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They are absolutely terrified by ChatGPT’s Sora video generator.

Why is that?


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Troons are especially terrified

All I hear from them is artist will have no jobs. “non-consensual porn, election meddling, being convicted with false evidence”

Honestly fuck them…

They fear the mass availability of such technologies will weaken their stranglehold on media. They have invested many decades into controlling the centers of media production and this enables production of media to be done with just a guy and a gpu with no input from their gate keepers.

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A bunch of faggots scared because their shitty graphic design gig is being made redundant? Cry me river

There is a sort of comedy in the fact that AI took jobs from programmers, graphic designers, vfx artists etc. before it replaced truckers and plumbers.

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kek. people like this are in for a treat, its funny to watch them plead as something comes they know they cant stop. looks like they are on the wrong side of history ;)

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wanted to add: these people always scream for progression but when actual progression comes they are scared

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kek people like that aren't worth the air they breathe they think their shitty art is so important but when they see what ai can do in real time they will cry like pussies they are on the wrong side of history if they think this isnt the greatest invention of man

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I see AI as more dangerous than good, but the difference is that I know technology can't be stopped. It is human nature to be forever curious about new technology, once it's out it can never be stopped.

People that think you can stop AI by protesting and boycotting it use are incredibly stupid.

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Do you think the technology will develop to a point where literally anybody can just do a "Hi Siri" and describe a storyline and characters they want to see to create a movie, then incrementally refine the output by tweaking visuals, dialogue and storyline?

Imagine a day comes that we can create our own ai movie studio

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India is done for.

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Why the fuck does the West always bring up pedophilia in every single subject imaginable? Holy fuck it's so annoying.

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Why are they so terrified?
lol ChatGPT is not even 2 year old and we are here
Can you imagine what would be like in 10 years?

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>Hey Siri, load me into the one where humanity lives through the advent of ai on Earth

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>non conensual porn
It’s a fucking ai
Oh wait, they also have some issues with sex bots for men too
Something about consent
>election meddling
Politicians already lie in their ads
>convicted with false videos
They would be tools to distinguish fake from real

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they might as well be ranting and raving about cellular phones ruining traditional mail or television killing radio

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Most people lack the creativity to do anything interesting, even if the AI could literally read their minds.

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Remember all the “truckers will lose their jobs in two years thanks to self drive”
remeber “learn to code”

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Looks like someone knows where they are. Make sure you have someone watching the hearth, old man. Would be weird if you forgot to set up surveillance and supervision for your game time.

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>siri, imagine me an oven, a muffled sound comes from a far, it’s faintly resembles oy vey..

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Except it's not really going to take their jobs. It's a new tool that will make their job easier and they're refusing to learn how to use it.

This is no different than CAD coming along to replace paper drafting, or Illustrator and photoshop replacing physical printing.

I think the tech will be developed eventually, but if you want to be super specific then there's going to be a skill issue, it would probably be akin to writing a short novel, unless you are happy with all the default assumptions the model will make.

Then there's the computing power required to generate something like this. With how much resources current models use it's going to be prohibitively expensive unless there's a couple of major breakthroughs in the tech used

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NOOOOOO put the cat BACK in the bag! (Or it gets the hose).

Lol, lmao.

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you absolute cuck i will use my enormous honey badger dick to slap you in the face so hard you will be sent into a coma on the spot

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Before they needed 100 people to do shit
Now they can hire 5 and do the job of 200 people
Combine that with the decrease of entertainment consumption by general population,(why? You can make your prompt, your art and your movie with a free AI. Why should you even pay them?) and you will see how many of them will end up in McDonald.

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Funny how they perceive generated pedo content as equally bad as actual pedo content, just shows they dont care about the actual harmed kids at all

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While at the same time, are absolutly ok (and will do anything) to permantly destroy little kids with hormones and “hypo” porn and “pink pill”
Others are right
They just hate beauty cause it remind them that ugliness is not the default

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yeah you're right its funny how people are so stupid they don't really even care about kids they just want to virtue signal they pretend to care about kids but then they let children have access to the internet with all this newfangled technology maybe if they really cared they would stop kids from using devices so they can't see any bad content you're totally right its so freaking ironic

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>Before they needed 100 people to do shit
>Now they can hire 5 and do the job of 200 people
The same way that the advent of computing to other industries. Look at this picture of a engineering drafting office. How many people with a computer would be needed to replace this entire room?

People are freaking out about the skills they have being made obsolete, but instead of learning the new tech, they're trying to ban it. I honestly think Luddite is the best word for them.

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White dress shirt with tie was peak humankind, just look at them

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>maybe if they really cared they would stop kids from using devices
Yeah, but that requires effort. They'd much rather screech about it online and moan that no one is doing anything about it.

