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Yes, it does take 2.5 hours worth of worth to afford a Big Mac, however…

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Wow I am mad now

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2.5 hours of shitskin labor is worth approximately 5 cents

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I only eat there with the app and buy deals. I get two mcdoubles and a large fry for $4.50 which is high but the jew franchiser gouges here some places you can get it for $3.50 which is good value.

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>Sugar water
>seed oil potatos
>worse lettuce
>some bread
>ultra thin slice of mystery goy "meat"
>$18 for <1$ of ingredients
Do people really

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No there is not, ever ever, Ever . There will never ever ever be a good reason for McDonald’s. Never

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>2.5 hours worth of worth

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mcdonalds is poison and never hot food you should be thankful and spend literally $18 and buy tons of meat

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18 HECKIN dollar big macs?!??

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dregs eating goyslop have no reason to be financially concerned

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"Yes, a Big Mac combo meal is one day's salary, here's why that's a good thing:"

Article by Moshe Rosensteinberg

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$18 will buy you 2.5 to 3lbs of London Broil

Grocery kings remain elite, goyslop eaters continue to lose

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Most of the price is probably the cost of prime real estate in the city centre being passed on to the customer.

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big mac is literally the most dogshit sandwich, I have no idea why people like it

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I get 3 Big Macs per hour

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That one dollar chicken sandwhich without the may and spicy is good. Burger king had this "Angry Whopper" which had one of the best sauces I ever tried from a fast food place.

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Here a Mcdonald employee needs to work 5 and a half hours to buy a single Big Mac

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If I worked at McDonald's and they didn't give me burgers I'd do like the hamburgler and steal some fucking burgers

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>"I want $16/hr to make hamburgers!"
>"Waaah why are burgers so expensive now??"
Typical wagie whining

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Id play that video gane

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McDonalds definitely gives employees free burgers.
I have my eyes on uncooked fries because the potatoes they use are special ones and not some bs standard ones we are used to
Imagine making your own fries at home using tallow like they had it back then

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Typical boomer delusion. Go drink some more lead water, pops.

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Double double meal at in-n-out still only $9

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I only eat out at Costco's food court.

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finally something that explains LINK recent pump

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lol so what you are saying is link has been pumping because of costco's food court this is actually a genius take if i've ever heard one you see the french fry grease they use on their food is actually comprised of a proprietary mixture of essential oils that have been known to make peoples pants tight that's right costco french fries will make you wetter than your mom when i visit her

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Make your own burgers, beef is dirt cheap

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Its not actually. factoring in spices, other ingredients, and gas to go to all these places to get the best deal, you spend more.

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it really is, and the worst part of the big mac is the bun, there is so much sugar and fake processed shit that it is literally dissolving your liver

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People keep paying these prices for having estrogen boobs and being overweight

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McDonald’s is going poison made from abducted children

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i mean, that still doesnt explain why your mom runs a non-profit for giving dicks CPR

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>you make 7.20$ an hour.
Jesus fucking Christ. The absolute state of minimumwagies

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25% OFF coupon awarded to GOYSLOPINDOR

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Don't forget to install the McD app for more great deals!

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Reddit moment