest on their own financial lives and have a retarded consumer culture.

His 8% withdrawal rate and understanding of the stock market are shit though, like this guy never fucking read "past performance is not guarantee of future returns"

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>Pay your debts
>Don't invest in shitcoins

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ive been very thrifty the past 8-9 years. Some years ive managed to save close to 50% of my take home pay, maybe more,
I have no debt besides my modest house (147k left on it)
My dilema now is that I want to start a small concrete business. Gonna need a heavy duty truck and some tools etc

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You know how Doctor Phil takes mentally ill people and uses them for entertainment? How Judge Judy takes people who need small claims court and turns them into entertainment? How Jerry Springer does it with people who need sex ed and paternity tests? Dave Ramsey's whole schtick is turning people who've made horrible financial decisions into entertainment fodder for people who aren't particularly financially savvy themselves.

His audience is composed of people who feel insecure that they didn't get an education, who can't afford nice things, and older people who lived most of their lives during a time when credit was less predatory. This audience goes wild for the spectacle of seeing young people with college educations fail miserably due to frivolous spending. The sillier their degree sounds, the larger their debt, and the more lavish their personal expenses are the more his audience eats it up.

It's not financial advice, it's entertainment and validation for an audience that needs their own insecurities assuaged at the expense of the young and better educated.

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Ahhh geez dooood

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>listen here jack, first we need to get your childcare under control. stop spending $1200/month per child, and find some place cheaper. shoot for $50/month
>start applying to other grocery stores, and get your income up around $100k. there's plenty of grocery stores bub, they're all in competition with each other!
>next, let's get that mortgage payment down. $3k/month is not possible in this country. call up your bank and give them a firm handshake over the phone, and get that mortgage at around $400/month
>get rid of that car, idiot! buy a red flyer wagon off someone used, and ride alongside the highway. just leave a few minutes earlier than you would with a car, buck up for Pete's sake!
>you don't need a computer or Internet or phone, those things are just luxuries. if you can't get a package deal on all of those for $1.99/month, drop 'em, is what I say!

I have no idea what his target audience is, besides people who are not from this plane of corporeal reality.

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His audience is people who are financially illiterate but who aren't in as bad a situation as the people he turns into entertainment fodder.

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I get that, but his suggestions are not often in line with current market rates. Even the stupid people know the high costs of most things.

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It has nothing to do with rationality and everything to do with resenting the people asking for advice. His audience won't question anything that he says because they despise the people he's talking down to.

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I listened to him once, and had to turn it off. His pricing on things were hilariously off. Too many boomerisms (I despise that term, but it seems to apply here) in regards to not understanding what this country is actually like for a working man sub 50 years old.

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Most of his audience lived during a time where you couldn't get credit very easily (pre 90's) and where runaway inflation hadn't destroyed the purchasing power of average wages. He doesn't have to convince his audience of that which they already believe, just throw them some entertainment in the form of young people going into debt. Better if they're educated, and even better if they have expenses that the 50+ crowd considers frivolous.

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You still tend to build equity and come out ahead. Home is kind of like a forced savings account for the financially illiterate, it's a way to build wealth that is relatively illiquid and that they can't blow on whatever stupid waste of money is on their mind that week.

But as others have mentioned Ramsey also advocates getting a 15 year fixed rate mortgage and then paying it off early. On average people who follow his plan pay their home off in 7-10 years. Meaning they probably end up paying 1/4 the interest than someone buying the same home on a 30 year fixed would have.

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I personally know a guy who called in so I can assure you that not ALL callers are actors.

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Ive called in and made stuff up and they played it on the air. I wish I could find it but it was great. I told him about my concrete pumping business and how I ran out of things to buy

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>Its in Code

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Americans all hate each other
Youre not revealing anything ground breaking

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his advice works for people who are in consoom debt.
he provides the best risk-averse advice for that kind of people

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>$10 was paid into your account!
>$10 was removed from your account. Description: Stop posting on a basket weaving forum son and get on that beans and rice

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>not getting food from a different neighbor each day to reduce your food costs
>not taking the free money from the church offering weekly, larger families splitting up to different churches

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I fucking hate this faggot zio boomer cuck retard faggot jew loving cocksucker lying piece of shit dumbass slave traitor weakling pussy bitch more than anyone else on the planet. Fuck Dave Ramsey