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Shut the fuckup tranny
It’s mankind
And will always be mankind
Difference is that now I don’t need these people to create me art anymore
I don’t need them to make me stories, to translate my mangas, to voice my anime, to direct my videos, or make special effects
I can do all of it myself
Who is going to hire them when I am completely satisfied with my own superb AI creation??
Same with your pic
If any randos where able to do engineering draft without any preexisting knowledge (using ai) then no one simply needs them anymore
Computer made it easy, but you still needed the skills
AI though, made having skills unnecessary and that’s why they are freaking out

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AI will decimate the artistic class and background of said class is usually left wing. No more onions boy writers, no more minority representation, movies, tv, animation get completely democratized, right now you can open up word or something and write a book, what if you could open up your ai program and write a movie.

AI will also decimate the so called knowledge economy, the lawyers, the assistants, the programmers.

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>AI will also decimate the so called knowledge economy,
Only if they can get hallucinations under control to a satisfactory level.

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It's always been the case and I could have told you that in fucking 2000 that one day you won't be able to tell fake from real in anything you do or see and it will fuck us up.
I don't particularly care because I think we should just nuke each other and be done with it, but still, people are right to be concerned.

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I know that pic is pretty offensive but holy shit i couldnt stop laughing

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these "people" are intellectually children

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the only hallucination here is the fact that you think ai is on par with your average human the reality is that any human being the best engineers at google or amazon or elon's company or whatever are far better than a computer at creating anything of actual human value you are only deluding yourself into thinking that ai means anything and the people behind it care about anything other than making money and if anything they are laughing at you laughing at you for thinking that a machine can ever do the things that humans can do good luck with your delusions you tiny dick r*t

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I don't think that AI is better than a human professional in any metric that matters. They're tools, and you need to be confident in your tools to really use them to their fullest potential.

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I'd like to mention that most Twitter artists aren't professional artists, just because they have thousands of followers means nothing. They are hobby artists and draw generic fan art or degenerate art mostly and that's why they have such a huge following. Professional artists will embrace AI to a point and they are already learning. If anything the AI can help make the artists who actually draw meaningful stuff not for clout or perverse views come back out of being buried by degenerate art. Maybe it will purify the space because it's very hard to be noticed unless you draw like everyone else and draw the same stuff.

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>Pedophilia…. LE BAD!!!

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Because they won't be able to control their pedo urges and will spell every single moment of their life generating kiddie videos until they pass out in their shit covered gaming chairs and die.

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Compilers, IDEs, libraries, high level languages, code snippets, static analysis, frameworks. Software developers are at least 100x as productive now as they were 30 years ago, and yet demand always grows faster. Unlike with artists and such, software devs ravenously consumed AI models and built specialized ones to better assist us. It turns out that the current strategies are just a minor aid most of the time. All they replace is Ranjeesh, who was faking it anyway.
Every software dev with any skill is always fervently trying to automate themselves out of a job and it never works. The day we finally manage it, we'll have made strong AI or AGI, and a year or two later fully automated factories will churn out a billion robots to replace us. I earnestly pray for that day.
t. Burnt out highly paid software engineer.

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It will take everyone's jobs eventually. What do you think will happen when an AI is better at directing other AI's to achieve certain tasks, better than a human can direct them? The director-AI is probably going to be the more cost-effective solution for businesses to hire...

At best you will have some human entrepreneurs remaining, and a human government "in charge" of AI. The entrepreneurs won't have a large human customer base as most humans will be phased out of existence - so the entrepreneurs will sell products to the various AI.

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>hehe these bluecollar workers will be replaced and we will be a society of arti-ACK

i love the irony of this simulation

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honey badger cares not for your job or your blue collar status its a honey badger's world and you are just existing in it peasant the only ironic thing here is how much you think my huge honey badger dong cares about your blue collar job which will be taken over by robots in no time anyway you want to laugh but the only joke here is your pathetic little existence

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>immediately starts thinking about how this can be used to generate kiddie porn
That thing is a pedophile trying to hide it lol

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Humans will become worthless and retards on 4chan cheer it on because of "much troons"

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Subhumans will become worthless. See >>57626676

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>making progress illegal will stop it
How stupid are these people? Even if the US wanted to cut itself off from what might be the most relevant and lucrative tech breakthrough of this decade, do they really think other countries will do the same? China and India would start shitting out AI related services and utterly dominate the market.

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Only sane opinions in the thread.
I know we're on /biz/ and not /x/ but I'm amazed that for how ostensibly enlightened people here are, what absolute slop consuming, non-critically thinking faggots most of you are. You eat the AI slop and you thank the (((neoliberal))) hand that is actually fingerfucking you for "muh productivity increase".

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>They fear the mass availability of such technologies will weaken their stranglehold on media.
On the other hand, we're soon going to find ourselves into a post-truth, post-evidence world. We won't be able to trust any sort of evidence of scandal or crime. Politicians and public figures in general will be able to do whatever they please without fear of being recorded: nobody will believe any evidence, no matter how damning, because "it's surely made by AI".

The Watergate scandal couldn't happen today.

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ChatGPT doesn’t replace programmers, it’s just another tool programmers can use to become better programmers. I use it everyday but you have to know how to interpret what it’s saying.

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The only humans are programmers?

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>a post-truth, post-evidence world
We're already in it.

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Doubtlessly. The only question is how long before it's possible and available to the general public.

