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Watched pic's vids, and in one of them, he uses this EXTREMELY condescending tone, talking to everyone how to build wealth through "compound interest" and you know, the typical boomer shit. He also compounds his doom porn non-stop on every vid.

This isn't just unique to Michael Bordenero either. Look at any of the financial gurus on YouTube, including the crypto tubers, Graham Stephan, Meet Kevin, Coffeezilla, James Jani, etc. WHY ARE THEY SO DAMN CONDESCENDING? WHY DO NORMIES FALL FOR THEIR BULLSHIT SO EASILY?!

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Oh, and you can't forget about King Boomer Codescending YouTuber himself, pic attached.

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why are you watching them? why do you care? ever consider that maybe you're the normie?

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Their shit floods my feeds, so of course I'm gonna check out a few snippets out of curiosity. Don't pretend you don't do the same thing either.

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YouTubers are psychopath, no exceptions

Nothing new

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>he goes on youtube

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Why is compounding interest a boomer idea? Ever consider that maybe the boomers have more money than you because they spent their youth building wealth through compounding interest instead of chasing retarded pump and dump schemes?

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I've never seen compound interest pull literally a whole 2x in one year, unless of course you invested in something like Nvidia. Indexes will give you 20-25% at best in one year.

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Some $TQQQ, a 401k, and company stock for the company I work for. Zero crypto scams. It just werks

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I think they're condescending because the average person is a fucking idiot when it comes to finances. Imagine if you had to deal with hundreds of financially illiterate boomers every day. You'd develop a condescending tone too

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I maybe watch one YouTube video per week at most. I don't use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or TikTok either, if you can believe that.

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I think lots of people conflate condescension + high follower count with intelligence.
>Surely if this dude berating me has a lots of views he must be some kind of authority
Unfortunately modern internet is just fucked like that.

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>Ever consider that maybe the boomers have more money than you because they spent their youth building wealth through compounding interest instead of chasing retarded pump and dump schemes?
well they also paid 1/5th of their wage compared to other people in rent and houses were 90% cheaper and could be paid off in 3 years.

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I only watch youtube for music and I make sure to use brave so it blocks every single ad

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What a coincidence, so am I.
>Monthly take home $9k
>Mortgage $1,800
>Could pay it off in 3 years but I got a 30 year 4.5% and it would be stupid not to just invest that money instead
The American dream isn't dead, you're just young and retarded so you think things are supposed to be easy.
Get a better job, buy boring boomer stocks, quit gambling, buy a cheap house outside of the same 3 cities everyone tries to live in. Simple as.

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I mean my mortgage is $250 lol, nearly own the place. I'm just saying when I see rent prices in USA I understand these people are struggling compared to their boomer parents who had much better deals before 1971 fucked them.

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Their boomer parents weren't trying to live in the same 3 cities as everyone else. Your boomer parents moved to their towns when fucking nobody lived there and the burger joint was the most exciting feature of the town. Surprise, it's expensive to live in Manhattan when everyone with money on earth flocks there.

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the videos are designed to get clicks/views they're not designed to inform you

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>Their shit floods my feeds
That's because you keep clicking on it. At the very least, use uBlock Origin and SponsorBlock on your desktop. Use YouTube ReVanced for your Android phone.