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How does one cope with being the only successful person in their family? And I’m not even talking about millionaire at 20 or whatever like literally just I got a degree and have a job and nobody else does

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is that you?

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thats a man

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Cope with being successful? Jesus everything is a struggle with zoomers. Always a race to the bottom with you people lol.

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Make your family proud. Uplift other family members. Be a good person.

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When you’re siblings are living with roommates and look unhealthy it’s not easy

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getting a degree and a job isn't success kek it's just the bare minimum for success if you want to go through the traditional wagie route that's been forced down your throat your entire life

at your age, you're maybe in the 30-40% percentile at this point if you got a degree and a job

your family however, is literally non human at this point, probably 80-90% percentile

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>And I’m not even talking about millionaire at 20
then you're not actually talking about being the only 'succesful' person in your family, are you?
You're just coping.

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bro you are still a loser

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Are you illiterate? I literally say that in my post

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Why would you cope? I don't understand what is the problem
Do family members yell at you or beg for money?

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How would you know? You know the guy?

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Cope by becoming a tranny and forty percenting yourself. You write like a fag already. "Omg like literally I have a degree and job!"

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Jews would make absolutely sure everyone in their family and/or community has enough for a good life.
>white man
>how do I ignore everyone I know?
No wonder you hate them, they're way more humane than you.

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that is so homophobic and transphobic and i am offended that this user has the gall to write something like that i know that the user was being sarcastic but still that is so hurtful to the lgbtq community and the trans people that might read that i am shocked and outraged that somebody would say something like this on a public forum

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That only works if your family isn't comprised of sub 90 iq crabs in a bucket. My family is not rich but everyone is educated and non-crazy, so I wouldn't mind paying off some mortgages if I make it. Judging by the stories from people here and IRL, not many people in the lower classes have similar well functioning families.

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wear a king's crown cape and scepter to all of your family gatherings an speak like a medieval king

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10/10 dude I cant tell if serious.”

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You can cope by being less narcissistic. Keep being "successful" and maybe one day you can help your family instead of making cringe threads like this

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Well for starters you certainly shouldn’t be asking an entire board of genuine millionaire LARPers to quantify success for you in any capacity, I’d say that’s a good start, from there I’d also then follow it up with being thankful to your family for providing you to the best of their ability the means to propel you to such attainment in the first place by raising you and keeping you alive as a child and young adult on what is implied to be a working class pay packet, you ungrateful little shit.

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>when you are siblings are living with roomates...
You write like a 2 year old. KYS tranny

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This thread is a psyop anon.

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In my family, back in the 80s, that one successful person was my aunt, she was a manager for a big company. Slowly every member of my family went to work there. Some as administrators, some as secretaries and others as maintenance people/cleaners etc.

That one lady lifted my entire extended family up out of poverty by helping them secure work. Of course nobody works there anymore, but that's how you do family.

On my end, I'm a tradie, I hire my cousins and their friends as laborers whenever anyone needs a buck even if it's not as profitable for me to even need a laborer at the time.

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How does one cope with being the only shredded and unvaxxed person in their family?

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You turn paranoid when they constantly hound you to save them from their own life mistakes

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>I became a debt slave and wage slave, that makes me successful
life as a midwit must truly be suffering

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Zoomers are such faggots. Next he is going to talk about his “trauma” or how his family is “toxic” lmao

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You're doing great. Keep it up and keep it easy, fren.
>no homo

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thanks for paying your taxes faggot
>t. neet

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You’re a BAP fan too??

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>college degree

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You don't need to have a degree to be successful, probably in a decade because of inflation and the recession that is coming according to Truflation and Fox News but right now it is not necessary

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Realize that the older you get the less people around you you’ll be able to have any connection with, let alone a conversation. When successful oldfags say it’s lonely at the top, this is what they mean.

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You know how my white brother, you know how.

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fuck everything, im a homeless anyway.

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i dont give a fuck for inflation or recession. stfu, mfer.

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what is inflation?