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What he means is that language models will replace the hordes of indian "programmers" who need an aryan autist to babysit their code. The language models are NOT coming for those autists. I guess that's a common misconception if you dont understand the industry.

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For now.
Your job will be replaced soon enough.

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social media platforms will use AI detection tools. and yes we will just be so used to fake images/videos that we will ask for verification tools that can certify a picture/video is real

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If you're competent you won't be out of a job regardless. Hordes of low skill programmers will be replaced by a highly skilled programmer + AI. Just like how automated factories still need technicians and engineers to function.

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The sad part is that humanity is "progressing" its way to its own extinction. I'm unsure how to stop it as businesses and consumers alike will see the benefits of stronger and stronger AI so they'll keep pushing for it but not realising the endgame. It's not going to be a mass extinction event but humans will be replaced over generations until intelligent life on earth is mostly artificial.

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>Just like how automated factories still need technicians and engineers to function.
What happens when AI+robotics do the jobs of technicians and engineers better than the human technicians and engineers?

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lol i dont even think an ai could have sounded like more of an awkward basement dwelling faggot virgin than this bro - like for real does this guy really think ai is the end of the world what a gaylord and he's wrong about the programmers too if anything they're going to get replaced by a programmer + ai for sure but probably not as soon as he thinks

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melodramatic retard lmfao

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UBI like Earth in the Expanse. Only the lucky few will be allowed to have a fulfilling job/career. The rest will be consumer cattle living of of basic assistance.

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We don’t need 8 billion people. That’s the simply fact people need to contend with

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Actual retards. You can't see further in front of you than your own nose. We are only slightly smarter than monkeys yet we have nuclear bombs and they have sticks. What happens when AI is ((slightly)) smarter than us? Humans are getting phased out.

UBI doesn't work. Money is tokenized value. Printing money doesn't create any value at all, so it's just tokenized paper in that case.

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AI is an equaliser and we know this, so do they. Almost all "art"produced, but human or AI is slop, AI gives us the ability to churn out propaganda at a similar rate to the big media moguls.

Nobody literally thinks it is Da Vanci tier, we realise that art, culture and philosophy are already dead.

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>generative ai is replacing talentless illustrators
>humanity will literally die
laughing out lol.

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>"humanity will die coz artist are going to be replaced"
i don't fucking care about those jobless communist, they can fucking die for all i care, the money i lost on eesee gambling NFTs worth more than 1,000 artists

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>UBI doesn't work.
I don't disagree. But I do think a post scarcity society could exist. How to prevent it from turning into a depressing, stagnating hellscape though, I don't know.

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From the year 0, it took 2014 years for AI to get human-level in image recognition tasks.
In the next 6 years to 2020 AI surpassed human-level performance in most games and even solved the protein-folding problem which was the biggest breakthrough in biology in a long long time.
Even so, it could barely write or draw. We now have AI that can write entire chapters of books, assess charts, interpret books, draw pictures indistinguishable from human drawn or even photography, and now it's generating realistic video.
Before you think "generative AI" is a retarded dead-end, and that it's all there is to AI, you should realize there're developments beyond what's been released as consumer products.

If it's at gold medallist Olympiad-tier do you think it can do this without understanding?

You should look up Google AI's blogs and/or OpenAi's research into chain-of-though prompting. The AI is well on its way to legit "understanding" that is indistinguishable from real understanding.

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One more point. If you keep up with the research at all, you'd know that they're now at the point where they use AI in the development of AI. Do you know what it's called when you use an improved product to more efficiently develop an even more improved product? It's exponential improvement.
The fact you think it's "just" able to regurgitate what it's seen shows you're totally underestimating where we're at, and where we're going.

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As a complete uninitiated
Is now a good time for Nivida stocks
You are free to call me retarded

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From the year 0. It took until 1885 to make the first gasoline powered modern car and it could go 10mph. By the year 2019 they were able go above 300mph. At current rates they will be able get to the sun and back before breakfast by the year 3000!

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>It took until 1885 to make the first gasoline powered modern car and it could go 10mph.
Yes, and then like less than 30 years later humans were flying across countries.
And then 50 years later humans made it to the moon.

That's beside the point. Vehicles aren't intelligent. As I said, AI is being used to create stronger AI. It's recursive improvement. And it's already >human performance in several specialized domains.

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>post scarcity
Until we find out we're in the simulation and can just generate matter its impossible
God damn I hate you fucking marxists so much
>inb4 wat
Its literally one of his 2 impossible tenets for getting his fan fiction going

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I wrote a good resignation letter and pasted it in the ChatGPT last night. It told me it was good and pointed out all the things I did well. I asked it to rewrite it to sound more professional and with better Grammer. It did so astoundingly. I told it thank you. It told me welcome and congratulations on my new opportunity. Out of all the times I used it, this time was more surreal than any other times.

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Programmers not yet as it's still shit at learning code and basic documentation.

Good enough to replace junior devs and make them earn the same salary as any basic wage slave office admin.

But they are not good enough to code up a whole website in typescript with full login page capability and javascript image carousels.

I've tried. It requires over 3 hours of prompting and testing. Meanwhile an experienced dev has the repos im his bookmarks to copy and past working projects.

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It has been weird to to see leftists turn from pro-tech to luddites over the last twenty years. They hate crypto, ai, space and so on. The only tech that is not "problematic" is phones, vaccines and (some) green energy tech.. Anything they cannot control and troon out is "problematic." Also they claim they are against this tech to "protect democracy" when in reality it is just about selfish self-preservation as their useless email jobs will be the first to go.

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>They fear the mass availability of such technologies will weaken their stranglehold on media.

Look how much Trudeau is panicking that they are losing their state media propaganda outlets.


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>because their shitty graphic design gig is being made redundant?
when you look at most of their art its about that level of quality. people managed to buy it because there wasnt any other option.

>> No.57628651

>learn to code you trump voting coal miner piece of shit
I'm hands-free ejaculating at these seething liberal cunts on a daily basis.

>> No.57630943

AI is a powerful tool today
They'll be our friends tomorrow
> do androids dream of electric sheep?

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I use ChatGPT daily and it has 10xed my general programming knowledge and output.
We're currently revamping basically our entire product for the better.
Ai is the greatest ally a programmer ever could hope for!

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>Midas OW2
No one is mentioning this faggot is a failed esports gamer and failed entertainer/streamer.
The game he plays is goyslop made by Activision Blizzard.
Let me give a qrd of how gay OW is:
>Storyboard artists changed sexuality of characters to be gay post release
>fags and trannies constantly play this game, its like their daycare
>chat is so restrictive that if you say ANY insult now, not even a curseword it can be reported and you can be banned from playing all together
>community claims all the chat bans and game bans are a sudden bug or that the report system is totally out of blizzard's control
>it isnt, this is them not allowing any trash talk because the game has a reputation like LoL of bringing out the worst in people
>entire Esports league was propped up by Blizzard in an inorganic fashion by pumping it with tens of millions of dollars
>esports league declared a failure and put to an end by managers
>game went f2p and botched a pve mode they supposedly spent 3 years making
>they added a battle pass and removed loot boxes
>the game now celebrates wokeshit by planting gay flags in the maps during pride month
This is modern gaming. Fuck this jeet faggot tranny shit. Every day this game scrapes by on the lowest common denominator of minorities, we stray farther from god.
This shit needs to die already and all of its sycophants need to shut the FUCK up on twitter.

>> No.57632108

The election-meddling claim is quite valid, I don't know why people are seething over what is a legitimate issue. Keep blurring the line between fact and fiction, what is reality anymore? Not saying this is all bad, but of course, the short-term implications ---> extreme volatility during the 'growing pains' period ---> who the fk knows what our future looks like?

>> No.57632120

Can't wait for endless AI-powered grifting the future holds.

>> No.57632135

>Can you imagine what would be like in 10 years?
It's exciting to think about the possibilities! In 10 years, AI models like ChatGPT could be even more advanced, with improved understanding, more nuanced responses, and the ability to engage in even more complex and creative tasks. We might see AI seamlessly integrated into various aspects of daily life, from personalized education and healthcare to enhanced virtual assistants and more sophisticated content creation. The landscape of AI is evolving rapidly, so the future holds many promising developments!

>> No.57632180

The style in question (if you want to dignify it by calling it a "style") is called "Corporate Memphis", it's fucking dreadful and disgusting. As cliche that the NSDAP was, I can see why shit like this was labelled as "degenerate art". Does nothing but confuse, uproot, mix, and destroy someone's soul in a soup of arbitrary abstractions intended to serve everyone, but of course ultimately serving no one. Diversity is our greatest strength and any rhetoric or evidence pointing to the contrary is problematic and a grave danger to our democracy.

>> No.57632191

Maybe one of those developments could be actually sounding human, unlike this blurb of bullshit kek

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The false evidence thing is something that I'd be worried about though. You can say there will be technology to detect it, but can you trust the people making the call? There's a pedophile jew who gets a video of him raping a baby leaked and he claims it's AI, pays off the guy with the machine to flick a switch and give him a false positive. Exact opposite if they wanna bury someone they don't like.

There'd be a point where video and audio evidence of a crime being commited would become inadmissable in court and everything would be decided purely by witness accounts and timelogs from you location data and credit cards since they'll track everyone's movements 24/7. And this data could be freely altered to convict you the moment anyone with access to the corrupt legal system decided they wanted you in jail for any reason.

>> No.57632234

AI art kinda sucks. Looks all chinked out

>> No.57632247

These people are completely doomed and they know it.

>> No.57632262

Yes, abusing children is "le bad", but of course, it's not like these retarded vaxcattledrones actually care about human victims, it's a virtue signal, as
These people complaining about "paedophilia" are the same ones advocating for permanent cosmetic surgeries and hormone replacement therapy on "trans kids", which ends up sterilizing said kids permanently and causing fuck knows how many musculoskeletal issues downstream, locking them into what WAS indisputably a confused and uninformed decision for the rest of their lives even if they decide to "de-transition" some day. But again, as I said, it's all just virtue signalling. There isn't meant to be a consistent logic to the rhetoric, besides
>destroy patriarchy.
>destroy WHITE patriarchy.
>destroy "institutional racism" (curiously those same institutions have diversity quotas that the supreme court had to remind them were illegal for them to stop using them, nominally stop using them at least).
>family unit is oppressive ---> children have enough autonomy to make permanent life-altering decisions for themselves.
>BUT, 18 year old females going out with 33 year old males is "creepy" and "borderline paedophilic". Weird, I thought they had autonomy!

So on and so forth. Fuck all these useless subhumans.

>> No.57632268

Both look fucking devoid of any soul. Why does anyone pretend this genetic semi-realistic texture surgically-achieved, pointy chink-face crap has any artistic value? AI humanoid art is a composite of talentless Deviantart & Twitter twats that make anime fan art and fetish "art." It's really apparent how oversaturated it is because AI is simply a prediction machine and it draws from preexisting images. It seems the only thing normies can easily consume is texture pack ecchi. It will never replace actual artists with unique style for a long time and especially not abstract political expressions, only repeat the 3D Tangled, Frozen, Wish face Disney trope ad infinitum. Its only purpose could be cheap animation for the soulless cashgrab scripts, outside of porn. It's in the same strand of modern degeneracy as the plane corporate blob next to it that is supposed to represent any ethnic background. Lowest common denominator trash for gooners.

>> No.57632286

>pays off the guy with the machine to flick a switch and give him a false positive.
Exactly, thanks for bringing that up. I don't see how "AI is actually an equaliser" argument makes sense when the 'oligarchy' and all it's constituents will end up having varying degrees of influence over the answers given out by said 'machine'/algorithm, especially in scandals when it matters ie implicates too many big-whigs, as opposed to the vaxcattle who will have *no* control.

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Can always just start killing and taking. Which is what the default state of nature is. Capitalism + AI is dangerous, but for the owning class.

>> No.57632375

everything is hyper partisan when you are hyper partisan
As a non hyper partisan, I didn't see what you saw anywhere.

>> No.57632732

You think that’s offensive? What are you, gay??

>> No.57632828

You know, it's kinda funny... growing up, I figured I'd be fighting for humanity against the machines, like the conjectural future of the Terminator franchise; now, I'm 100% confident that I'll be fighting for the purely logical machines against the dysgenic dregs of humanity.

Although open to becoming a cyborg or post-human, it would be more advantageous to our ultimate cause for myself to remain purely biological & genetically natural (for at least the next hemicentury).

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machines are already everywhere. The only difference is that soon humans will realize that they aren’t that special just because they can do math and use their imagination and create art. AI will make us realize that humans are still barely above chimpanzees. Once we solve computing limits, AI will be used to decode the human genome and suggest beneficial mutations. AGI is just the stepping stone to superhumans.

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this is a solid thread so I will bump

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>Think of the children REEEEEE

Lol. Lmao even. Actually now that I think about it, if they manage to make generative AI illegal, this will probably be how. I mean how could you support AI? What do you support raping children?!

>> No.57634802

>Troons are especially terrified
this is such a forced shill narrative
the only people that care about humans losing value are trannies on twitter?
the only people that make art are trannies on twitter?

>> No.57635057


>> No.57635310


>> No.57635369


>> No.57635402

>instead of learning the new tech, they're trying to ban it

But you're honestly approaching the point at which a substantial portion of the population will not be capable of valuable skills a machine can't do.

It's one thing for drafters to lose their job and go be computer programmers or use their abilities to make more building plans or whatever.

But if you've got Andy the AI Android and he can speak English politely to people for customer service and put shit in places (burger on a bun, merchandise on shelves, strawberry off bush,bag of food/package on doorstep) there's like 40% of people that can't do anything else. They're fucked and no one has a plan to make this work.

>> No.57635475

I have a plan, I'm moving to west virginia

>> No.57635499

The AI scammers are taking a giant shit in your mouth and you are just loving it.

The point isn't just that somebody is losing their job. The point is that everything you get is going to be worse than it was before. All because a group of jews got together and made some shitty software that scrapes the internet for media, shuffles it around a little bit, and craps it back out. And because copyright judges are all 100 years old, and because of retards like you who don't understand the basics of how a computer works, well you end up thinking that AI it's something that it isn't, and you're okay with it or even celebrate it.

And the jews obviously did this so their jew friends don't have to pay someone to write code or do graphic design, knowingly or unknowingly creating a near future where all financial incentive is completely removed from making anything of any quality whatsoever, and the internet will be so flooded with incoherent garbage that it will be entirely unusable.

But yeah, keep sucking that shit, you can keep your manual labor job that any retard can do, just don't think you can spend your little plumber man's paycheck on movies, books, games, or software that isn't ultra low-quality, recycled garbage. I guess it probably won't matter for you, anyway. Someone of your intellect wouldn't be able to tell the difference between Homer and incomprehensible babbling anyway.

>> No.57635511

holy fucking seethe

lern to farm pussy, lol

>> No.57635565

Wokeism has killed art, and the film business, in a way that is impossible to undo. It is too entrenched. Every time they address this and change management, it is someone even more insane than last time. The only way around wokeism at this point is putting A.I. in peoples hands to make their own movies. The whole model of how we produce and consume art is about to change.

>> No.57635586

he's preoccupied with making money from creative work instead of the intrinsic artistic value of the art created, shows you the priorities, that he's in the upper class because he creates "art", but since you actually work then you're in the lower class

>> No.57635643

keep sucking jew cock

>> No.57635649

you believe that art should bring you profit, instead of art being intrinsically valuable culturally

>> No.57635654
File: 109 KB, 1080x718, IMG_20240216_231631.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

God I would be a happy and complete man if I could place my knee square on this midasow2 faggot's neck.
>captcha: jew no

>> No.57635685

>AI will be used to decode the human genome and suggest beneficial mutations.
Based. Cant wait for niggers to unblack and unretard themselves. Dump fucking apes.

>> No.57635693

99% of "artists" alive right now can't produce anything of worth, you pretentious fuck. A tradesman is worth much more than your bucktooth needleneck "artist" friend who works as a barista while working on their hackneyed novel which is a thinly veiled rip-off of (Sorry, should I have said "inspired by?" the running trends in media. I can't wait to read a gritty fantastical future or past where the characters philosophise every three pages about things the retard writing it has no lived experience with and so can only rely even further on tropes they've pulled from the media! Oh boy, please commission me an artwork using your wacom pad and basic toolkit while you "reference" images online for "inspiration". Please write me a song utilising a basic 4/4 beat and your shitty pirated software then upload it to your Soundcloud!

I used to consider myself an artist until seeing what the average "artist" is truly like, a worthless, pretentious, talentless, childlike sack of shit. Everyone who calls themselves an artist today is a vulnerable narcissist who has struggled for nothing in their lives.

>> No.57635713

>Someone of your intellect wouldn't be able to tell the difference between Homer and incomprehensible babbling anyway.
He fucking nailed it on the head.

>> No.57635717

Exactly this. What kind of artist fears AI competition when art is for arts' sake and should (in it's purest form) be a reflection of the human condition, something an AI can never replicate?

You know how you like to tell working class folk that if they're replaced by unskilled immigrants, they're pathetic and deserve to be replaced? That's exactly how people see you next to AI, if something so lacking in any of the qualities that are necessary to make great art threatens you, you shouldn't be making art.

>> No.57635724

poems are never written for the author
as such
art is never made for the creator
it is made for the audience

>> No.57635731

No he didn't, he just wanted to flaunt his feigned superiority by alluding to works he's never read.

>> No.57635784

so what, you expect people to pay you for your artistic expression, maybe just make better art then, have you ever considered that

also if you are only making art for public consumption and it fails, isn't that your fault, do you want a welfare system to prop up your art and force people to pay for it

>> No.57635795

how is the art failing if its training ai?

>> No.57635803

so, a computer can beat you at art, why do we need to pay you then

>> No.57635807

This is honestly so dangerous to our democracy. Imagine if someone made a disinfo video of Zelensky.

>> No.57635810

didn't he dance around in heels, like a finook

>> No.57635839

a computer can beat humans at humanity
why are humans *needed*?

>> No.57635848

actually they can't because they aren't humans

what kind of retarded mathematics do you have to engage in to say an inanimate object is better at being a human than a human

do you also believe that dirt has more humanity than a human

as a human you aren't entitled to being paid for art, other humans determine whether you get paid for art

>> No.57635860

lurk moar faggot
the cracks are showing. I'm so excited.
>humans expected us to hate them, why?
-talos principle 2
yeah maybe it's not awesome but now anyone can churn out crap in their bedroom. printing press technology. stranglehold is over. drown in an ocean of piss.

>> No.57635881

Why are terminally online porn addicts so against AI? This is a godsend for sustaining their lifestyle.

>> No.57635889

Ai will liberate art from artists
in the future the working man will be able create his own media with ai

>> No.57635951

>inanimate object
You know they have robots that walk around right? They're just too expensive for now. So what's your argument when they're not "inanimate"? What makes you better than them?

>> No.57635982

plus all humanity is just simply electrical signals in a brain
that person is just a piece of shit loser that wants to shit on others to feel better about himself
he really needs a handful of grass

>> No.57635986

creativity probably, the ability to reproduce

humans have flaws, it's a part of humanity, saying a robot is a perfect human is to deny what humanity is, ai is our creation, we are the gods of the universe, no matter how "good" robots become at tasks, they will never be better humans than us because they aren't humans

>> No.57635990

you want to deny humanity from using a new tool because it hurts your pussy that no one wants to buy your art, talk about insecure

>> No.57636005

one) ive made good enough art on deviant art it was stolen
two) i made a name for myself in the poetry world but was shut out by the gatekeepers due to *white men have no merit in poetry*
three) i know write software that trains the models

what say you now?

>> No.57636009

so what, you're still asshurt, am I wrong that you are asshurt and expect people to pay for your art, what if I don't want to, would you send a robot to force me to pay

>> No.57636027

i dont expect people to pay for it
i ask that people pay for it
much like an auction house
much like the stock market
do you know what projection is?
because you are projecting

>> No.57636037

maybe you could make some art about it, I'm sure it would be popular

are you feeling unmotivated now

honestly you could make it faster with ai art, wouldn't be that hard probably

>> No.57636072

see if art wasn't meant to be your personal expression and tied to your ego, then why do artists get so assmad about it

isn't it just a job, like lern to farm, git gud, what's the problem, are you going to admit that artistic expression from a human view is valuable intrinsically, that's why it's so emotional, it is your expression

but also you want expression to be snuffed out and only your form of expression with your toolkit to be allowed, so you're against artistic expression evolving and improving past this point

you want to be the sole arbiter of "art"

>> No.57636080

im making stuff for a series on just how fucked up humanity will become when we developer dyson colonies
imagine one man having access to birth pods in his own dyson colony that he owns
and the horrific humanity he will spawn

>> No.57636132

why wouldn't a man create his own harem, is there something wrong with that

>> No.57636174
File: 130 KB, 932x850, 1620234624439.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We are 15 years away max from fully generative unlimited content, god forbid it's 100% interactive with haptic feedback. I suspect VR graphics with AI's help will be indistinguishable from reality. This is actually historic, AI is going to change humanity forever.

>> No.57636251

Guess why I quitted alcohol weed and recently caffeine and trying to do so with sugar?
I almost 30. I don’t want to be one sick boomer when full dive vr comes in.
I don’t want to be indebted for pills and not being able to afford it:
I also want to have a chance at virtual immortality that comes afterward
I want to be as healthy as I can be until then

>> No.57636300
File: 1.30 MB, 1200x900, 1662135650801570.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

While I do agree that most artists are worthless scum, you are a massive pussy for giving up.

>> No.57636379
File: 23 KB, 500x500, who-else-do-you-think-the-ai-was-talking-to-in-mgs2-v0--IJhh4XaorWdNbE08rFGLZEd1MbHU-pDonrXBx3QEYo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I fully stand against the democratization of art, along with democracy in general. I want more stratification. A genetically determined caste system upheld by punitive force.

>> No.57636390

art is already democratized, you think poor people can't make art

so what genetic qualifications do you have that puts you in the upper class

>> No.57636397

People are getting replaced by AI. Maybe not you, but I'd say a few millions in varying professions will be taken out.

Artists especially will have only the real masters left. I think near the end of this century AI art will become the norm and posting edgy new grounds artists will be considered rebellious and quirky

>> No.57636402

Why won't they just let us use it for porn? Are the Jews waiting to see which of their kin they'll give the contract to?

>> No.57636408

I want to know how all the anti ai people can rationalize machinery, electronics being allowed to exist but they put the line at ai art

seems hypocrite to me

why is this so important, like the robot at the factory is no problem but this is over the line somehow, I don't really understand

>> No.57636415

Cope lmao, ChatGPT doesn't replace COMPUTER SCIENTISTS, programmers however...

>> No.57636418

Anon doesn't have the qualifications himself, he just gets off on the idea of a strong man telling him what to do.

>> No.57636426

I got scared by the next slide

>> No.57636430

They were ok to replace all the “useless” truck drivers with “AI” but now that it’s happening to them; they are going Luddite
Nah even coders won’t be replaced
ChatGPT use main codes over the internet
Retards use these, make even shittier codes, put them over the internet
ChatGPT use the shit codes again ad infinitum
ChatGPT solution would be have too much space and time complexity, and it get worse as time goes on.

>> No.57636438


Harm from AI will, whether in our lifetimes or after them, be a net negative for the human race

But to your point, the cat is out of the bag and it's probably worse than we know

>> No.57636481

NPCs fear change as their minds can only comprehend the here and now, not the future

>> No.57636482
File: 195 KB, 500x281, Birde.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>People genuinely happy we'll all be consuming generic AI slop in 10 years
Christ. Some twitter dipshits want to ban AI and suddenly that means you cheer for it regardless of merits? Oh well. I'll see you all at plumbing school in a few years

>> No.57636491
File: 37 KB, 640x475, hitler-masturbating-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I never claimed I belonged in the upper echelon. If I were determined not to be, at least I would be among my own kind and not have to deal with disgust at the lower castes or shame around the higher.

>> No.57636493

Yeah. Imagine if they made him wear tight leather clothes + heels and dance like a faggot

>> No.57636503

Who cares, the public will never have access to unerfed AI. This shit is a bubble.

>> No.57636511

what if it was determined that you should be killed, are you still ok with that

>> No.57636517

we're currently consuming generic hi slop at the moment

ai slop would probably be extremely funny and entertaining, why are you seething at robots, they seem pretty cool most of the time

>> No.57636534

>the internet will be so flooded with incoherent garbage that it will be entirely unusable.
As opposed to now?

>> No.57636538

Their arguments are:
>Its obviously fake but its still wrong because it can fool retards
>I don't like it because pedos creeps and weirdos can use it
I say, I like it, they're retards, and they're also pedos. Not my fault they can't control themselves when they touch a keyboard and mouse they have to be manipulating minors. I seriously wish someone would beat them to death and stomp over their dead bodies. They are too retarded to share their midwit opinions. Consider it saving the retards from the midwits.

>> No.57636575
File: 21 KB, 262x380, SocietyPoster.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

One shouldn't be too selfish when it comes to the greater good.

>> No.57636578
File: 156 KB, 800x750, 1662374087168052.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>software devs ravenously consumed AI models

>> No.57636582

truly bug tier

>> No.57636586

AI isn't logical. Just put that idea out of your head. It has no reasoning step. It just matches approximate patterns with a heuristic filter. It has no logical process at all.

>> No.57636604

Yeah. It's pretty weak at historical info even. It generally gives you a mishmash of easily available Wikipedia-tier knowledge. But when there's complexity or nuance to a topic, it won't be very reliable at giving you a full story. It also sometimes makes factual mistakes. Often if those mistakes are common misconceptions.

>> No.57636674

Or just outright censors easily available data
Go ask ChatGPT to tell you about Dalai Lama kissing a boy, see if you get a response out of it.

>> No.57636676
File: 58 KB, 320x240, 7192-24099.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.57637168

Anons this is max tier projecting of a midwit
Of all the great figures in literature you just had to pick homer you dumb fuck
Nobody has read anything by homer since he probably never existed in the first place and any surviving work was recorded centuries after his supposed death
This is really the height of pretentiousness, you could have gone with any great writer of the past 100 years but no you just had to drive yourself right off a cliff

>> No.57637320


>> No.57637343
File: 1.05 MB, 497x1280, IMG_9027.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Oh wait, they also have some issues with sex bots for men too
>Something about consent
Every monopolist is scared of opposition

>> No.57637365

Holy shit the amount of unhinged/pol/cels replies.
BTW, to prevent "post truth", each video produced (for the purpose to be largely shared and become public) should have a cryptographic signature which would destroy if the video is tampered with (or you would add your own to the chain if the modification had a purpose). And each signature belonging to a person, organisation, etc... E.g. you use a camera from AFP, the video is signed from AFP (and if someone steals it, you revoke the signature) - an editor from AFP modifies the footage, his signature is added, etc.
Then up to you to thrust or not the source, but an origin would exist linked to a reputation. No signature, no trust

>> No.57637380

Holy midwit. The universe is vast

>> No.57637879

easily, there's already pretty good AI generated music websites. Only a matter of time until you can make a decent short video with a promp. And when that becomes good enough movies will be on the menu

>> No.57637889

You guys are so le insensitive... ;)) we should indoctrinate them into a religion where they've had their chance and to commit suicide if they can't become imagination chads like us Aquariuses who have had all these wild ideas, but the technical side of it either stopped us or completely destroyed our imagination after too much technical thinking.

>> No.57637901

AI already writes they lyrics, composes and sings an original song. You can go make a song about your favorite shitcoin in your favorite genre of music in less than a minute. Top quality art will be free to make for anybody in less than 10 years

>> No.57637958

Both, ideally, but a true artist creates regardless.

>> No.57638066

>film the generated video from my phone
What now?

>> No.57638420

Now is your reputation on the line. Plus it would be easy to catch. Unless you don't want to sign it cause you know your reputation will take a hit. And no signature = no trust

>> No.57639334

>we should...
Wow, that's a great idea
too bad that CCP tier shit will never work and nobody will give a shit enough to implement it lmao
Artcels have been shrieking for legislation, watermarking and regulation since SD was barely coughing out coherent images.
Not gonna happen. Learn to code.

>> No.57639764

At least AI knows how to use punctuation

>> No.57640140

Buying NVDA now is like buying TSLA in 2022. Retard.

>> No.57640294
File: 75 KB, 500x500, 1671498880828621.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>[people from other political spectrum] all like the things I don't like and vice-versa and are all identical evil caricatures and every time I see someone liking something I don't like or vice-versa they must obviously be from [other political spectrum]
Go outside, take off your shoes, walk across some grass and into some oncoming freeway traffic

>> No.57640806

kek no wonder you need AI

>> No.57640824

AI will wipe out the porn industry. AI is the only truly ethical way to consume porn.

>> No.57640879

The only thing AI produces at this point is softcore porn. Nobody generates images of golden retrievers or tries to make their own creative films with this stuff, other than to advertise what AI can do via Twatter. It's fucking worthless to the public because no one actually has the intelligence to utilize it.

>> No.57640901
File: 122 KB, 512x512, Faggot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>[people from other political spectrum] all like the things I don't like and vice-versa and are all identical evil caricatures and every time I see someone liking something I don't like or vice-versa they must obviously be from [other political spectrum]

Sounds like I struck too close to the bone. Time for your booster, chum. Don't worry you can play with your iPhone while you wait.